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April 9th, 2014 | Images, Smash Bros.

I missed the last half of yesterday’s Smash Bros. preview video, but apparently some MOTHER series stuff was shown off or displayed in press promo images or something? In any case, here are two screenshots of MOTHER series things returning – Mr. Saturn and the Franklin Badge!



If these are returning, we can probably assume other EarthBound/MOTHER stuff will be returning and/or debuting too. I wonder what surprises await!


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38 Comments to Mr. Saturn & Franklin Badge in New Smash Bros. Game

krawky398 said on Apr. 9, 2014

Now we just need Ness to return as a playable character and I’ll be happy. (He’s my Brawl main, after all!)

game4brains said on Apr. 9, 2014

We need more MOTHER!

edgethelucas said on Apr. 9, 2014

What’d make it for me was if Ninten was added. Then we’d finally have all three MOTHER protagonists together. Hopefully he wouldn’t be another Ness clone like Lucas was.

I doubt Ness and Lucas are going anywhere, so I’m not worried about that.

Cory said on Apr. 9, 2014

Ness is pretty much a given. Ness has been in every SSB game, so I don’t see them getting rid of him.

deshayzilla said on Apr. 9, 2014

I do not see where these pictures came from. Are we sure they’re real?

Mato said on Apr. 9, 2014

They’re supposedly from the press kit, someone’s hosted them here it looks like: https://www.flickr.com/photos/48280274@N02/sets/72157643678092364/

AdelinaX said on Apr. 9, 2014

More Japanese Mother merch plz

Prayer For Safety said on Apr. 9, 2014

This makes me feel better about our chances of seeing Ness and Lucas.

Geppu said on Apr. 9, 2014

Ness and Lucas aren’t clones. They have similar special moves, but otherwise play completely differently.

I’m sure Ness will make the cut, but I’m not so sure about Lucas.

Anonymous said on Apr. 9, 2014

I’m positive Ness will return, he could easily be a secret character that wont be revealed pre-release, or not ready to show off. Heres what I think a mother roster would most likely be.

Ness-Definetly in.

Lucas-Defineitly in or replaced by another Mother character, alsopossible moveset changes to make him less of a clone?

Porky-Boss hazard if at all. (I think hed make an interesting character though)

Masked Man-Wishful thinking here, but I’d say its a possibility.

Thats just my take on it and wishful thinking.

Also there needs to be a Saturn Valley stage!

Reficul said on Apr. 9, 2014

I’m guessing we’ll see Ness and Lucas again, although Lucas will probably be reworked since he had a lot of powerful combos/moves that were very easy to pull off.

Mother2fan said on Apr. 9, 2014

If Ness isn’t in the game, I’m gonna cry.

Joey aka ZeroSquared said on Apr. 9, 2014

I bet Ness will appear, and probably a MOTHER stage. Even if it’s not a new one, they are having returning Melee/Brawl stages. If Ness doesn’t appear, I’m not getting it… XD But seriously Sakurai. ._.

6arm79 said on Apr. 9, 2014

Yeah Ness should definitely be in the SSB4. My guess is they’re just not 100% ready to confirm yet. It’s good to see some Mother things will be in it. I could see them taking out Lucas, but not Ness, especially since the Mother 2 revival.

Chivi-chivik said on Apr. 9, 2014

I’d like them to put way more MOTHER-related trophies this time. In Melee there were many (and it was cool!), but in Brawl… >_<

(If Lucas doesn't appear in this one I'm gonna flip some tables and kill some people…)

Xoph12 said on Apr. 9, 2014

I’d love Ness to be in the next Smash. I kind of tailored my play style to reflect airy light characters with good throws and astonishing recoveries.
I have mixed feelings about Lucas–smash’s hit boxes were practically cheating to an untrained eye–but preferred his PK Magnet range for 65-75% KOs.
Though I’ll always do random for the thrill of the clutch and the humility of utter defeat.
Worst case scenario I’ll just be /that guy/ who snipes and/or plays chicken with Kirby in the rage of having my favorite combatant removed.

Petal_Guy said on Apr. 10, 2014

Poo would make a cool assist trophy.

Daniel said on Apr. 10, 2014

Does noone want them to change Ness’ and Lucas’ moveset? Ness was unique in Smash Bors, because he resembled the whole Mother series back then. So he had PSI attacks he didn’t even learn in Mother 2. Now I think they should give him a differen moveset, that reflects his original attacks. The yoyo and the baseball bat can stay and also the little PSI attacks or whatever those sparks are. But his special moves should change. The same goes for Lucas. They could add a lot of different things from the games. And for the old PSI Attacks they should just add in Paula for some reason: 1. more Mother characters, 2. more female characters and 3. those are mostly here moves (Fire, thunder, freeze).
I’m also waiting for Jeff, because they coudln1t give him similar moves to Ness, so there is no way he could be another clone.
Also Masked MAn would be a good choice, they already spoiled a lot of Mother 3 in Brawl, so who cares anymore. He could be a great character, with lighting attacks, his sword, maybe the shield killer.

JamesBond007 said on Apr. 10, 2014

I think Toon Link loves the Mother series. However, his friends (Ness & Lucas) are missing.

project-stuff said on Apr. 10, 2014

I’m always positive that Ness will return. After all, he has been in the SSB series since SSB64. Not sure about Lucas, though, but I do hope to see some reworked moveset just like many other returning characters if he returns.

Speaking of moveset… the Pokémon Fennekin’s attack seems similar to Ness’s PK Fire. Maybe he’ll have a reworked moveset as well…?

As for trophies, I’m hoping that SSB4 will have more Mother/EarthBound-related trophies. It was satisfying to see those trophies in Melee, but in Brawl… I don’t even know… (The Chosen Four isn’t even complete, only Ness and Jeff get their own respective trophy, Mother 3 trophies seem to be lacking, and apart from Franklin Badge, there seems to be nothing else from Mother 1)
Yeah, I can mention stickers, but those don’t seem to satisfy me as much, that’s what I think.

Even if there won’t be any Mother/EarthBound newcomers in SSB4, maybe I can see them as Assist Trophies (if any… *sigh*). Maybe Jeff will be back again as an assist.

2Sang said on Apr. 10, 2014

Tomato forgot to also mention there was a 3ds pic of mr. saturn as well.
I’m personally hoping for a third mother character, but we’ll probably have to wait another generation until another character is added. Maybe we’ll see some more assist trophies though such as paula, porky, poo, and duster.

2Sang said on Apr. 10, 2014

Ness is a guarantee for returning, and as long as smash as a series continues, so will the legacy of Ness.

Lucas on the other hand…well…I’m hoping he stays with a tweaked moveset, but he’s a toss-up right now.

Anonymous said on Apr. 10, 2014

If they don’t include a new Mother character in this game I really doubt ever seeing one in the future. Due to how… weird and inconsistent Smash releases are.

By the time a SSB5 would be coming out, the Mother series would be even more unknown then it is now, with the vc release its popularity has hit its top, but probably only for now unless another major thing happens. *cough* Mother 3 Localization *cough*

…still keeping fingers crossed for Porky or The Masked Man

2Sang said on Apr. 10, 2014

^As I said before, Ness is a guarantee. He’s as certain to remain in the series as Mario, Link, and Pikachu. The only question is Lucas, but I’m thinking Lucas will likely return, but it’s nowhere near as safe as Ness returning. The franklin badge I think is a hint because it plays a far more important role in Mother 3 than in Earthbound.

Anonymous said on Apr. 11, 2014

I personally want a Loid assist trophy driving that tank from Mother 1… Am I alone in wanting that?

NessSmash said on Apr. 11, 2014

They are waiting for the Mother game’s anniversaries to reveal them.

NessSmash said on Apr. 11, 2014

We can expect Mother/EarthBound character reveals on these dates. July 27 (Mother 1, hence series anniversary), June 5 (EarthBound), April 20 (Mother 3) and June 20 (Mother 1+2)

Bloo280 said on Apr. 11, 2014

It seems the MOTHER series wasn’t forgotten afterall…

anon said on Apr. 14, 2014

I like how they chose the most Mother like character to wear the badge.

Nintendork said on Apr. 14, 2014

I’ve noticed that costumes in this game are more than just color palettes so maybe if Lucas returns (no guarantee) Masked Man will be a skin for him, like the male Wii Fit Trainer

Jacko said on Apr. 17, 2014

It’s all very fishy to me. Considering Mother 3’s birthday’s coming up.

neonix said on Apr. 17, 2014

It’s 100% certain Ness will return. And especially now with these confirmed items returning.

Lucas I could see getting cut 🙁 Would suck too since he was my main guy. But I’d be open to a different Mother series character.

I’d really like to see a new Mother series stage though. Moonside or Saturn Valley would be beyond awesome.

FireflyMelody said on Apr. 19, 2014

Oh, I’d love to see Moonside! The bright lights and all would make it really amazing. But which version?
Hm, Saturn Valley would make more sense. Then they could theme Wii U SV after EarthBound, and 3DS SV after Mother 3.
Still, Moonside in both would be beyond awesome, but they have none of the exact same stages, so…

2Sang said on Apr. 20, 2014

My guess is Ness is revealed on Father’s Day because it’s Sakurai after all. If Lucas returns, he’ll be an unlockable character almost certainly.

Oh My said on Apr. 21, 2014

Ness was one of the original players, so I doubt he’ll be left out, especially since the VC Earthbound release was so popular (still is).

As for Lucas, I found him a little redundant and less playable than Ness. I’d prefer Poo, but I wouldn’t mind a character from Mother since Nintendo wants to include older NES characters. Perhaps Teddy?

Adey said on Apr. 24, 2014

I hope Ness and Lucas will be there at the very least, I am getting a little worried though. I haven’t seen either one of them in any of the promos, and they aren’t on the roster, yet they keep adding more and more returning characters, and newcomers. I will be very disappointed if they don’t include them.

KirbyNessHetalia said on Apr. 30, 2014

I really want Ness or Lucas in or I will flip 10 tables, my bed, and hide in my secret area in gloom. And besides, it seems really possible. I mean, the Saturn came back again!

Dr.Starky said on May. 20, 2014

I thought it was really silly for people to be so worried that Ness or Lucas weren’t gonna be in the game in the first place.

The game has lot of characters and they want to space out the announcements to build hype, it’s very likely they just haven’t gotten to it yet.


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