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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 6th, 2015 | EarthBound

A couple fans have recently let me know that EarthBound has sold out on the Club Nintendo system. Here’s some info from J64:

EarthBound was offered as one of the final Club Nintendo rewards with a price of 250 coins. Recently, it seems as though they ran out of stock. I guess they pre-allocate a certain number of download codes for each game, because I can think of no other way for a digital game to sell out.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing what the rewards page currently shows now that the game is sold out.


I don’t really follow Nintendo’s rewards/membership stuff so I only vaguely knew that EarthBound was one of the final rewards. Is it the only one to be sold out so far, or are other games experiencing the same situation? If anyone knows, please share in the comments!


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18 Comments to EarthBound Sold Out on Club Nintendo!

mitch said on Apr. 6, 2015

the licensing seems to be the most logical conclusion here, unless nintendo purposefully paid Apple Music royalties to abate lawsuits, and they only had so many licenses they could sell before they had to renew a contract. that isn’t entirely unheard of in software.

Leeaux said on Apr. 6, 2015

So awesome that it’s still selling so well.

Blizzardjesus said on Apr. 6, 2015

This happened a few weeks ago with one of the Mario Vs DK games. A few days later it was available again. The guess is that they only keep so many codes in inventory at a time.

parkraft123 said on Apr. 6, 2015

I’m feeling nows the appropriate time for nintendo to release Mother 3 on the wii u,

Tomato, you offered your translation to nintendo, right? Because it’d be awesome if it got an official release on the wii u 😀

Jeff said on Apr. 6, 2015

I’m not sure but I think I contributed to it being sold out. I spent some coins on it last month. Sadly I haven’t had the chance to play it though, as I have been too busy.

Kamrom said on Apr. 6, 2015

Does anyone know if you can still purchase Earthbound with money instead of coins?

ebv2406 said on Apr. 6, 2015

I checked the Club, it’s still avaible, please don’t post BS

Leeaux said on Apr. 6, 2015

He didn’t post BS. It was unavailable.

blahmoomoo said on Apr. 6, 2015

Indeed, they have restocked. Now I’m off to spend some coins…

Jonk said on Apr. 6, 2015

@ebv2406 It has now since been corrected and is able to downloaded again. It’s odd that is occurred in the first place.

KingDarian said on Apr. 6, 2015

Yes, it was in fact sold out on Easter Sunday and earlier today. No BS involved (apart from the one that would allow a digital reward to sell out). Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

DJMankiewicz said on Apr. 7, 2015

Considering that the “bit depth” of codes like this (that is, combinations of letters and numbers) would be able to number every individual atom in the universe, it’s kinda weird that they would allocate so few that they could “run out”. It seems to me they were short sighted.

tapi said on Apr. 7, 2015

A lot of servers are also poorly programmed and send incorrect error codes. The licensing server could have been getting disk access errors or something and was just sending down sold out because it doesn’t know what else to say.

Anonymous said on Apr. 7, 2015

This happened because of a CN coin exploit. They made the game unavailable to purchase with CN coins.

Jungyin said on Apr. 7, 2015

The cynical side of me is wondering whether the sell outs occurred because of people getting multiple codes to try to sell on eBay. I know it’s available for purchase from the eShop itself, but “entrepreneurs” have done dumber things.

Anonymoose said on Apr. 7, 2015

I like how digital downloadable games are ‘out of stock’. Would have also preferred it to be on the 3DS as well but hey, I guess it’s something that it was on the one console i dont have.

Hyperstar96 said on Apr. 13, 2015

What happened to the Miiverse article?

AConcernedGamer said on Apr. 13, 2015

I’m wondering about that, too. When I came here and noticed “EarthBound Sold Out on Club Nintendo” at the top instead of the Miiverse one, I nearly convinced myself that I just imagined that article, until I saw Hyperstar96’s comment.


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