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Tips for Buying EarthBound

November 12th, 2014 | Fan Games

The MOTHER 4 fan game site recently got a big overhaul and is nice and slick and full of helpful information. There are also lots of screenshots and graphics and music samples, so check it all out here!


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37 Comments to MOTHER 4 Fan Game Site Revamp

Leeaux said on Nov. 12, 2014

This is looking wonderful. But I’m surpsrised they haven’t mentioned anything about their Winter 2014 release window.

Everytime I see this it gets my hopes up. Which is a good thing since I’m always surprised by the quality. But it also makes me sad we’ll probably never see an official Mother 4.

Keep up the good work guys!

Drake said on Nov. 12, 2014

Love the new design! As a web designer I find it gorgeous and really modern.

I can’t wait until the game is released!

snesdude72 said on Nov. 12, 2014

I’ve had a listen to the soundtrack… And it’s captures the EarthBound feel amazingly! If the game hits the quality of the soundtrack it’s bound to be worth the wait!

Jason said on Nov. 12, 2014

The game’s looking really nice. I’m looking forward to playing it. 🙂

thanksgiving said on Nov. 12, 2014

Forgot about this game… Winter 2014 right? It’ll be nice when/if it’s done

Just a passerby right now said on Nov. 12, 2014

It’s been delayed to 2015, it’s written on the blog.

skyrunner14 said on Nov. 12, 2014

Not only has the game been delayed, but they’ve stated we’ll be getting an actual release date in the coming weeks. So even if we have to wait until 2015 now, at least we’ll have an exact date. Plus, the extra dev time will guarantee the game will be even doubly awesome!

Leeaux said on Nov. 12, 2014

Totally missed the blog post. A shame we have to wait till 2015 but that’s how these things go. Can’t complain about that. I’m glad to hear of an official date coming soon though.

Hp Shout said on Nov. 12, 2014

I too am looking forward to playing it- If they pull this off it will be the crowning achievement of Mother fans. I wonder if we can get a copy to Itoi?

Hp Shout said on Nov. 12, 2014

Also- WOW-wowowowowoowow! Who did the clay models for this? Did they get Meeellla for this?

Autistic Pichu said on Nov. 12, 2014

I’m definitely going to get this game.
With the feel of 1 and 2 being brought back.

Not having to worry about localization.

Return of The Seizure Lazer (What I like to call PK Beam.) and Dimensional Warp / 4th-D Slip from the first entry. (Finally! No more “Travis tried to run away, but he couldn’t because he’s too lazy! ” )

classic MOTHER style soundtrack, (Not that Shogo Sakai did a bad job on MOTHER 3’s soundtrack. if anything his style was probably more fitting for the third game.)

The new website design is cool and awesome, I don’t have much else to say about it without sounding too repetitive, so I’ll just leave it at that.

TragicManner said on Nov. 12, 2014

I’m pretty excited they are making this easy to translate. I’ve talked to them a couple times about this, so I was happy to see that up on their site.

cstorm said on Nov. 12, 2014

This game is looking REALLY good. Please show your support! Tell the world we’ll have our Mother, one way or another! (To the Mother 4 devs: You can have that slogan free of charge.)

Esper said on Nov. 12, 2014

Yes!!!! I was fearing the worst with this one! No updates for like, a year!

steinmitz said on Nov. 13, 2014

I love the “Columbo” reference; that’s my favorite show (the 70s episodes, at least). It’s also big in Japan, so it seems especially appropriate for a game emulating a series that has always had a nice way of mixing together American and Japanese culture.

Tommmmmyrockets said on Nov. 13, 2014

Gosh doesn’t it look beautiful

Anonymous said on Nov. 14, 2014

I really want to thank them for supporting Linux.
The game looks great so far! What is its licence?

Dudeman said on Nov. 14, 2014

Meryl looks cute as hell! I secretly hope to be able to romance her.

Combat screens look VERY interesting and polished. That “Groovy” bit in particular shows they’re trying new things, and I love that.

All I can hope for is that the writing is on par with the visuals. Either way, this is a great effort!

Anonymous said on Nov. 15, 2014

They’ve just uploaded the soundtrack as well! It’s on their page.

Guy Gas said on Nov. 15, 2014

So playing it when it is released! 😀

PyrokinesiaPerson said on Nov. 16, 2014

It looks amazing so far! Really can’t wait to play it, though. Can someone just make a time machine to send me into a few months’ future? Or at least a Phase Distorter?

Anonymous said on Nov. 17, 2014

Believe it or not, I may one of the few people NOT excited for this project. To me, it’s just kinda “meh”. I dunno, I just felt comfortable with where M3 ended the series and, unlike a lot of other people, just accepted it was over. Still may give this game a go when it’s released, but I definitely think people are overhyping this quite a bit.

2Sang said on Nov. 17, 2014

Would be nice if this comes out before Spring and that there are no more delays, but it’s obviously understandable since they aren’t getting paid for it.

Marth said on Nov. 18, 2014

Honestly, I wasn’t excited for this game at first, but seeing all these new screenshots is hyping me up. Can’t wait to play!

eb64_kumatora said on Nov. 19, 2014

WHAT!!??DELAYED UNTIL 2015 will come!!??

Kodinami said on Nov. 21, 2014

I’m so psyched for this game! When I actually found out about this game, I was so surprised to find that these people have been working on this game for years!! Honestly I have never seen anyone take so time and dedication to a fangame, so I have really high hoped for this game!

The graphics look great, the characters all look cool and adorable~ I’m glad that it’s free and works as a desktop game!

What disappoints is the announcement that the game was moved to 2015. I was so hoping to get the game during the winter as a birthday/Christmas gift or something… oh well, I willing to be patient and hope that this game as amazing as I hope it to be~ (ouo)–b

G said on Nov. 21, 2014

don’t get me or hate me for this but I am one of those people that don’t like this project. Just saying this is my opinion

itoi said on Nov. 22, 2014

In some case of coincidence I heard rumours MOTHER 4 will be on Nintendo eShop(3DS or Wii u)?

Isaiah Vinson said on Nov. 22, 2014

I already finished Mother 2 then, Mother 3 and finally Mother 1. And now all I have to do is to wait till Mother 4 released. I wander what adventures they’ll do next in Mother universe.

him said on Nov. 28, 2014

prepare for new Azure Studios game called MOTHER Origins/EBZ-.It’s starting after releasing after MOTHER 4 fan game.It will contain Zelda Engine like EarthBound 64.

Raiden said on Dec. 1, 2014

I haven’t even finished Mother 3 yet. Do you think I should before playing this game?

Kodinami said on Dec. 2, 2014

@Raiden: A lot of fans suggest that people play all the games, namely with Earthbound first, Mother 3 second and Mother 1 last.

Personally, I would highly recommend that you get to playing Mother 3! I recently beat it and I was not disappointed. Its got great music, characters, layout and story! I’m not sure how Mother 4 is connected to Mother 3, but even if it is not, you should still play it~

Raiden said on Dec. 2, 2014

I got stuck on Mother 3. That’s why I quit playing. I can’t remember what part though.lol

Kodinami said on Dec. 2, 2014

@Raiden: I think it’s pretty easy to get stuck somewhere in all the Mother games. You could start over again but that usually just keeps me from playing through it again…

You could look up guides and walkthroughs and start over with that or just try and pick up where you left off.

I just really think you should try and play this game. I can’t recommend it enough!

Raiden said on Dec. 2, 2014

I know. It started off so good. But there’s several games I need to beat before I start Mother 3 again.lol

白狼 said on Dec. 10, 2014

This looks amazing!

Dr.x said on Dec. 12, 2014

I played the mother games with earthbound first then mother 3 and then mother 1. I beat all of them and I think the hardest to get through was mother 1 due to the open world and little guidance of where to go. I have waited for this fan game since March 2014. The delay broke my heart but I will just play cognitive dissonance 2.0 until it comes out. I have been obsessing over this fan game.


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