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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 21st, 2015 | MOTHER 3


Pitchfork did some really in-depth looks at MOTHER 1 and MOTHER 2 in the past (see here and here) and now the detailed analysis of MOTHER 3 is out! Check it out here!

I always really enjoy the amount of thought and research Pitchfork puts into these analyses. Thanks for doing them!


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10 Comments to A Detailed Analysis of MOTHER 3

Fred said on Apr. 21, 2015


Venus said on Apr. 21, 2015

Well ending of MOTHER 3 GBA seems to be very mysterious,because whole darkness covered Nowhere Island it’s like twilight or apocalyptic world.

Leeaux said on Apr. 21, 2015

I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like forever! After his/her Earthbound write up I went and read the Mother one, eagerly awaiting this one. And the depth is still there! I’ve always known Mother 3 was a darker game, and I always saw the notes it struck, but I would be lying if I always understood their meaning. This certainly helps clear some of the air for me.

Mother2fan said on Apr. 21, 2015

Wow. I’ve always seen the meaning in Mother 3, but this certainly cleared up some of the things that I couldn’t exactly put into words. While most of these ideas have been floating around in my head since I first played Mother 3, this analysis really put them into a structure that wasn’t always so obvious. This definitely made me think more about my place in the world, as well as my own beliefs. I’ll try my best to be the best person I can be, for Itoi-sama.

Magicxgame said on Apr. 22, 2015

TBH, this feels like one big “Iamverysmart” write-up.

It’s cool that he went in-depth, but he seems very obnoxious from what little I skimmed.

Anonymous said on Apr. 22, 2015

Magicxgame, welcome to Pitchfork!

Mother2fan said on Apr. 23, 2015

Obnoxious?! You, grrr… Uncultured swine.
JK (^o^)
But seriously, I didn’t get that vibe at all. I just thought it was a very profound and philosophical analysis. Some people just don’t think profoundly, unfortunately.

DavemanDeluxe said on Apr. 25, 2015

That article (and the two preceding it) might be the very best writing in video game commentary I’ve ever read. It’s insightful and the writing is incredibly lively. The writer never takes pains to point out the cleverness in his best metaphors, but just leaves them in there. I love it.

Dragonwarriorquestsagain said on Apr. 25, 2015

This was written very well. I just don’t agree w/ some of the obvious conjecture regarding porky and the ending. Also, where’s the in-depth analysis of the ass dance? Break down each animation and tell me how it is used as a plot device that tells the story of mother 3 symbolically. (Am I reading too much into this??)

Anonymous said on Apr. 26, 2015

I don’t think Pitchfork’s writting was obnoxious in any way. It’s just his opinion, anyway.


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