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March 30th, 2015 | EarthBound, Images

A reader named Ty sent this in a while back

Hello. I would just like to submit a little decal I made for my ‘new’ 3DS using DecalGirl.

You can make decals for a lot of other devices, too. It is fairly cheap, so I recommend using it if you’re interested in making your own decal.

I made mine EarthBound themed and even though it is quite simple, I’m very happy with it.



You can have a look at all the images here.

That decal site actually looks pretty impressive! I wonder what other EarthBound-themed decorations fans have done for their handhelds and phones and other doodads…


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24 Comments to Make Custom EarthBound Decals for your 3DS!

dumball92master said on Mar. 30, 2015

That skin is awesome!
If anyone saw, I made a Mother 4 skin.

TGK Ty said on Mar. 30, 2015

Oh my gosh! I got featured! I honestly didn’t think I would.

Thank you so much for featuring me!


(PS: For those who don’t know, most imperfections on the decal are due to my awful skills of putting things like decals and stickers on. The website does a great job at what it does)

Vegetable man said on Mar. 30, 2015

thanks for this TY

TGK Ty said on Mar. 31, 2015

@Vegetable man
Ah, no problem!

Nathan said on Mar. 31, 2015

Can someone link me to the specific page for this skin? Can’t find any results for ‘Mother’ or ‘Earthbound’ when I tried searching

TGK Ty said on Mar. 31, 2015


You would like to purchase my design? I’ll see if it is possible to share them.

Tacoturtle19 said on Mar. 31, 2015

I NEED one!

TGK Ty said on Mar. 31, 2015


I am making sure it is okay to share my design with everyone with the guy who made the Mr. Saturn art (As seen in picture one)

I kinda didn’t ask him if I could use it just for the fact that I didn’t think so many people would want one.

Hopefully I can share it soon so all of you beautiful people can have it too! (And probably put it on better than me..)

Tacoturtle19 said on Mar. 31, 2015

@TGK Ty well hopefully you can share it and we can get that awesome decal!

P.S. sorry i have kinda been flooding comments lately im just feeling very earthbound-y today

SuperGamingbro64 said on Apr. 1, 2015

Well, looks like made has some work to do, after that Nintendo direct.

SuperGamingbro64 said on Apr. 1, 2015

Also, that video jwittz posted about the similarities between Mother and pokemon should be up on the site soon

Mariotti said on Apr. 1, 2015


That one dumb guy. said on Apr. 1, 2015


Claus said on Apr. 1, 2015

You can vote more than once. Vote for Masked Man too!

Tacoturtle19 said on Apr. 2, 2015

I voted for Paula, Kumatora, and the masked man/Claus

Blayaden said on Apr. 2, 2015

Guys! Lucas is coming back to Smash! He’s on the official DLC list!

That one dumb guy. said on Apr. 2, 2015


Foppy42 said on Apr. 2, 2015

Also, Lucas amiibo confirmed!

(I’m also voting for Giygas’s MOTHER 1 appearance for Smash.)

An E and two 8 said on Apr. 2, 2015

I’m gonna cut the off-topic comments combo here.

Pretty rad, If I had a 3DS myself I’d do something like that for sure. 🙂

R7038XX said on Apr. 2, 2015

Vote for more Earthbound characters in Smash!

SuperGamingbro64 said on Apr. 3, 2015

Vote Kumatora for the Smash ballot

A-wel Cruiz said on Apr. 3, 2015

How about Ninten for the Smash ballot? I’d love to have all three Mother/Earthbound protagonists in one game! Who’s with me?

Creeper500 said on Apr. 9, 2015

I want this stuff! Now! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Chesawott said on Apr. 9, 2015

Im on the website which i know you made it on and im trying to make a mother 3 decal for my new 3ds yet im failing so hard on it!!!!


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