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March 29th, 2014 | EarthBound, Videos

Many years ago, xfis (who mostly goes by Stephen nowadays) made a series of EarthBound videos that revolved around public stunts – stuff like eating actual burgers out of trash cans, chasing a Tessie around as a Tessie-watcher, being a real-life Hint Man, stuff like that.

Anyway, he’s recently repolished these videos and reuploaded them with better quality!

Hey Mato!

My old series, /earthbound, has just been moved to StephenPlays (now renamed to “Earthbound Public Stunts!”). The old videos were in 240p and have been reuploaded in their full 480p resolution. In addition, YouTube broke the audio of many of them years ago, and that’s all been fixed now. It’s been almost 9 years since the release of this series, and I hope many people will enjoy watching them again or viewing them for the first time.



(I’m still searching for the high-res version of the Slot Brothers video. Once I have it, I’ll move it into that playlist as well.)

I always loved these videos, they were a combination of sheer fan enthusiasm, film-making enthusiasm, and youthful craziness. Actually, besides these stunt videos, xfis has done a BUNCH of other great EarthBound videos which I’ve posted about before – read about them/watch them here!


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11 Comments to EarthBound Public Stunts

Pengo said on Mar. 29, 2014

A bee I am. That one is the best one in my opinion.

Žоθм said on Mar. 29, 2014

Those were always funny.

Joey aka ZeroSquared said on Mar. 29, 2014

I love these, they are so awesome. XD But wow, nine years? I was like 3 or 4 when these were filmed, XD!!

Fortenium said on Mar. 29, 2014

Ah, I remember these!

BusterTheFox said on Mar. 31, 2014

Ha! I feel like doing this now. But I would want to do one that was less embarrassing. Like… I don’t know. I’ll go if you go.

Hp_Shout said on Mar. 31, 2014

I’m uh… not sure if anyone on the street would even remotely get this? Maybe they think it’s just some guy protesting.

Now… having an entire hint hut in an elevator would be kinda funny?

KingMike said on Mar. 31, 2014

“Hey mister, you sure have a lot of imagination!” 😀

Valerie said on Mar. 31, 2014

I was like 5 when this was made. XD Oh well, still awesome and hilarious.

zedrein said on Apr. 1, 2014

Half the fun is knowing that the vast majority of the public ‘marks’ probably had no idea these stunts were inspired by an obscure (especially then) Nintendo game.

Rusty Shackleford said on Apr. 1, 2014


BLTMunch said on Aug. 13, 2014

Man, this guy makes (and made)a lot of good content. Even his non-Earthbound stuff, all that’s awesome.


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