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Tips for Buying EarthBound

February 26th, 2014 | EarthBound, Fan Games

The past few weeks and months have been filled with news about a game called Flappy Bird. The whole thing’s been a crazy story that eventually resulted in the game’s creator taking the game down.

The theme of a recent game development jam was to make a Flappy Bird-like game, and it looks like a fellow named Cory Martin made an EarthBound-themed one: FlapBound!

Until now I’ve never even played Flappy Bird or even any of its hundreds of clones, but I had to check this one out 😛 I really like the graphics, and the background music’s pretty cool too! Good job!


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30 Comments to FlapBound: EarthBound Flappy Bird

TragicManner said on Feb. 26, 2014

Got a good laugh the first time I died. Very funny and contains tons of EarthBound references that you wouldn’t expect in a game like this. Thanks for sharing Mato!

The Man With No Name said on Feb. 26, 2014

I LOVED the fact it wasn’t a direct clone. The text boxes and even being able to get the Pencil Eraser was pretty good!

Mato said on Feb. 26, 2014

Haha, I finally got somewhere

Cory said on Feb. 26, 2014

Mato, you have no idea how happy I am that you covered this! I’ve been visiting EarthBound Central almost every day for the past few years so it’s mega cool to see something I threw together here. Thanks, man!

project-stuff said on Feb. 26, 2014

As much as I hate Flappy Bird, I can’t help but chuckle at this game. I like the variety added there, like knocking a present down from the balloon holding it and picking up Pencil Erasers. The textboxes are also quite a nice addition.

Not to mention, Ness’s name referred to as “Nuss” makes me laugh even more.

Motdrafin said on Feb. 26, 2014

How did I not see this coming! Cool idea, with all the clones out there!

BusterTheFox said on Feb. 27, 2014

I was planning to post “Oh God no” here, but everyone else seems to be enjoying this. O_o Guess I’ll let the peer pressure get to me this time and give it a try, haha!

Chivi-chivik said on Feb. 27, 2014

Pff, I feel a lot of pity for the creator. They just created a Nintendo Hard game (and there are TONS of N-Hard games), but people’s vice of complaining made them to take it down. Shame on you all.

Hyper Emerson said on Feb. 27, 2014

This is good and funny, but I don’t get good frame rate here so oh well…

At one point Nuss thought of his mom and I lost control of him and fell. Haha.
Hopefully this little joke only happens when we begin to play!

Honestly said on Feb. 27, 2014

“Pff, I feel a lot of pity for the creator. They just created a Nintendo Hard game (and there are TONS of N-Hard games), but people’s vice of complaining made them to take it down. Shame on you all.”

I’m sorry, but no. No. No. No. No. That is absolutely not how it happened at all. Not even remotely close.

The “creator” of Flappy Bird made a very poor, badly put together, bare bones flash-style game that was NOT hard, challenging, or creative in the slightest using stolen sprites, no originality, and no effort in order to con people and was rightly criticized for it being unoriginal, overly simplistic, cruddy, and a pathetic attempt at a worthless cash grab.

When the game was unpopular and met by harsh criticism from both the mainstream press and on the internet for the lack of effort put into it, he immediately became butt-hurt, and unable to maturely handle the criticism, he threw a childish little tantrum and took the game down, snottily claiming that he was misunderstood, when the fact is that his game was just crap and it was hated for good reason.

It’s no shame that Flappy Bird died off. It is a victory for the credibility of the entire gaming industry. Please get it right.

And also, i’m sorry to say, but satire or not, I am not particularly amused by one of the best games ever being cloned to resemble one of the worst games ever. None of the Flappy Bird parodies are particularly clever, and honestly, as much as I like Earthbound, I don’t find this very interesting, either. I can understand why Mato posted this, since it is Earthbound related, but I honestly still rolled my eyes when seeing this.

haydin said on Feb. 27, 2014


Jdaster64 said on Feb. 28, 2014

This was pretty fun; I liked the little Earthbound-y details like the status messages and Pencil Erasers. Doesn’t help how unforgiving the original mechanic is, of course, but I guess that’s inevitable.

3DKirby said on Feb. 28, 2014

Details are great! I l’v the background! And I think it’s easier than original Flappy Bird ’cause the shape of the block are different. Well the creator’s game are all incomprehensible.

Vince94 said on Feb. 28, 2014

I think the official explanation of why the original was taken down was that he felt bad that so many people were becoming obsessed with his crappy game.

neonix said on Feb. 28, 2014

Wow, this game is really well-done 😀

neonix said on Feb. 28, 2014

@Honestly guy, ok, I’ll bite the troll bait…

That is not the reality of it at all.

The guy never promoted his game or anticipated the massive popularity it would gain. It had been on the App Store for 7 months before it got popular. It got lucky, period. Calling the game a cash grab is calling every simple game on the App Store and Google Play a cash grab.

And the fact that he took the game down in the midst of its booming popularity proves he was not just trying to make money (he could have made a lot more by keeping it up).

EpicJackman said on Feb. 28, 2014

It’s also a copy of this game (http://www.kanogames.com/play/game/piou-piou). It’s also pretty much a genetically mutated cheep-cheep flying through the pipes from Mario. Not only that, there’s been TONS of other games where you just hold down a button and you “die” when you hit something! I know you tap in Flappy Bird, but the concept is still the same. So, I would use the term “Flappy Bird clone” lightly.

Tim said on Mar. 1, 2014

hey can they make like a soundtrack for this game i like the music for this game lol

KingOfSwords said on Mar. 1, 2014

The graphics and music of this version, as well as it being slower than the original, make this actually rather calming to play.

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Mar. 1, 2014

(calm angry voice) This is a hammer and it’s gonna hit my computer monitor real hard.


Nintentheheartless said on Mar. 2, 2014

my highscore is 10. i can’t play this anymore

Roy McRoy said on Mar. 6, 2014

That was quite a good flash game 😀 I got a high score of 56

game4brains said on Mar. 7, 2014

Am I the only one who finds Ness creepy in that game?

mother1plus2fan said on Mar. 15, 2014

Nice, its funny how there’s SO MANY Flappy Bird clones, xD

Mother1plus2fan said on Mar. 15, 2014

Nice, its funny how there’s SO MANY Flappy Bird clones, xD
(Sorry, I forgot to log in on the last comment. :/ )

Shadow said on Mar. 22, 2014

I played it. I played the original Flappy Bird too but this seems a little unbalanced compared with the original thing, though.

mix2 said on Mar. 29, 2014

Ness’s head is floating LOL XD

sauce said on Jun. 4, 2014



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