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February 11th, 2015 | MOTHER 3, Videos

KamiWasa posted this video the other day – it’s a 3D version of the old hot spring guy from MOTHER 3!

I’m always amazed at how well MOTHER series stuff looks in 3D like this. I guess the simple art style lends itself to it or something.


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4 Comments to MOTHER 3 Hot Spring Old Man in 3D

Leeaux said on Feb. 11, 2015

I love this stuff! Always looks fantastic. And of course, I have to give the obligatory “I’d love a remake in 3d” comment.

Cause it’s true.

Mattiac said on Feb. 11, 2015

Looks great! ^_^ I wish Itoi-san would make his full version of Mother 3 looking like this! I mean that he unfortunately cut out chapters when he made the GBA version of Mother 3. I would buy a Wii U just to play it!

Yoshi Koshi said on Feb. 12, 2015

I prefer to restore EarthBound 64.Just swaping MOTHER 3 GBA sprites into Eb64 to MOTHER 3:The Fall of Pig King 3D.

eb64 said on Mar. 1, 2015

I made Taitsumairi Village


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