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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 15th, 2014 | Auctions, EarthBound, Merchandise, Videos

I recently stumbled upon this video with Pat the NES Punk in it that touches on a weird story about eBay and a seller with 30 suspicious EarthBound cartridges. If you haven’t heard of this before, here’s the video (strong language warning, BTW):

Somehow this story sounds familiar but it’s a fuzzy, hazy memory to me. If anyone has more details, lemme know in the comments! (Knowing my brain, I probably did report on it before but totally forgot about it 😛 )


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8 Comments to Pat the NES Punk Discusses Fake EarthBound Cartridges

Pirate199X said on Apr. 15, 2014

Whoa!! I own 30 of these!

TheZunar123 said on Apr. 15, 2014

He should’ve gone into more detail or at least showed exactly where that little white text was. I couldn’t find it on the pictures. The only difference I saw was that the real cart had a red stripe on the top-right and the fake one didn’t.

braun said on Apr. 15, 2014

There was/is a concerted effort to flood the market with hundreds of fake Earthbound carts.

BusterTheFox said on Apr. 16, 2014

…I was expecting, like, a 30-minute discussion. xD But it was just the one guy talking the whole time and it ended abruptly lol.

KingMike said on Apr. 16, 2014

@BusterTheFox He’s Pat the NES Punk, most famous for his NES game reviews. “Completely Unnecessary Podcast” is a regular podcast him and his friend Ian do where they rant about gaming-related stuff for like an hour or two at a time.
I’m sure this is just a segment.

Prayer For Safety said on Apr. 16, 2014

So much fad crap with collecting anymore. Forums flock to items hyped as “the next EarthBound” and EB carts are still being hoarded. It’s a real shame to see people bootlegging this and other $100+ games. Prices and general hype/speculation have died down a little since 2012, but we still have a ways to go until this ends.

Hp_Shout said on Apr. 16, 2014

I cannot recommend Pat the NES punk enough. If you even remotely like retro games, then you need to check him out.

I thought it was interesting that he even picked up this story. I think the moral here is virtual console that bad boy and leave the e-bay cart swapping to the re-sellers. BTW. Re-sellers have no soul.

Pirate199X said on Apr. 18, 2014

Only 15 left buy ’em while they’re hot!


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