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March 13th, 2014 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge

GreatGonzalez88 sent this e-mail a while back:

I was playing EarthBound recently and I had a weird thing happen with Escargo Express.

I just used the Eraser Eraser and wanted to get rid of it right away so I called Escargo Express from the lab and then called Dad to save my game. After that I forgot about it and proceeded to the Stonehenge base. I made it considerably far and suddenly the delivery guy finally showed up in the middle of the base.

What makes it weird is that not only did it take way WAY longer than usual for the guy to come, but he actually showed up in the middle of a dungeon. I’m not sure if it’s anything unheard of or not but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to send it your way.

Maybe someone might know what caused it. The attached screenshot is proof that it happened.


I always got the feeling that when and where the Escargo Express guy shows up seemed to be a bit finnicky. Sometimes he wouldn’t show up when it seemed like he should, and sometimes the opposite would happen too. Has anyone else got him to show up in a weird location before?


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14 Comments to Escargo Express in a Dungeon

Captain Cab said on Mar. 13, 2014

That’s seriously cool. Kudos to that courageous Escargo delivery guy braving all the Starmen and other dangers of Stonehenge base all so somebody could lighten their inventory. :p

SgtMettool said on Mar. 13, 2014

I feel like it has a lot to do with pathfinding. I think if there aren’t enough possible “entrances” on the screen when he’s scheduled to show up, he won’t come. I’ve had the same thing happen with the For Sale Sign.

wahowaho! said on Mar. 13, 2014

Yeah,like SgtMettool said,he will show up if he’can’ find the path to come to you,there is also other funny thing that is similar like,i used For sale sight in the place where Zombies imprisoned Ness and Paula and the customers just come in and and get out with no problem while we have to wait for Jeff to come to save us lol

Aspirety said on Mar. 13, 2014

From the use of a hack that places a phone in front of the giygas chamber, I had mach pizza deliver a pizza to me in between cutscenes of the final battle. It was amazing, I wish I got footage of it.

Aspirety is Wrong said on Mar. 13, 2014

Aspirety, that isn’t possible.

EBisumaru said on Mar. 13, 2014

Why not. Hacks are spiffy

Chivi-chivik said on Mar. 13, 2014

Hacks can do almost everything.

Hagaren1 said on Mar. 13, 2014

He showed up in the Fire Spring in my Wii U playthrough.

HairyStick said on Mar. 13, 2014

All I knows is he doesn’t arrive when you’re in Saturn Village. He says the place you’re in is “weird” and he can’t get to you… But he can get in the base at Stone Henge? Seems awfully fishy to me…

NecrosaroIII said on Mar. 13, 2014

I never used their phone service. Always took too long. I just used PSI Teleport.

GreatGonzales88 said on Mar. 14, 2014

Thanks for sharing Tomato!

Claus said on Mar. 14, 2014

Can you imagine how utterly this could break the game if someone found out the exact mechanics of Escargo Express?

Valerie said on Mar. 14, 2014

Haha, I love Escargo Express! (I’m playing EarthBound right now for the… How many times now? But I still must finish it at least once!) They’re so useful when I need to use Ness alone and stock up on stuff for everyone else(ie, Paula before the Cultist’s Village as I call it)!

LucasNessForever said on Mar. 23, 2014

I talked to them in a game that I was lvl. 75 in, then I made a new game. Escargo dude came up to me RIGHT after the asteroid hit. Trespasser!


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