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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 29th, 2014 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 3


Rob Welch recently let me know about a MOTHER 3 podcast series he’s doing called “Gentlemen Discussing EarthBound”:

Gentlemen Discussing Mother 3 is the first in a series of 3 podcasts dedicated to analysis, opinions and trivia on the video game Mother 3. Warning: may contain facts, lies and coarse language.

So if you want some more MOTHER 3 in your ears, check out Part 1 here!


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13 Comments to Gentlemen Discussing MOTHER 3

WVdUde said on Jul. 29, 2014

Speaking of MOTHER 3, some and fans and I are on Miiverse’s MOTHE 2 trying to get it and MOTHER 1 to come to worldwide virtual console. We are few in number and being infested by trolls and haters so we’d appreciate it if you did a shout-out to us to gain support.

Just look at what one of the trolls on there started…


Catsman said on Jul. 29, 2014

It seems like GYP is down right now (our VPS host is having trouble) but you can still listen to the podcast here: http://lunchtime.org.uk/podcast/gentlemen-discussing-mother-3-part-1/

Apologies for the outage. If you have anything you want us to talk about in the last episode (the next one is in editing), I’ll be monitoring this thread. Thanks thanks!

WVdUde said on Jul. 29, 2014

Could you mention the Miiverse Movement that I mentioned above? It’s named Operation Westbound and the members of it are currently trying to spread the movement throughout the internet to places like NintendoLife and Starmen.net. We are slowly growing on Miiverse but we need more people and supporters to stop the haters from taking over and for the operation to be successful. Any kind of mention we be appreciated, thanks!

BusterTheFox said on Jul. 29, 2014

@WVdUde I bet Reggie started that “hater” petition! Lol.

Will it talk about stuff I already know, or will I be interested in this at all? I’ve never really listened to podcasts. Someone convince me!

WVdUde said on Jul. 29, 2014

Yeah, the movement has moved on to the Earthbound US community now, and a treaty has been made with the people who was trolling. Expect posts to be on the community tomorrow.

N7Kopper said on Jul. 30, 2014

@WVdUde Movements and treaties for a videogame series release worldwide?

Sorry if I’m raining on people’s parades here, but I can’t help but laugh at the sheer inanity of having a Change.org petition for preventing international releases (obvious trolling, and not even very funny) and “movements” for it. I have A Voice for Men in the next tab over, doing actual important things, maybe that’s giving me a long view perspective of how… silly it seems. I guess that’s the point though, stupid trolls are stupid.

Blah, feel free to ignore my stupid rant.

10N45 said on Aug. 1, 2014

@BusterTheFox Looks like “Reggie” did a great job mocking his company’s customers. I’m sure many people found out about the series through that ridiculous joke, and now view it as troll-fuel. Not buying Nintendo hard/software until this “Reggie’s Joke Corner of Best Pals” act is cut. A CEO is a CEO, not a comedian.

pulver106 said on Aug. 1, 2014

I always enjoy a good podcast. Any idea when the next one will be up?

MysterySprite22 said on Aug. 1, 2014

This is an awesome podcast. I wish I was still in my Digital Media class so I could make more of them, but alas, I’m no longer a student on that campus. It was fun making them though.

comeondude said on Aug. 2, 2014

@10N45 You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you seriously so upset that he made a joke that you’re not buying Nintendo’s hardware or software? At least he pretends to not be a boring CEO guy, and does a better job of it than just about everyone else. Sounds like someone’s upset they received an asskicking from the Haitian annihilator himself.

Midna said on Aug. 2, 2014

@WVdUde: Even if Change.org accomplished anything ever, it’s got one signature so far. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Hp Shout said on Aug. 2, 2014

What? This is great!!!!! I eagerly await more of these bad boys.

Catsman said on Aug. 9, 2014

Thanks for your comments. The next episode is now available at http://www.gatheryourparty.com/2014/08/08/gentlemen-discussing-mother-3-part-2/

Remember, if you have anything you’d like us to discuss, make a comment here or on GYP and we’ll do so in episode 3.


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