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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 24th, 2014 | Itoi

I was thinking the other day, “You know, what would I say/do if I ever got the chance to meet Shigesato Itoi?” But I couldn’t really think of anything, so I’d probably just end up saying, “Hey, I like your stuff. Thanks for making it.”

But I’m curious to know – if you had the rare chance to meet Itoi for a few minutes, would you say/do/ask? In fact, what do fans in general do when they meet game creators like Miyamoto, Kojima, etc.? I never really thought about it until now.


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57 Comments to What Would You Say to Itoi?

Captain Cab said on Mar. 24, 2014

Mother/EB series has a lot of B movie style elements to it (that go hand in hand with spoofing American culture), so first thing I’d ask would be if there were any classic science fiction movies or stories he enjoyed that had an impact on him when planning the series.

2Sang said on Mar. 24, 2014

Create much more earthbound merch, allow hd and 3d versions of all 3 mother games, encourage and offer help to make mother 4 if you won’t make it yourself. Yeah I’m selfish, but we need Itoi to work as much as possible so the series gets a second chance.

LakituAl said on Mar. 24, 2014

“It’s been harsh times, but I’m well now.”

I know, it may be silly to parrot some of his work, but that is in a few words what his stuff has done for me. It’s feel good stuff.

Covarr said on Mar. 24, 2014

I would ask if he’s ever considered making more games outside of Mother and Bass Fishing.

Fukuokaman said on Mar. 24, 2014

“Hey, I’m a huge fan of your work. I’m really sorry so many of your American fans put your video game work before your literary genius, but I assure it’s only because they haven’t experienced. If you get your novels translated, the fans will come, and they will only appreciate you more and more. Again, thanks for all the good memories I associate with your profound body of work.”

Fukuokaman said on Mar. 24, 2014

P.S. Mato, have you ever thought about translating his novels? I’d love to contribute what knowledge I can.

Mato said on Mar. 24, 2014

I assume you already know this, but he’s not really a novelist/writer as as we would think of one. He does have a couple old novels (just as he’s done a couple games), but he’s not really a novel guy, he’s just been more of a dabbler. Most of his books since his novel days are anthologies of his writings, anthologies of interviews he’s given, stuff like that.

Chewy HAS inquired about translating Let’s Meet in a Dream, but I can’t remember what’s come of that.

Big League Batter said on Mar. 24, 2014

All I would ask is if he could autograph my worn out hat. I’ve worn that hat every day for three years now, and I fixed it up when it was faded… yeah, I’d definitely ask for an autograph.

Joey aka ZeroSquared said on Mar. 24, 2014

I’d ask if he’d autograph my EarthBound cart XD

The Doctor said on Mar. 24, 2014

I would probably attempt to not squee too much from excitement. With my luck I’d probably end up saying “I…you…AWESOME!!!” then hold out my copy of Mother 2 and try to utter “Please autograph”. Yeah, it’s not often I get star struck, but that would most certainly be a time for it.

bahooney said on Mar. 24, 2014

I would tell him thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you’ve done. I’m learning Japanese thanks to Mother!

kenisu said on Mar. 24, 2014

I’d ask him where the mysterious “Gyiyg Strikes Back!” screen comes from, who and what the Forgotten Man is exactly supposed to be, and what the origin of the Mani-Mani Statue is.

And his answer to each question would be, “It’s what you want it to be.” 🙁

gooieooie said on Mar. 24, 2014

“I-I-Itoi? I…” *voice trails off*

I’dthink of something to say after that. But I’d be so nervous! 😀

Hp_Shout said on Mar. 24, 2014

Sorry, hee hee hee. I farted.

TheBatFax said on Mar. 24, 2014

I’d probably just say “Thank you.”

project-stuff said on Mar. 24, 2014

I’d probably simply greet and thank him for making the Mother series. Or, I’d end up getting too nervous…

Earthboundians Unite! said on Mar. 24, 2014

Uhhh, yeah. Hi… I like your games. *High fives*

jinxednightshade said on Mar. 24, 2014

I’d probably slip him some cash in his shirt pocket and say “So… do you have that script of Earthbound 64 laying around?” 😉

Giygas said on Mar. 24, 2014

Itoi Itoi Itoi Itoi Itoi i..m…h…a…p…p…y t…h…a…n…k..y…o..u…

Steve said on Mar. 24, 2014

Itoi Itoi Itoi Itoi Itoi i..m…h…a…p…p…y t…h…a…n…k..y…o..u…

Slab Lab said on Mar. 24, 2014

*Gets down on one knee and opens a small red box.* “Will you marry me?”

Claus said on Mar. 24, 2014


LucasPSI said on Mar. 24, 2014

Bribe him with money to tell me the entire story of Earthbound 64.

Erikku8 said on Mar. 24, 2014

I’d probably say the same thing as lots of other fans. “Mother 2 is my favorite game!” or something like that.

TheLonechallenger said on Mar. 24, 2014

I would probably ask him how dark he originally planned to make Mother 3, and what did he mean by he wanted to have the game “betray the player” in EB64’s ending?

EBMarcus said on Mar. 25, 2014

“Do you think I did okay?”

edgethelucas said on Mar. 25, 2014

I’d have no idea what to say either, so I’d just say so.ething like, “Hey, Mr. itoi, I deeply love the Mother series and sincerely wish more people all over played them. Whatever you’re working on, good luck on it.”

If I could regain my composure after that, I’d ask him what he thinks of your Mother 3 translation, Mato. I don’t expect him to go out and plan a rerelease of Mother 3 or anything, but I’d like to know his reaction to it.

edgethelucas said on Mar. 25, 2014

*Mr. Itoi

Vanasto said on Mar. 25, 2014

I’d ask him when he’s going to retire…

*awkward silence*

…but really, I’d want to chat with him about his philosophy on life and what he thinks makes for the good life. I know he talks about the little things he likes on his blog, but after playing some of his games I can tell he must have some deep things to say!

Anonymous said on Mar. 25, 2014

Id ask him if Ninten is Ness’ dad. Or where and when do Mother 1 and 2 connect in the series.

Id also ask what became of Ness after the events of mother 2

David B. said on Mar. 25, 2014

“I love the writing that you put in the MOTHER games.”

Esper said on Mar. 25, 2014

“You helped make me who I am. Thank you.”

Anonymous said on Mar. 25, 2014

if it was miyamoto “Thank you for my childhood”

if it was Itoi “Thank you for my teenage years”

Luigithemetal64 said on Mar. 25, 2014

Will Mothers 1 and 3 ever be out on the Wii U’s Virtual Console?

Chivi-chivik said on Mar. 25, 2014

I would ask “Why you’re so awesome?”. I’m sure he would tell me he isn’t, but I know he is. XD

And I would punch Miyamoto in the face, for ruining good game first ideas like TLOZ: Four Swords Adventure or Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Ninten said on Mar. 25, 2014

If I ever met shigesato itoi I would ask him why he isn’t making remakes for his Mother games.

Kevin said on Mar. 25, 2014

“Have you ever wanted to see a movie of the MOTHER series?”

“Do you still have anything related to MOTHER 3’s beta on the N64, and if you do would you be interested in releasing the files?”

“What would you change about the last 30 years of your career?”

“I love your writing style!”

questionsleep said on Mar. 26, 2014

I’d ask about 64DD Mother 3, and see if he was interested in hanging out.

Valerie said on Mar. 26, 2014

I’d ask him to autograph my favorite lucky hat, then ask if he’s heard of the MOTHER 4 fangame and if he has what he thinks, and then tell him how much we appreciate the results of his hard work and a bunch of other stuff.

tapi said on Mar. 27, 2014

I’d be too shy to say anything to him, but his inspiration is really the only reason I’m anywhere in life, and it would make me really happy if he knew that.

AConcernedGamer said on Mar. 27, 2014

If I ever meet Itoi, the most major problem would be the language barrier. With what little Japanese I know, I doubt I could have a sensible conversation with him unless he could understand English.

Ignoring that, though, I would ask him if there is any hope that the Nintendo 64 prototype of MOTHER 3 will ever be released during our lifetimes.

As for other developers, I would ask Miyamoto (politely, without clenching my teeth) about why he insists on interfering with the other developers’ projects; Paper Mario: Sticker Star was made an inferior product because the loss of its story was the loss of the very soul of the Paper Mario series itself, and the same thing nearly happened to Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

Most of all, though, I want to ask someone at Sega (probably their character designer, Takashi Iizuka) why the Sonic series requires that *only* female characters are allowed to wear clothes. It’s been said on Sonic Retro that Iizuka pushed for Sonic to not wear clothes in the Legend of Zelda Zone, so his reasons for enfocing the double standard in animal fashion remain ever a complete enigma to me. If there is some moral principle that requires females to wear clothes, why not also apply that principle to males? Star Fox makes both genders wear clothes, and Donkey Kong Country makes the requirement for clothes dependent on resemblance to the human form, not gender.

I tried to ask on Sonic Retro instead of here, but they censored my comment on one of their front page articles, and I am too scared to register for an account there.

Jason said on Mar. 27, 2014

I’d tell him congratulations, that he’s very good at what he does, and I’d thank him for being a positive force in this world. 🙂

Maskedman said on Mar. 28, 2014

EarthBound HD Trilogy,localizing MOTHER 1+3 on Wii U VC,interview about MOTHER 3 N64 DD prototype.That’s it.

Animegame97 said on Mar. 28, 2014


Chewy said on Mar. 28, 2014

Still gonna try to get Let’s Meet in a Dream overseas; it’s a work-in-progress.

Maskedman said on Mar. 28, 2014

Besides me somebody cares about recreation of MOTHER Saga Trilogy in HD(not EarthBound Zero Remake instead of EarthBound and EarthBound 2 engines)?

Maskedman said on Mar. 28, 2014

MOTHER 3 3D for Wii U including unused scenario.

joe said on Mar. 29, 2014

“Do you know the reason Mother 2 was not released in the United Kingdom, even though the American release?” I’d speak simple English, because he might not know what I mean if I speak regular English. And even then he might not know English at all, so I’d hope Chewy’s near.

Anonymous said on Mar. 29, 2014

1. Would you have Mother 3 re-released on Wii U Virtual Console?

2. Do you ever get tired of people only recognizing you because of your work on the Mother games?

Poe said on Mar. 29, 2014

Hello, Mr. Itoi. What is your favorite local curry restaurant? Thank you.

Mother2fan said on Mar. 29, 2014

“Thanks for the memories. They mean so much.”

The Man With No Name said on Mar. 29, 2014

“Your games saved my life. Thank you.”

Maskedman said on Apr. 1, 2014

Question to Itoi:
Would you like to see EarthBound 64 Remake on Playstation 4(Playstation 4 is also pre-typed April Fool joke on Twitter post to Sucker Punch which was typed by me)?Anyways this question isn’t April Joke it suppose to mean:
Do you want to see EarthBound 64 Remake exclusively to Wii U?

Anon said on Apr. 1, 2014

When’s MOTHER 4?

Thieverpedia said on Apr. 8, 2014

“Though I feel the Mother series shouldn’t have died prematurely, and how it had a lot of potential, I respect the immense amount of work you put into the creation of this trilogy. Never before and never will there ever be a game so full of wittiness and emotion than the Mother trilogy. They were more then games. They were something that couldn’t be explained easily in words, but if I had to choose one, it would be…Perfect, in the sense that they touched the hearts of many with so many greatly executed things that are no longer seen in today’s games. You are a wonderful man for bringing this to us, and I hope you know that. <3"

Halloween said on Apr. 8, 2014

hey you made some great video games dude

Mariotti said on Apr. 16, 2014

I would say something very similar to what Mato said he would say.“Hey, I like your stuff. Thanks for making it.” seems like a very legitimate thing to say to someone who is as cool as Shigesato Itoi.


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