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Tips for Buying EarthBound

January 8th, 2015 | Images, MOTHER 1, Videos

EBfan sent this quick message to me:

I don’t know if this was already posted but while surfing on the web, I came across a youtuber called Biddy Diddle (Feathery-Wings on deviantart) who made a really awesome Ninten plush doll last year. The amount of work put into it is amazing and it even sings!

Whoa, it even sings???

Here’s a look at the doll:


And here’s a video about it and how it was made:

So, so much work went into this! My brain can’t handle it!


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12 Comments to A Fan-Made Ninten Plush Doll

Anonymous said on Jan. 8, 2015

Very well made, very cool! Albeit kinda creepy…

Banana Kid said on Jan. 8, 2015

Very well made, very cool! Albeit kinda creepy…

Anonymous said on Jan. 8, 2015

Great work.

@Banana Kid
Most dolls are creepy to some, this one is suprisingly friendly.

Sonikku Aensland said on Jan. 8, 2015

Beautiful and cute at the same time.

I find this Ninten plush doll adorable.

Shin said on Jan. 8, 2015

So adorable!

edgethelucas said on Jan. 8, 2015

It’s so huggy and soft. I love that it sings!

Banana Kid said on Jan. 8, 2015

he stares into my soul

Esper said on Jan. 9, 2015

That’s a really good representation of Ninten

Star and Moon said on Jan. 10, 2015

He’s so… white…

MysterySprite22 said on Jan. 11, 2015

He’s just so cute! I want him! <3

MOTHERFAN77 said on Jan. 28, 2015

Looks Great! I saw this on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. Ever since I heard it sings the Eight Melodies I wanted it since the Eight Melodies is my favorite song.

R7038XX said on May. 4, 2015

oh i know what you look like im jealousbass on deviantart


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