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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 20th, 2014 | EarthBound

The newest rewards for Club Nintendo were recently announced, and this time they’re digital-only goodies. And Nintendo has made EarthBound one of those rewards!


I’ve never really participated in the Club Nintendo stuff so I don’t know much about the difference between Gold and Platinum levels and all that. All I know is that a lot of fans seem upset that the rewards are digital-only outside of Japan, but it’s cool to see EarthBound up there with a bunch of other big-name, classic games 😀


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17 Comments to EarthBound is a Club Nintendo Reward

Florn said on Jul. 20, 2014

The difference between the two levels is Gold requires 300 coins, Platinum requires 600.

600 coins requires about $500ish in new Nintendo game purchases followed by filling out surveys.

I’m pretty disappointed in this one as all the games I really want I bought, which brought my level up to platinum… so I could choose between games I already have and games I don’t really want. Neat. It is nice to see Earthbound up there though.

super_genjin said on Jul. 20, 2014

A demo of a French fan-translation for Earthbound is up! It covers only Onett though, but they went the extra mile of adding accents, proper gender/plural verbs and all 🙂


DJMankiewicz said on Jul. 20, 2014

I enjoy the Nintendo Fun Club stuff, but America (and Europe) tend to get much poorer rewards than Japan.

The physical rewards tend to be pretty nice sometimes though. A few years ago, Nintendo went through the effort of reproducing the old “Ball” Game & Watch system, fully functional and mostly identical except for the “Club Nintendo” logo printed on the back. That was probably the best reward they ever released. Last year, all I got was the Majora’s Mask soundtrack on a “CD”, which stands for “compact disc” and used to be a common way of storing and selling music (of all the things that didn’t need to be physical, music is certainly one of them, it could have been a ZIP file full of MP3s, which ultimately is what my CD became).

I would love to see some of those rewards Japan got like a Tingle-based “Balloon Fight” game or a Super Nintendo controller that plugs into a Wii.

BusterTheFox said on Jul. 20, 2014


GrapeEscape said on Jul. 20, 2014

I love how EarthBound is the only Platinum-exclusive Virtual Console game available. It’s good to see Nintendo still give EarthBound so much love and attention even a year after its Virtual Console release in North America and Europe.

Someone Else said on Jul. 20, 2014

EarthBound is like one of those retro-style pixel-graphics experimental indie games that have become so trendy within the last few years. It was doing its thing before it was even cool. 😀

2Sang said on Jul. 20, 2014

This was the worst year ever, and and the only redeeming quality about this is that some people who wouldn’t bother buying earthbound will get it at least and maybe make some new fans.

DJMankiewicz said on Jul. 20, 2014

Of all the games in this particular reward, the only one I didn’t already have was Fluidity for 3DS. So, my decision ended up being made for me.

AwelCruiz said on Jul. 21, 2014

Since I’m gold level and don’t own a Wii U, I opted for Wario Land II.

Still, I’m hoping Earthbound gets more exposure through this promotion. We need to create more fans to bug Reggie to bring Mother 3 out of Japan. 😛

Mattiac said on Jul. 21, 2014

That is good! 🙂

Chivi-chivik said on Jul. 22, 2014

How do you check what level you are in Club Nintendo? Because I’d like to know 🙁 (Just in case, I’ll say that I’m European)

Anon said on Jul. 22, 2014

Europe has no Platinum/Gold status members, you’re always just a regular member at NoE’s Club Nintendo. So, no free rewards for us European guys.
At least our Stars Catalogue offers a better selection than the American Rewards Catalog, I guess.

Green said on Jul. 23, 2014

i missed getting platinum by 10 coins, all because i lost my 3ds

Chivi-chivik said on Jul. 24, 2014


Why do European players have to suffer this much? ;A; They always forget about us…

ThatDetectiveFellow said on Jul. 24, 2014

Club Nintendo in America is significantly better than in Europe, Europe’s one (at least that for the UK) is scarcely updated and when it is it is often something like Paper Mario Sticker Star post-it notes. At least America and Japan get free games, the best we get is the infamous ‘Ball’ Game & Watch (not even one of the better Game & Watch games) and for a very long time after the GBA’s demise randomly Mario Power Tennis (Power Tour)

UbaNess said on Jul. 24, 2014

Similar sentiment that I have been seeing on here, I already bought Earthbound (of course, I am here commenting) but also many others that were rewards for platinum status. I know Nintendo isn’t doing very well financially at the moment but Japan continues to get awesome prizes, it’s disappointing.

I want a Nintendo Veterans club. Been supporting the company since 1987.

BillybobJr 85 said on Aug. 16, 2014

I like that I got registered for next years plat and I got it 3 days ago no EB for meeeee :c


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