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Tips for Buying EarthBound

February 23rd, 2015 | EarthBound, Merchandise, Smash Bros.


Finding and purchasing Amiibos has been a big headache for a lot of Nintendo fans lately. And with the Ness Amiibo set to come out sometime soon, I imagine the frustration of getting one will have EarthBound fans bashing stuff with bats and yo-yos.

But Jon S. has a tip for you if you’re hoping to get a Ness Amiibo without much hassle:

Ness Amiibo pre-orders are available now on Amazon.jp


I’ve pre-ordered all my Amiibo’s from Amazon.jp thus far and they have never failed to deliver!

I’ve bought many things from Amazon Japan over the past 12+ years, so I can vouch for this being a viable idea. I think there’s even an option on Amazon Japan to turn most of the important stuff on each page into English text, so even if you don’t know Japanese you should be able to navigate around and order stuff without much trouble.

Anyway, if you’re hoping to pick up a Ness Amiibo sometime and want to save some time, you might consider this option!


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27 Comments to Preorder a Ness Amiibo from Japan

DragonKazooie89 said on Feb. 23, 2015

Yeah, I’m not paying that much…

Arlin said on Feb. 23, 2015

Do we know if these are compatible with the US system/games?

badjoketime said on Feb. 23, 2015

2 months later:

“MOTHER Merchandise Sells Almost Exclusively In Japan, NOA To Withdraw All Future Western Releases”.

TragicManner said on Feb. 23, 2015

Amiibos are not region locked, so you can use the Japanese ones no problem here. The problem is the price! o_O

Good to know they’ve gone on pre-order there already. I’m still hoping to get a pre-order in here when it’s available.

Dr.x said on Feb. 23, 2015

What is the price anyway? I still won’t be able to buy because I am broke. All the time or at least most of the time. Not to mention scalpers like mariotehplumber selling amiibos for 20 times the price.

Anonymous said on Feb. 23, 2015

Price is ¥3470 + shipping, so at least $30.

Kelsyjones said on Feb. 23, 2015

I’m just going to wait for the NA release and hope I don’t have any trouble…

rottedzombie said on Feb. 23, 2015

The correct preorder price was around 1,300 yen. That’s what I paid when I nabbed mine.

That price showing now, over 3,400, is only showing because preorders have sold out.

You’ll have to ship through a middleman, however. There are a few that can work well if you do some Googling.

Linkdude said on Feb. 23, 2015

I can recommend Celga. It’s what I always use.

KingDarian said on Feb. 24, 2015

When did amazon Japan list these? I checked there last week and their pre-orders were already sold out and replaced with these overpriced ones – which I do not recommend buying. I was hoping to snag one of the Japanese versions, but I can’t find any other place that has them at a decent price. Seeing Japanese pre-orders snatched so quickly has me extra worried about its North American release. 🙁

rottedzombie said on Feb. 24, 2015

Couple of nights ago, if I’m not mistaken, for people living in West Coast America.

They were gone by morning.

gooieooie said on Feb. 24, 2015

“Alright, guys, let’s get on Amazon and pre-order Ness!”
“Didn’t you hear? All of their stock has been ordered by Western fans.”

Tenma said on Feb. 25, 2015

We’re sorry; this item can not be shipped outside Japan


Anonymous said on Feb. 25, 2015

it says it cannot ship to my country (USA) WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!?!!!

KingDarian said on Feb. 25, 2015

If you’re trying to order from amazon japan right now, there are only third party listings up right now. More than likely, the third party sellers will only ship within Japan, hence the cannot ship to USA message.

JoeyBaby said on Feb. 25, 2015

To pre-order from Amazon JP for non japan residents, you’ll have to resort to a japan forwarding service like Tenso. Amazon JP doesn’t ship internationally, so you’ll have to have an alternative send it to you.

That’s how I pre-ordered my Ness, including Robin, Lucina and Pac-man.

Mato said on Feb. 25, 2015

Well, it’s kind of weird – I order from Amazon Japan regularly and they do indeed ship overseas. But there are some things they don’t ship overseas (games, for example), so maybe that applies to Amiibos. And/or it could also be a case of 3rd-party sellers not shipping overseas.

Dr.x said on Feb. 26, 2015

This is kind of funny actually. I have been looking into buying a Japanese 3ds to play japanese games recently and it has a list of middlemen that could be of use for anyone who wants a Japanese ness amiibo. Here is the link http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=888731

Xi said on Feb. 26, 2015

I’ve been to a couple of anime/video game conventions this year where the people with video game booths were selling Japanese amiibos. If there’s a larger convention you’ll be attending in the near future you may want to keep an eye out.

Larger video game specialty stores like Video Games New York also sell imported Amiibos for between $30-$40 a pop, so you may want to check them out.

Just trying to throw out a couple of options, as purchasing this third party + overseas shipping + a middleman may throw you up into paying what you would pay if you had just paid a scalper.

Dr.x said on Feb. 26, 2015

I kind of wish I could actually go to a convention for once.

Hey Anon! said on Feb. 27, 2015

Aw darn! I don’t know if I should wait until I go to Japan this summer (I’m gonna try to do some mother merch scouting since my grandma moved closer to Tokyo) or just buy it since its coming out around spring.

I’m probably just gonna buy it whenever I find it in gamestop and hopefully no one where I live knows what Mother is.

David said on Feb. 27, 2015

My friends getting me one on the day it comes out here!! (Which is like April something) So I don’t need to get the one from Japan. 🙂

Anonymous said on Feb. 28, 2015

Something tells me the Ness amiibo well end up like the Marth one and be sold out pretty quickly.

Jess said on Mar. 1, 2015

There’s leaked pictures of the Ness amiibo now, I’m not 100% sure where they originated, but I’m seeing them everywhere!

Tim said on Mar. 12, 2015

I heard that this round of amiibos will be the rarest yet. Possibly not even being for sale at all in ANY stores. Supposedly, Nintendo is only going to manufacture them for 1 month and that’s it. Should have preordered them from Japan when you could. I preordered all 6 back in early February for around $15 each.

Tacoturtle19 said on Mar. 30, 2015

Wait, how much would that be in U.S. money?

Tacoturtle19 said on Mar. 31, 2015

Well… Dang. On top of scalpers, I also have to deal with the fact that Nintendo is going to make barely any Ness amiibo outside of Japan. All will be bought by mother fans in a total of 15 mins. So that makes you’re chances of getting one pretty much impossible, why Nintendo why! :'(


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