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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 10th, 2014 | Events, MOTHER 3, Videos

Nintendo’s digital E3 event is today, and it kicked off with a joke about Reggie and fans wanting a MOTHER 3 translation:

The joke’s gotten a lot of mixed reactions from fans, it’s fascinating to watch! I’m still just amazed that the game was mentioned in any way 😯


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108 Comments to Nintendo Jokes About MOTHER 3 Translation

JimJam707 said on Jun. 10, 2014

Star Fox Joke -> New Star Fox game
Mother 3 Joke -> ????

Sean M. said on Jun. 10, 2014

I thought it was hilarious but seriously Reggie, WHERE’S MOTHER 3?

MaximTheArchmage said on Jun. 10, 2014

If it were as simple as whining to Nintendo, they would have gotten the message by now.

I still want to see it released though. C’mon, Reggie! Give us Mother 3!

Karadom said on Jun. 10, 2014

A man can dream.

Leeaux said on Jun. 10, 2014

It seemed more like a slap in the face though if they don’t actually reveal anything. Just my two cents.

badump said on Jun. 10, 2014


ben said on Jun. 10, 2014


I’m thinking the same thing. Reggie’s said there’s a few more announcements coming today and tomorrow

2Sang said on Jun. 10, 2014

Reggie also responded in a ign interview to making fun of mother 3 fans.

pk_stan said on Jun. 10, 2014

I very highly doubt that anything will come of this, but keep in mind that MOTHER’s 25th anniversary is next month. So you never know.

Leeaux said on Jun. 10, 2014


Do you have a link or did you see it live? I’ve been looking for a video containing that segment and I can’t find it.

NtL said on Jun. 10, 2014

As Jontron would say… Nintendo is “officially THAT guy”

Aaa said on Jun. 10, 2014

Did anyone actually notice that this is Robot Chicken?

Alex said on Jun. 10, 2014

LOL at the mother 3 and star fox jokes. Glad they atleast recognize the attention they get about these games.

Chivi-chivik said on Jun. 10, 2014

I’m still worried about MOTHER stuff not being in SSB4… ;_;

SuperStarmen said on Jun. 10, 2014

I hate mother 3. So lmao

Hyperstar96 said on Jun. 10, 2014

@Chivo-chivik How do you know they won’t be in? The Franklin Badge and Mr. Saturn are already confirmed to be in, and there was a picture of Ness in an early screenshot.

2Sang said on Jun. 10, 2014


It was live, but I’m sure it will surface on ign soon. It was immediate post-coverage of the direct. He didn’t deny mother 3 isn’t in the works, but it probably isn’t.

Leeaux said on Jun. 10, 2014


Okay, hmm. Not sure what to make of it all yet. Thanks though!

J_Smith said on Jun. 10, 2014

I think it hints at “Release Mother 3 in English” becoming somewhat of a running joke of sorts.

I thought it was funny – though I’d love to see an official release.

StarmanAlex said on Jun. 10, 2014

Yeah, when I saw that, I GOT PISSED.

Ninten said on Jun. 10, 2014

Mother 3 confirmed. That’s it.

2Sang said on Jun. 10, 2014

Honestly, I see it as a confirmation that somewhere down the road, mother 3 will see the light of day. It may not be this decade, but nintendo will save it for a rainy day, just like they did earthbound.

Anonymous said on Jun. 10, 2014

I don’t think it’s going to happen. Robot Chicken makes pop culture refrences like that to get a response out of people. Sure if Nintendo didn’t want the joke there, it would have been taken out, but it still doesn’t mean Mother 3 is in the works.

Connor said on Jun. 10, 2014

I like that they acknowledged us, and I like it better that we were acknowledged in a parody.

2Sang said on Jun. 10, 2014

Sorry to keep posting news in the comments section, mato, but also Fantasy Life is being released on the 3ds. It’s being made by brownie brown (as you well know the guys who developed mother 3).

supersaturn64 said on Jun. 10, 2014

This…This…This is not as painful as it the mention in 08, Since now I can just load up my virtual-advance and play mother 3 any time i want, I would have payed 60$ for it in 06/07, would have payed 10$ for it on the virtual console, Would have still been happy to buy it even now, But if they do not want what is basically free money they can go right ahead, I will still be maining ness in SSB 3ds if he is still in, TBH The mention gave me a twinge of long buried anger and frustration, But considering they also mentioned star fox and then announced it i have my hopes dangerously high

MagikoopaMaster said on Jun. 10, 2014

Haha! So thats the reference i keep hearing about! I missed the first minute or 2 so i didn’t get to watch that part. While that is kind of a slap to the face, they did make a Starfox joke like that and then it got announced so who knows, maybe before E3 is over they will say something about it.

TalonKhan said on Jun. 10, 2014

As a long time fan of the series I find it hilarious myself. owo

Mother2fan said on Jun. 10, 2014

It this isn’t a subtle hint that it could be coming soon, I am appalled. OK Nintendo, we get it. MOTHER 3 wasn’t commercially viable, I GET IT. But, openly mocking a fan base of YOUR OWN GAME is NOT COOL. This is one of the most dedicated fan communities for a Nintendo game, which is saying a lot. Have we really steeped so low as a fan base to be a joke to Nintendo? I am pleased with a new Star Fox game, but don’t forget your other neglected fan base Nintendo. This is rather disconcerting considering that Reggie himself was “bombarded by MOTHER fans.” Yeah, I used to love Nintendo. Key word: USED. However, if this is a subtle hint towards an announcement, I am not okay with Nintendo playing with my heart like that.

Anonymous said on Jun. 10, 2014

The thing joked about there not being a new Mario game, and there was. And then the nerd guy demanded more Star Fox, and there it was, too. Is this a sign? Almost certainly not, but we can dream.

Some of you guys up there ^^^ are taking this stuff way too far. Seriously, it’s a beautiful day outside, go take a walk and calm down a little.

Halloween said on Jun. 10, 2014

Mother 3 fans are trolls that deserve to be burned haha so funny! These annoying guys aren’t the kinds of people we want to appeal to… just kidding, just poking fun, haha I’m just kidding so it’s okay…

MoonSide said on Jun. 10, 2014

I just hoping for Ness in Smash and a few Mother themed levels. Ness is my best character, so if there is no Ness, I won’t buy.

But I did like Splatoon. That looked wicked fun. I will call it Inkvasion, though. ^_^

HFH said on Jun. 10, 2014

Not sure if trolling…or if actually teasing Mother 3.

Tokio said on Jun. 10, 2014

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. Yeah, it’s good that they aknowledged there was a demand for the game, but at the same time, I know they could potentially hold out releasing M3 for a long while. Either way, it would be awesome to get a clear yes or no by the end of E3. Reggie can’t keep us in the dark like this! This “maaaybe ;)” bullpoop has to stop! I’m going to have a motherfoopin heart attack.

Tatsu_Ace said on Jun. 10, 2014

Nintendo DID say they were announcing a 3DS game tomorrow, but we Mother fans know not to get our hopes up. XD But still, prayer circle for anything Mother related tomorrow?

awesomelozinc said on Jun. 10, 2014

I just love how Reggie was destroyed the Mother 3 fan with fire flowers. I’d probably do the same if I myself didn’t want to see Mother 3 released. But alas, I expect nothing

project-stuff said on Jun. 10, 2014

I literally chuckled at that part. It’s still hilarious to me.

wahowaho! said on Jun. 11, 2014

I don’t find this funny AT ALL BYE

Beaux said on Jun. 11, 2014

I actually thought it was pretty funny, and I adore Mother 3. I don’t consider myself a fan of Robot Chicken, but I seriously don’t think that there was any actual ill intent. I’m usually the easily-offended guy among my friends, but I just thought it was cool that we were acknowledged.

I don’t think it actually hints at anything either, regardless of the new Star Fox and Mario games, given that it was a throwaway joke in a sketch not created by Nintendo, as far as I am aware.

edgethelucas said on Jun. 11, 2014

It was the best AND worst part.


Pretty much. Star Fox got some news despite being joked about so maybe later today we might hear something. If no then oh well, I have the cartridge and have played the Mother 3 English translation so personally I’m good.

Actually said on Jun. 11, 2014

They pressed Reggie on it more. He REALLY doesn’t want to talk about it.


Nanami said on Jun. 11, 2014

I’m not sure if I find this hilarious or insulting to the fanbase (probably both, haha). But I’m hoping this will just lead up to Mother 3 being released on virtual console 🙂

The Great Morgil said on Jun. 11, 2014

I found it hilarious and wasn’t insulted at all. I guess some people just need to learn to have a sense of humor.

good job, nintendo. said on Jun. 11, 2014

So basically… Nintendo finds it funny and hilarious that they openly take a huge steaming crap on their own consumers, don’t care in the slightest what they have to say, take in absolutely ZERO consideration as to what their own audience wants or specifically tells them MULTIPLE TIMES what they want to see, and somehow regards them as nothing more than obnoxious, annoying douchebags that either should line up like trained, good little circus seals and hand over their money like proper little mindless, unquestioning drones, or otherwise, deserve to BE BURNED ALIVE.

And yet, despite things like this, Nintendo’s incredibly controversial and heavily criticized stance on Youtube videos and Let’s Plays, their blatant disrespect for their own consumers and supporters alike, and their incredibly poor, self-piteous, finger pointing reaction to their own latest, massive failures like the Wii and the Wii U, they have the nerve to basically depict a core of their own fanbase this way at one of the biggest gaming expos.

Jesus, they might as well just projected a 20 minute long video of a giant middle finger as their entire presentation, or hired South American mercenaries to open fire on the crowd, for all the subtlety of how they really feel and all the ***** they obviously give.

…and yet, they still don’t seem to see why they continue to get bad publicity, turning into the combined butt of the gaming industry’s jokes at their expense for their unrealistic, delusional, outdated, smug, arrogant, ineffectual, and incompetent business decisions and negative public perception that have them bleeding money like water through a fishing net? Really?

It’s this kind of thing that makes me absolutely not regret the complete boycott of their company and their products that I began 3 years ago.

Anonymous said on Jun. 11, 2014

Speculation: The special 3DS announcement happening at 9PM ET tonight is going to be Mother-related. Or Majora’s Mask.

Chimera XIII said on Jun. 11, 2014


FireflyMelody said on Jun. 11, 2014

…Ahem, allow me to regain composure.
That poor guy who wanted MOTHER 3 in English.
Disproportionate retribution much?

LakituAl said on Jun. 11, 2014

This got a good chuckle out of me. Maybe it’s because it was a little skit and I knew nothing said there would have to be taken seriously (what with “No Mario game” and then presenting Mario Maker and Captain Toad[!!].)

If anything was a slap on the face was what Microsoft did with Conker…

Reficul said on Jun. 11, 2014

Wow, people are getting ass-blasted over a simple joke. The fallout from this is more hilarious than the actual skit. I want Mother 3 just as much as the rest of you, but y’all need to relax. You come off as the kind of people who can’t take any jokes.

error said on Jun. 11, 2014

maybe this hints at mother 3 getting a release after all on kotaku he danced around the issue

qp said on Jun. 11, 2014

@Good Job Nintendo

IGN pls go

error said on Jun. 11, 2014

in addition wouldn’t he just say no or i have nothing to anounce?

edgethelucas said on Jun. 11, 2014

People should stop overreacting. Let’s wait until all of E3 is done before saying anything more.

Nintendork said on Jun. 11, 2014

I’m not even gonna bother reading into it because I laughed so hard when they made it.

Parkrafttherager said on Jun. 11, 2014


Mother2fan said on Jun. 11, 2014

@good job, nintendo.

Although I agree with some of the things you said, I do still love Nintendo, however many time they disrespect their fan base. However, the Wii unsuccessful!!!??? Yeah, 99 million units sold is totally unsuccessful.

Justin said on Jun. 11, 2014

Some of you guys seem to be confusing Robot Chicken for Nintendo here.

Mother2fan said on Jun. 11, 2014


Well, Nintendo had to approve the animation, so yeah, it’s technically Nintendo, albeit indirectly.

2Sang said on Jun. 11, 2014


Found it. Feel free to use mato but this was for @ Leeaux specifically and those who missed the ign conference

Pik said on Jun. 11, 2014

Why is everyone here still complaining about not having a localized MOTHER 3? It’s been in English for half a decade. The joke was a safe one because of that fact; the pain just shouldn’t exist and I feel like people are being angry at this just because they’re “supposed to.” You got an uncensored, extremely faithfully translated (and well-edited) script for no charge.

Fellas like “good job, nintendo” are perfect examples of people gone off the deep end – where rationality is abandoned, hyperbole embraced, et cetera. Nintendo is not neglecting MOTHER. It’s on the VC, it has a somewhat consistent stream of merchandising (more than the usual somewhat obscure game franchise!) and is prominently featured in Super Smash Bros, one of Nintendo’s most popular titles. The MOTHER series is done. Complete. For a complete series, Nintendo shows plenty of attention towards it. Itoi clearly remembers it fondly, and NoA is full of people who enjoy what the essence MOTHER can bring.

Calm down. Enjoy the subtle nod and move on. (also, play MOTHER 3!)

SuperStarmen said on Jun. 11, 2014

I agree 100% with pik. Mother fans dont kow how good they have it. Just look at Golden sun for example. that was a great selling RPG with a giant fanbase. and yet they just decided to drop it out of nowhere just because the 3rd game was lackluster.
now Golden sun never got a 4th game ad the 3rd/final game ended off with the worst cliff hanger imaginable(the whole world is thrown into a black void.) Does everyone die? do they live? well never know. At least Mother 3 got an ending, even translated. So perfectly translated in fact that even Nintendo praised it. isnt even talked about or anything when it comes to nintendo.

error said on Jun. 11, 2014

super star men about golden sun how would they continue from there the worlds power is distroied.

SuperStarmen said on Jun. 11, 2014

That’s what was never shown. Just because they decided to drop the games all together. the series practically ended in a bad ending, which would have most probably been a good ending if the franchise continued.

Its like mother 2 happening, then Itoi never making a Mother 3.

Speedy_Fox_IV said on Jun. 11, 2014


No matter how many times I see it I still can’t help but laugh.

Anonymous said on Jun. 11, 2014

I find it weird that the people who didn’t like the obvious parody got offended instead of doing the correct thing and getting over it, but then again I’m not human. I’m a Time Lord.

Tokio said on Jun. 11, 2014

Well, I guess Nintendo wants us to keep pirating mother 3 instead of, you know, making millions from releasing it. I mean, how many copies did EB sell on the VC? I’d imagine it was the north side of a million. Reggie, you are a freaking retard for not realizing the potential of re releasing M3… And they wonder why Sony is killing them in overall sales… It’s because thru actually *GASP* listen to their fan base!

mitch said on Jun. 12, 2014

This is funny I dunno what you guys are talking about

We already got a translated Mother 3

Chivi-chivik said on Jun. 12, 2014


But it’s a pirated version.
People cares about Nintendo acknowledging MOTHER 3, not about the translation. I’m pretty sure all of us have played MOTHER 3 already, but we’d love Nintendo to admit its existence. Just that.

Chivi-chivik said on Jun. 12, 2014

And about the joke, I got over it, but I don’t find it really funny. Probably because that humour is not my cup of tea.

Oh Yeah? said on Jun. 12, 2014

Chivi, some people actually put the translation into a Japanese Mother 3 cart. Not piracy.

SuperStarmen said on Jun. 12, 2014

Honestly i can see why their not releasing it… they know all to well about the world famous MOTHER3 fan translation and they know that if the game it released, not much are going to buy it considering you can already get it for 100% free.

Hyperstar96 said on Jun. 12, 2014

@SuperStarmen If that were the case, the entire Virtual Console wouldn’t exist. Piracy doesn’t negate everything, you know.

Pik said on Jun. 12, 2014

man tokio

shouldn’t you guys stick to singing japanese pop rock songs?

shitty jokes aside, Reggie doesn’t decide which games get localized. It isn’t even completely NoA’s role to decide that, either.

“And they wonder why Sony is killing them in overall sales… It’s because thru actually *GASP* listen to their fan base!”
I don’t know. Sony’s abandoned a good portion of their PS1 and PS2 fanbase in favor of 360-esque Uncharted lovers and the Otaku-driven JRPG audiences. Stop oversimplifying things.

Chivi-chivik said on Jun. 12, 2014

@Oh Yeah?

And some people=Nintendo? I don’t think so.

Tokio said on Jun. 12, 2014

Dammit Pik… If you’re going to make fun of my name, make sure you know what you’re talking about. Tokio is German, not Japanese. As for Sony, I think that the remastering and re-release of Grim Fandango is enough evidence that they listen to their fans. Hell, the first part of their presentation was reading fan letters. Nintendo and Butthole Fils-Aime could take a lesson from them.

Tokio said on Jun. 12, 2014

And also, if the CEO of Nintendo of AMERICA isn’t in charge of approving localization, who is then?!

Pik said on Jun. 12, 2014

Apologies, that was a lighthearted comment referring to the Japanese rock band. Not meant to be demeaning either, just silly.

Nintendo of Japan is generally in charge of sending projects over to be localized, iirc.

To me, Sony’s “fan letters” came off as pure PR fluff, but that’s just speculation on my end. They could’ve easily chose letters that fit their business plans and presented them, right?

Leeaux said on Jun. 12, 2014

Tomato, you’ve been surprisingly silent through all this. What are your thoughts?

Mato said on Jun. 12, 2014

It just seems like a goofy joke to me, nothing more and nothing less.

I can imagine the Robot Chicken guys going, “So, Reggie, what’s an annoying question you get a lot?” and then he laughs and goes, “People bombard me about Mother 3 all the time.” and then they make a joke out of it.

Anonymous said on Jun. 12, 2014

….How much money does Robot Chicken need for the fans to have them animate earthbound fans cheering for Monther 3 on a public showing?


UbaNess said on Jun. 12, 2014

Booooooo Nintendo… Boooooooooooooo!

Tokio said on Jun. 13, 2014

It’s okay pik… But Tokio Hotel is a GERMAN rock band. lol

Mato, are we positive that it was the Robot Chicken group that made the promo video? I thought that was just a style of animation that anyone could copy. Either way, it seems to us EarthBound fans that they don’t give two shits about us, but that’s just the way it seems to me.

Mato said on Jun. 13, 2014

Yeah, it was Robot Chicken. Their Twitter mentioned it a few times and Nintendo’s mentioned them a few times: http://venturebeat.com/2014/06/12/how-nintendo-used-the-luigi-death-stare-without-ruining-fans-fun/ (see bottom paragraphs)

Pik said on Jun. 13, 2014


lmfao, this should put any confusion to rest tokio

Anonymous said on Jun. 13, 2014

This part was so unexpected, and it made me laugh so hard. I had to pause the livestream for a bit to recover.

I dunno if anyone’s mentioned this yet, but I saw a LOT of Ness cosplays in the crowd during the Super Smash Bros Invitational. Even though there was no MOTHER 3 announcement at E3 this year, the number of Fangamer Ness cosplays was an encouraging sight to see. 🙂

Jacko said on Jun. 13, 2014

SuperStarman. I see you have used the fallacy of “you can’t suffer because other people suffer more”. Why do you even care about this subject, if you hate Mother 3?

PK_Fanta said on Jun. 14, 2014

I’m so painfully indifferent on this issue it almost physically hurts.

On one hand, yes, it seems quite rude of them to call out such a loyal fanbase at such a huge event in front of so many people.

On the other hand, it was just a joke. A joke made from one man who, at times, has been near tormented by the fandom he chose to tease. With all of the write-ins and call-a-thons over something he can only even partially control, you can’t entirely blame him if he has a little animosity towards us.

Imagine waking up one morning, and for the next 24 hours, having telemarketers calling you every minute on the minute. You go outside for a breath of fresh air, and see your mailbox knocked over from the sheer volume of letters inside it.

Even if you have nothing personally against whatever they’re selling, you’ll still disconnect your phone line, right?

In any case, the joke made at E3 more likely than not introduced some new people into the fandom via google search. I hope the first things they see from the MOTHER fandom don’t contain an angry mob.

TheAnalogKid said on Jun. 14, 2014

I actually kind of want Earthbound Zero more than Mother 3.

Fukuokaman said on Jun. 14, 2014

Brownie Brown said they would totally do it if Nintendo gave it the go-ahead, right?

Tokio said on Jun. 14, 2014

Pik, this should clear up any confusion.


Ninten said on Jun. 14, 2014

Where is it? I didnt catch it

Mother2fan said on Jun. 14, 2014

With disregard to the MOTHER 3 joke, doesn’t it seem idiotic to not listen to your own fan base Nintendo?

Mother2fan said on Jun. 14, 2014

You’re in the minority there.

dragonwarriorquestsagain said on Jun. 15, 2014

I thought it was funny. It’s a good sign noa is cracking jokes about it. Noa is aware of the fan base. It will sell like crazy when the new smash bros comes out. Timing. If lucas or ness make the roster, i’d be shocked if the game isn’t localized. As another poster mentioned. Star fox was a target and there’s a new game in the works. Why would they call out a fan base to ignore them? Just wait. I’m positive they’ll buckle. Metroid fans should be sweating. Shouldn’t have done that. Poor lil’ feller. She’s just a bounty hunter.

PoisonPlush said on Jun. 15, 2014

See, I would like if they made a remake of Earthbound Zero for 3DS, maybe with Pokémon X/Y Graphic Style.
Just think abut the PK/PSI pixel animations in 3D, jumping out of the screen.

NessSmash said on Jun. 15, 2014

…What is with you people and VC? For only Mother 3 even?! THIS is, ACTUALLY BETTER than a shitty VC release.


Yes. Always believe for the best. Any 25th Nintendo series anniversary has launched some sort of series collection-Kirby’s Dream Collection, Super Mario All Stars Wii.

Mother 3 for VC does not fill a Mother 25th anniversary block. All us Mother fans know we have all 3 games, but what I care about is not only NOA recognition and acknowledgement, but the entire world of gamers getting to experience the greatest franchise of all time. This can only be done by a trilogy collection for 3DS and Wii U.

I’ve gotten other fans on this campaign since last E3. Nagged Nintendo since last E3 and likely pursuaded others to email them as well. My guess is they would be retarded npt to make a trilogy collection for both the 3DS and Wii U at this point.

Anonymous said on Jun. 15, 2014

They might just announce it at a later time, they still need to fill announcement slots from next month to January considering that they can only show so much on Smash before it releases. Zelda info will have its own special segment, and that, along with Yoshi and others, will come in 2015.

dragonwarriorquestsagain said on Jun. 16, 2014

Ness amiibo figure for new smash bros? I feel like that will happen and open the floodgates.

EBfan64 said on Jun. 16, 2014

>=( I GOT PISSED!!! And I don’t get upset easy either. But making fun of the MOTHER series Reggie Jerk Face Anime has crossed the line AND it had to be APPROVED to be in there. I’m really upset right now.

FireflyMelody said on Jun. 17, 2014

That’s an insult to anime, isn’t it…?
I’m so confused.

Ryan the Starman Fan said on Jun. 17, 2014

The reason why Reggie used this joke was due to the overwhelming popularity of the Mother series in the world, and he acted as if he was angered by the man who called out, “Come on Reggie, give us Mother 3!” due to the fact that Nintendo knows us Earthbound fans as any other fans, but with many very spiteful people towards Nintendo for not releasing Mother 3 in America. The heads of Nintendo receive much hate for never re-releasing Mother 3, and releasing Mother 3 (Or Earthbound 2 maybe) in America. I am personally an extremely huge fan of Earthbound and the Mother series (Yes I know Mother 2 is Earthbound) and I love the majority of Earthbound Central and Starman.net, and yet; I am only fifteen. I hope Nintendo eventually releases Mother 3 in America, though it may not be likely.

Ryan the Starman Fan said on Jun. 17, 2014

And also to FireflyMelody, if you are asking, “What is Amiibo?” It is a series of figures to be released for Wii U and 3DS, for Super Smash Bros., Disney Infinity, and Mario kart 8. They will be famous Nintendo characters that you can send into your game. Here is more Info. on it:


PhazonGiygas said on Jun. 19, 2014

I wasn’t offended at all. Yes, I’ve been a Mother fan for at least a few years now, and I still want Nintendo to release Mother 3, Virtual Console or not, but I felt happy that they acknowledged us, that they know a lot of us want Mother 3. I also found it to be hilarious.

On the contrary; I feel that this means that all those call-ins and letters were a successful operation, as they at least see us as people who keep calling in for Mother 3. They are totally aware of the fanbase that knows that this amazing series deserves more love.

s0yka said on Jun. 24, 2014

Force Laughs At First But Turns into croaking sobbing

bobatari77 said on Jun. 27, 2014

I would like to to see a mother 1+2+3 for the 3DS or something along those lines.

Jeffguyxd said on Jul. 5, 2014

Don’t be angry at nintendo it was the robot chicken writers who wrote the jokes for that!!! Robot Chicken did those animations inbetween for the digital event incase you didn’t know and It would have been the writers who made up the joke that’s getting you angry!!!

Anonymous said on Jul. 5, 2014

How many years did Mother 3 take? 12 years guys, I’ll be damned if it doesn’t get released. Even still, we got Lucas in SSBB and we’re getting Ness back. To me, that’s enough.

MagicCakeRyuka said on Aug. 28, 2014

If the Mother series was released in 2015 then it would make fans thrilled and my hopes for ness and lucas in the new ssb game.


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