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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 13th, 2014 | EarthBound, Merchandise


Some new official MOTHER 2 merchandise was recently announced – five different “Stand Figures” that are being released later this year! The figures include:

  • Ness
  • Paula
  • Jeff
  • Poo
  • Mr. Saturn

They’re apparently large in size (2 to 2.5 inches in height it sounds like) and come with the MOTHER 2 logo on their stands. They’re meant to celebrate MOTHER 2’s 20th anniversary, which is next year.

It sounds like these will cost about 300 yen each – I assume they’re meant to be sold in capsule toy machines, but everywhere I look in Japanese and in English it sounds like you can preorder them without any markup, so I’m not 100% sure yet. It sounds like they’ll be available in October or November, though, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you don’t live in Japan, you’ll still have plenty of options to buy them, I’m sure. Places like the Amazon Marketplace, eBay, NCSX, Play-Asia, and more will surely have them for a while.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who sent in info about these!


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33 Comments to Upcoming Official Merchandise: MOTHER 2 Stand Figures

AdelinaX said on Jul. 13, 2014

kinda disappointed that they keep releasing the same models in different formats.

Poe said on Jul. 13, 2014

Hehe, I had the same thought as Adelina. I truly appreciate the fact that new MOTHER merch is getting made at all, but I’d love to see some variety in the future! I’d die if an official Dungeon Man figure was released XD

Poe said on Jul. 13, 2014

A Dungeon Man figure that opens up and there’s a yellow submarine inside! Haha, oh man.

Hatty said on Jul. 13, 2014

Aaaaaa now to not rush into a decision to fly to Japan. Especially not early. Still, aaaaaa

Chewy said on Jul. 13, 2014

Poe stop it I will cry tears

PSIness93 said on Jul. 13, 2014

HLJ has it up for preorder as well

Globulous said on Jul. 13, 2014

When you preorder from HLJ, it says 1 box 8 pieces rather than 5. Possible error or am I missing something? The smaller image at the bottom shows more than 5 figures I think.

gustr15 said on Jul. 13, 2014

I hope nintendo realizes that people actually want these outside of japan. I really really REALLY need a Mr. Saturn plush 🙁

MagikoopaMaster said on Jul. 13, 2014

Definitely getting these! @Globulous: The smaller image is for the Keychain figures that were released awhile back.

DJMankiwitz said on Jul. 13, 2014

I miss toys that were actually toys.

These figurines plus the upcoming Nintendo Amiibo thing is missing something. As of now, they’re basically content “unlockers”, which is annoying but not unprecedented with Nintendo (they also had similar things with Mario Tennis linkup between Gameboy Color and N64). However, kids can’t really play with these things as they are. They’re just stationary “one pose” toys locked to a base. Boooring. Can’t Nintendo call back on those years of toymaker experience they had in the day to make articulated toys people can really play with? I want playsets that need 4 D size batteries to work! I’m talking “Bowser’s Castle” and “Delfino Island” stuff here. I’m talking commercials for the toys as TOYS first, and as NFC devices second.

Work with it well enough, and there might actually be a purpose to requiring us to buy them as toys just to get in game content. That is, if you actually USED the toys in the real world, moving them around, and saw it reflected in a game environment too. Set up games that support the toys, not toys that support the games.

That’s my big problem with the whole Amiibo/Disney Infinity/Skylanders thing. It’s just so… boring, and an obvious proprietary cash grab.

AwelCruiz said on Jul. 13, 2014

I want all of these.

An E and two 8 said on Jul. 14, 2014

Gotta agree with the first comment, Every time I’ve seen a new figurine or something similar coming up they always happen to be a direct copy the official clay models. It wouldn’t hurt to make one or two new models. Y´know?

But, Still, since I don’t own any merchandising related to seres, I wouldn’t mind having at least one of these anyways. 😛

Chivi-chivik said on Jul. 14, 2014

I agree with AdelinaX. They could make new 3D models.

However, I waaaaant them!! Or at least I’d like to have one! :3

2Sang said on Jul. 14, 2014

I’m happy that they’re still releasing new eb merch every now and again.

Anonymous said on Jul. 14, 2014

I agree with the first comment, but I’m also a little bummed because it’s MOTHER 2 AGAIN. What about the other 2 games?! It seems like people just kinda forget they exist… I mean, I absolutely adore MOTHER 2, but some official M1 or M3 merch would still be kinda cool once in a while… 🙁

Although I really do hate to complain on anything MOTHER-merch-related, especially since we should be thankful we’re getting anything.

MagikoopaMaster said on Jul. 14, 2014

Off topic but EarthBound is on sale on the European Wii U E-Shop.

Mother2fan said on Jul. 14, 2014

OMG Yes!!!!!!! More MOTHER 2 figures!!!!

A-wel Cruiz said on Jul. 14, 2014

Some articulated action figures based on the clay models would be nice, now that I think about it.

Doesn’t change the fact that I still want these, though.

Killerspecialk said on Jul. 14, 2014

I preordered 2 sets the day NCSX posted it. While I agree I’d like new characters or poses, it’s still great they are releasing official products. Can’t wait for October!

LucasPSI said on Jul. 15, 2014

This sucks. I’m beginning to think we’ll never get any Mother 3 merch.

Onion said on Jul. 16, 2014

So these are the size of the smaller set released last time around?

Pretty sweet…

Killerspecialk said on Jul. 16, 2014

No onion, these are almost twice as big, with the exception of Mr. Saturn and the two Belches from the last set. Those are cell phone charms basically, these are like mini figure you put on a stand.

FireflyMelody said on Jul. 16, 2014

Welp. Now I have something to look for at my next convention.

LK said on Jul. 16, 2014

I need them all, omg. I can’t believe they’re so huge! Too bad there’s still no M3 merch, but hey. Maybe on its 10th anniversary… 2016 isn’t that far off, right…?

Raiden said on Jul. 16, 2014

It would probably cost a fortune to have these imported wouldn’t it? Those would go nice on a shelf where people could see. I LOVE EARTHBOUND!

AwelCruiz said on Jul. 17, 2014

Off topic, but Club Nintendo is offering Earthbound on Wii U VC for free to members with Platinum status until August 15.

potato said on Jul. 20, 2014

Does anyone think websites like Amiami will sell/put up for preorder these?

MysterySprite22 said on Jul. 31, 2014

These are really cool. I wish I could have these. I don’t have any EB merchandise. I just drew pictures. That’s it.

neonix said on Aug. 16, 2014

Hmm… Can’t decided if I actually want to buy these or not. It’s nice more merch keeps coming out, but I already have the big versions of these exact figures and they look infinitely cool already on my wall shelf. Not even sure I have anywhere to put these, lol.

Matteomax said on Nov. 2, 2014

Heads up guys: These are out now.

Killerspecialk said on Nov. 2, 2014

Mine are on their way, should be here tomorrow or Tuesday. Got 2 sets, one to keep mint in package and one to display. Can’t wait.

Matteomax said on Nov. 3, 2014

There are loads of these on eBay at the moment. They’re pretty cheap at the moment.

SyMag said on Nov. 10, 2014

I got my figures last week, and I’m very pleased with them. 🙂


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