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February 14th, 2014 | MOTHER 3, Videos

Hilbert sent in an audio clip from a podcast called All Gen Gamers. In one episode the topic of MOTHER 3 comes up, including the question of who translated it. And it sounds like somehow Reid and I merged into one being!

I had a good enough laugh that I decided to make a video out of it!

I’m actually really flattered that I’m that memorable/noteworthy to fans out there – in fact, in this clip he lists two of my Internet nicknames and even my last name! So thanks, dude!

Still, I always, always feel the need to tell people, “I wasn’t the only guy on the team!” because it really WAS a team project. So if you’re not sure who else worked on the team, here’s a list of the various team members and contributors!

Main Team:

Additional Help:

So again, don’t give me all the thanks – these guys deserve them too! Follow them on Twitter or e-mail them and say hi or something sometime!

There are actually even more people who were on the Special Thanks list – you can see them all on the sidebar here. Thanks to all you guys too!


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16 Comments to Who Translated MOTHER 3?

TragicManner said on Feb. 14, 2014

Always fun to see stuff on the Mother 3 translation project. It was a ton of fun to follow the progress of the translation you guys all worked on, and then more or less go through it all myself when I worked on the Brazilian Portuguese translation with Foffano and the Earthbound Brazil team.

Beyond that, the efforts we put into our Portuguese translation were HUGELY facilitated by several people who worked on the original translation from Japanese into English, with tons of forum talk with Tomato and Jeffman, and even some behind-the-scenes help from Reid and, I would imagine indirectly, Jonk on some of the more complicated graphics issues, so everyone on this list has gone above and beyond to help other projects as well, so it’s definitely worth giving all the credit to them that’s possible! Thanks everyone, was a pleasure to be at all involved with everything that happened with Mother 3 because of all your hard work.

delectabit said on Feb. 14, 2014

I hear Reid Mandelin knows Japanese and has done some anime translation Bandamationplex, but that he actually hates anime.

BusterTheFox said on Feb. 14, 2014

Reid Mandelin is a Japanese robot and she doesn’t afraid of anything

Halloween said on Feb. 14, 2014

Hilarious, great video.

TheLonechallenger said on Feb. 14, 2014

I think the whole translation team needs more recognition. The only members that I remember off the top of my head are: Tomato, Jeffman, Reid, and Chewy.

KingMike said on Feb. 14, 2014

I just in Japanese your names would be sort of similar wouldn’t they? 🙂
kuraido and reido
(at least I’ve thought Reid’s name was pronounced “raid” but it could be “reed” now that I think about it)

RoboJ said on Feb. 15, 2014

I do wish that more people from the translation team would be recognized, everyone who participated deserves credit as they helped this great game playable for Western fans

And I believe Reid Mandelin is the translator for MOTHER 8 I think.

Lucas said on Feb. 15, 2014

I’m going to messing up with sprites changing guys.Thanks to MOTHER 3 Sprite Editor it could not be tough job.

NeSs7or9 said on Feb. 17, 2014

LOL, that kid obviously doesn’t know that Reid’s last name is Man! Geez…

The Great Morgil said on Feb. 17, 2014

So i guess Reid and Mato must’ve done the fusion dance. FUUUUUUUU~~SION HA!!!

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Feb. 17, 2014

Mother 3’s sole translator: JeffMan the chewy tomato

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Feb. 17, 2014

The actual story behind the Mother 3 translation that Mato does not want you to hear:

Doctor Fedora exophases and demi-sblurs Jonk Klarth, Kevin B. E. R., and Gideon “reidbyuuman” Zhi into unleashing 7 harmonies.

It was up to JeffMan the chewy tomato to stop this evil from destroying any chance at any kind of Mother 3 translation. He worked day and night to ensure the precious end of a trilogy would be seen by English speakers everywhere. He succeeded, and the evils became good and worked for JeffMan the chewy tomato. THE END

And then Clyde Mandelin went back to sleep.

JeffMan said on Feb. 18, 2014

mother 3 it won’t cut you

ejruss25 said on Feb. 19, 2014

i had a mother 3 cartridge and it gave me a boo boo cause it cut me

Tacocat said on Feb. 27, 2014

We need to make Reid Mandelin canon in the EarthBound community.

FlyingManCourage said on Jun. 18, 2014

What else do you expect when listening to a podcast from a nine year-old?


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