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Tips for Buying EarthBound

January 31st, 2014 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, EarthBound 64, MOTHER 1, Videos

It’s that time again! Lots of mini-updates! Check ’em out!

Memories of Deleted Saves

Luke Records says:

Hello, I just read your anti-piracy Earthbound article and had flashbacks. As a child, my brothers and I played this game constantly. We worked our way to the last battle twice, but both times all of our saves were deleted. We had trouble winning the last battle, and it was usually after our third attempt or so when the saves were deleted. I do not remember the game freezing, it always ended by us dying or because we had to shut the Nintendo off. I do not remember additional enemies or enemies out if place. Does any of this make any sense? It was a legitimate copy, bought from Toys R Us, straight out of the box. Have you ever heard anything about this? I still feel cheated to this day…

As far as I know, I’ve never heard of this before. I’ve personally experienced a few of Nintendo’s SNES games accidentally thinking they were pirated (Super Metroid comes to mind especially) but it just required a reset or an eject-reinsert. I haven’t heard of anyone having their saves deleted this way – has anyone else out there had a similar experience?

MOTHER 1+2+3 Wii

Marcel sent in a video of a MOTHER 1+2+3 homebrew thing on the Wii:

Hello Earthbound central team! I’m currently developing a Mother Wii homebrew game and I would like to show it to u guys! This is a simple game, just like mother 1+2. In this case, I’ve added the Mother 3 and the capability to play it with the wii controllers.

A gameplay video (offsceen video) can be found here:

More game info at:


Can this game be published on the site?

Hope u guys like it!


I don’t know much about homebrew stuff, but it’s always cool to see people doing EarthBound stuff on the Wii!

Project PK Flash

I received this e-mail about the revival of the PK Flash animation project:

I recently resurrected an old EB animation project I’d started years ago. I found out Earthbound’s 20th anniversary is coming up soon, so I thought it would be fitting to release it this summer. I made a shiny new production blog too! Anyway, thought it might be of interest.



Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Holy crap this is looking great! Good job and good luck!

More EB64 Translations

Angela writes:

Hi! I’m the girl that found that unused Earthbound 64 text and I think I found another piece of untranslated text. Its on the preview trailer again at 0:12, when Flint is looking over a cliff near a waterfall (you probably know this but RIGHT when it changes from the title screen, pause it and you’ll see a waterfall ^_^). Again, I don’t really speak Japanese and online translators are really clunky so, could you please shed some light on this? Thank you!!

This translates to something like: “Help meee! Daaaad!”

It’s said in a certain way in Japanese that makes me think this might be Fuel yelling to Lighter.

EarthBound Fan’s Web Comic

Jakey has started a web comic series called “Toki no Tanaka“. It has some MOTHER series references and inspiration going through it, so give it a look!

EarthBound Trilogy Petition

A fan going under the Twitter name EarthBoundFTW has started a petition to get MOTHER 1+2+3 released – you can see it here.

There’s also a Facebook page for the movement, which you can see here!

EarthBound and Arcades

Craig sent in:

I was looking up Nintendo arcade games when in one of them I heard a familiar tune. It was from Mother 2! I quickly realized it must have been in the Onett arcade. The game in question is Nintendo’s game Sheriff. I don’t know if that’s new information or not, though.

It’s definitely possible, although I’ve only heard Itoi and/or the devs mention Xevious sounds being in the Onett arcade BGM. Does anyone have more info on this?

Another Anime Reference?

Evan sent this in:

Hi Tomato, I was watching the new episode of D-Frag when I noticed that the kid in this clip looks kind of like Ness. He has the cap and the striped shirt and is fighting with a bat. I know Ness didn’t have a cape like that but do you think this was intentional? Here’s a picture.

I’m not really familiar with this series – it’s not the one with all the Nintendo and Sega character parodies is it? If not, then this does indeed seem Ness-y, but it could just be a coincidence too.

Jeff Smashes?

Carlos asked:

I was playing Earthbound on the WiiU the other day and I got to Winters and began to play as Jeff all was normal, until I got into a battle on the second turn Jeff delivered a SMAAAASH attack to an enemy using a gun, If i recall thats not supposed to happen? Any idea why it would have occurred?

I’ve seen this happen before too, but I’ve never really looked into it. I think it might just be a fan theory that he’s not supposed to have Smaaaash attacks. I’m not really sure – does anyone have more info to share on this? I’d love to finally know once and for all myself 😛

EB Zero Orchestrated Mix

Joseph writes:

Hey guys!
Our good friend over at Plasma3Music Remixes has just made an awesome Eight Melodies remix from Mother/Earthbound Zero.

It sounds really great, and it’s his desire that this reaches Itoi!

“Many thanks to everyone for the overwhelming positive response and support! I’m very glad you all like it so far. It would be very awesome if someone out there could help me spread this remix to a japanese audience by posting it on niconico douga or mailing it to almost daily itoi news or something similar. The original eight melodies song is highly loved in japan and they would probably enjoy this one as well. Thank you!”

Hopefully it will with our help!

Sounds sweet! If anyone here can help get this on Nico Nico, please do!

EarthBound & Hitler

Jesse says:

Hi, though this might not be of much interest to you, I was recently watching a world war II documentary and noticed that Adolf Hitler’s wife Eva Brauns full name contains both Anna and Paula. I thought it was very strange. Maybe coincidence. Perhaps there are other similarities between the two/three. Looking at Eva’s photos on google, I can kinda see how they may have been modeled after her too. There hair style is very similar. Anyways, probably not worth posting on the site but I figured I would let you know about it in case you wanted to add it to a weekly roundup or something. Take care!


I definitely feel this is just a coincidence, but it’s an interesting one nonetheless!

Monotoli Building in Smash Bros.

ChozoBoy writes:

Playing through EB for the first time on Wii U, now. Just taking a look at Ness’s ending art from SSB a moment ago of the Monotoli building and it got me thinking… What if that was included in the artwork because they’d originally intended to use it as a stage in the original game?

Perhaps Saffron City was reskinned with Pokemon at some point in development. It doesn’t entirely match up, but it has the rooftop door and helipad, which sure weren’t in Pokemon. Heck, maybe the little platforms were the UFOs from the image at some point.

Just a thought, in any case. One of the buildings in the background seems to have the Pokemon logo, so it probably wasn’t a late-game change, in any case.


It does seem to have a resemblance to the Fourside level in the sequel, but I don’t know enough about the original game’s development to say much on this topic. It seems plausible, at least. Although I’ve heard Lucas was meant to be in the game originally, not Ness, so maybe it’s not the case.

Super Smash Wars

Piotyr writes:

Hello Tomato.

There is a Nintendo/Star Wars Crossover available on YouTube made by James Farr. Star Wars characters are played by various heroes and villains that made an appearance on Nintendo consoles. There are EarthBound references as well. In Episode IV (which was released 2 months ago), you can see a Starman and Titanic Ant in the Cantina. In Episode V (released 12 hours ago), Ness and Jeff appear on Hoth, as well as Mr. Saturns on Cloud City. Episode VI is still in the works.

Here are the links:

I think you should mention this on EarthBound Central right away.

Flash of Memory Cover

YAOMTC says:

This song doesn’t get covered all that much (I don’t remember any!) but this guy gets it. Spot on!


Jaden writes:

Hey! I’m Jaden Eckel. Longtime Earthbound fan, first time caller.

The Earthbound Wiki pointed out that Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top and the Natural Killer Cyborg music in Mother 3 were similar, so I attempted a mashup of the two. Behold!

I think it turned out rather nicely, but what do you think?

Eight Melodies Spotted

Joe sent this in:

I have recently found this video:

It is a remix of multiple video game music and sound effects into a 10 minute long song. It was originally from nico nico, which is basically the Japanese version of youtube.)What’s disappointing is that it doesn’t have an Earthbound segment, but what it does have is near the end when it wrapping everything up, it uses 8 melodies.
Thought it would be a cool thing to share.

Ness Lookalike

Ring064 writes:

Hi Mato,
For once, I actually have something pretty cool that I found recently while going out with a couple of friends. im not usually into burgers ( being a vegetarian, its sorta hard to….) but my friends wanted to go to this place and thank goodNESS ( HAHA SOOO FUNNY….my humour is so bad) because I basically found a lookalike Ness as their “Mascot” except for the jacket (that burger was probably found inside a garbage can, had to say on the day we went for burgers, the vego burger was TERRIBLE but im giving benefit of the doubt because that day there were major power cuts everywhere.)

Also, apologies about the 2 year old photography skills, I did not have a camera on me of any sort and had to use a iPod. I also would of preferred to of taken some pictures of some of the walls of the place because they had lill old ness everywhere but I just had to do with a takeaway bag…

so that’s some news! something decent that I can report from the small little place of Aus

Wait, I thought hamburgers ate people in Australia.

MOTHER Christmas Tree

Joey sends:

Hey Tomato! I know this is a little late, but I thought it would be cool to show you my MOTHER themed Christmas tree. Unfortunately, this was the only picture I had showing the whole thing, and I already took it down. But again, I thought it would just be something cool to share, haha. I have more pictures which I can e-mail to you later, if you want. Thanks for letting me share!

EarthBound in Mario Kart

James writes:

The other day, I was flipping through a Super Mario Kart guide book from Japan. There’s a running comic through the whole thing between race/character info. One of the pages has a bunch of Nintendo cameos, including Ness and two of the Runaway Five members!

APE did work with Nintendo on a few guide books back in the day such as MOTHER 2 (obviously). But they also helped out with Super Mario World, Mario Paint, A Link to the Past, and Super Mario USA among others.


MOTHER 2 Strap Update

dengar sent this in a while back, it’s probably very out of date now, but just in case it can help anyone:

Personal experience- was in Akiba 1/6 and the previously described locations were dry (the capsule museum does sell sets sometimes, but it’s via those case display things, and I bought the last one they had). Diver City mall in Odaiba also didn’t have anything. HOWEVER, I did find a machine outside the Toys R Us in the Aqua City mall just across the street. I included a picture without the display paper because some people may not know what to look for. This machine did have the picture put up later, so it’s hopefully a bit easier to find now.

That’s the ONLY machine I’ve found. I haven’t found individual figures in Akiba, and the ones I found in Osaka’s Den Den town were about 400-1000 yen (Ness and Master Barf being the expensive ones, Mr. Saturn was around the same I think, and the others being… cheaper). Can’t remember which place had them sadly, but it’s one of the few places in Den Den that carries Mother and Chrono Trigger stuff, if that helps jogs anyone’s memory.

EarthBound Sprite Video Series

SuperMage sent this:

not sure if anyone here knows about this yet, but here you go, these are well animated and well written.


Link Plays the Eight Melodies

SuperMage also sent this:

No idea if anyone else posted this before on the site, I just find this incredible.


EarthBound & Beakman’s World

Jude writes:


I noticed in watching – of all things – the children’s edutainment program “Beakman’s World,” that in the intro sequence, you can hear a sound effect that was used in the final battle with Giygas in Earthbound. I’m guessing both parties grabbed it from a sound effects library.

Here’s the Beakman’s World intro (sfx starts at 0:26): LINK

And for reference, here’s the section of the Giygas battle where you can hear it ad nauseum: LINK

P.S. Great site, and Happy New Years!

P.P.S. If you offer cash rewards for this sort of thing, I’d like my prize converted into Moroccan dirhams. Thanks!

Oh, man! And that just covers January! I still have e-mails going back to uhh… July 2009. I don’t think I’m ever gonna catch up 😯


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32 Comments to Mini-Update Megathon #11

BusterTheFox said on Jan. 31, 2014

Got logged out again, dammit Wordress!

I’m digging the NK Cyborg/ZZ Top mashup. Seems like they kinda desync a little near the end, but it was still really cool to hear. It was especially cool when the ZZ song was doing a guitar solo, and it matched up pretty well with the NK Cyborg song. XD

Flash of Memory is my favorite song in the game. I listen to it when I feel sad and it fills me with a feeling of hope. x3 Mushy grossness, but anyway, I really do enjoy that track. It makes me linger for those few extra seconds whenever I get to a new sanctuary location.

Project PK Flash looks amazing. Can’t wait to see the finished version!

As for Jeff Smaaashing, I got that in the Wii U version, too, although very rarely does it seem to happen (Although I usually have him use his tools, like the Hungry HP-Sucker and Bazooka instead of regular attacking, so that could have something to do with it). I’m still going through my Wii U copy, so I guess I’ll use Shoot more and see what I get.

Big League Batter said on Jan. 31, 2014

While the Mother 1+2+3 project is pretty cool, it seems like a fancy, Mother themed version of VisualBoy Advance GX designed to two ROMs, and not the original versions of EBO and EB at that. I don’t mean to bash, but that’s what it seems like.

refat17 said on Jan. 31, 2014

I found myself luck being able to have play earthbound and mother 3 using a snes and Gameboy emulator on my wii. Emulators make games feel weird on the computer, especially if you are using the keyboard to play the game being emulated. By playing it on my wii I played the game similarly to how it was meant to be and it was amazing.

refat17 said on Jan. 31, 2014

I found myself lucky being able to have play earthbound and mother 3 using a snes and Gameboy emulator on my wii. Emulators make games feel weird on the computer, especially if you are using the keyboard to play the game being emulated. By playing it on my wii I played the game similarly to how it was meant to be and it was amazing.

Animegame97 said on Jan. 31, 2014

I think the mother 1+2+3 is amazing I just wish it could have mother 1+2, earthbound, and mother 3 so they are all there and fully English.

Hendricks266 said on Feb. 1, 2014

More than just the Eight Melodies, that Videogame Drama Genki video features Bein’ Friends during the Smash Bros segment!

H.S said on Feb. 1, 2014

I’ve spent quite a bit of time working with EarthBound’s battle actions, and I can say with complete certainty that Shoot attacks cannot get smash attacks. The only way Jeff can get a smash is if he’s unarmed.

At least, that’s for the SNES version. It could very well be different in the GBA or Wii U versions.

steinmitz said on Feb. 1, 2014

That Mario Kart comic looks like it was drawn by Benimaru Itoh; the Earthbound character interpretations are the same as in Itoh’s Mother 2 manga. I’m really interested in how Itoh’s artistic work is tied to the various Nintendo franchises, so thank you very much for sharing that, James! Also, just in case I seek that guide out on ebay or something, what is the title of that specific guide?

HairyStick said on Feb. 1, 2014

Just to clear up something you said: Lucas was planned to replace Ness in Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube). It was always the intention to have Ness in the original Super Smash Bros. They stuck with Ness in Melee because 1) The release of Mother 3 was later than Melee and 2) They didn’t want too many characters that the Western world wouldn’t understand (but both of those reasons didn’t stop them from putting in Marth and Roy from Fire Emblem). So that Monotoli building stage is still a valid hypothesis.

Ninten1 said on Feb. 1, 2014

Re: Jeff smash

I imagine Carlos simply mistook a smash from the Bubble Monkey for Jeff’s attack. The Shoot command cannot smash.

Earthboundians Unite! said on Feb. 1, 2014

2009? Hmm, guess you stopped reading them along the time of your [Mother 3] translation? Not really your fault, you did an amazing thing for the community and now we’re getting a Mother 4 fan game in little under a year. Wonder which Japanese fanbase is going to translate it to Japanese… haha.

stevehicks said on Feb. 1, 2014

I’ve had my game erased many times on my old SNES back when I was playing Earthbound when it first came out. My game saves erased because my SNES. If the game wasn’t inserted a specific way, the game screen wouldn’t load. So naturally I had to turn off the system again. Once I was successful in getting the cartridge to load, sometimes the game saves would be erased. I imagine it was the constant on off action that needed to be done in order to get the game to load.

qwerts said on Feb. 1, 2014

I got an anti-piracy message on EarthBound one time. I tried turning on my Super Nintendo, then I realized it wasn’t plugged in. I plugged it in without turning off the power switch and the screen came up.

HairyStick said on Feb. 1, 2014

The music here is… Just… Wow…

Lucas said on Feb. 1, 2014

When I tried played Sonic 2 Complete in 2013 of 31first January when courier deliverered black Wii U wad was malfunctioning-screen was jumping.

Lucas said on Feb. 1, 2014

I thought this compilation have EarthBound Zero Prototype NES Seizure.I thung MOTHER 2 and MOTHER 3 have its unused stuff like Hidden Track,larger caves,Claus and Porky unused battles NPCs’.I recently suppose to see Mother Trilogy keep in MOTHER 3 physical mechanics precise.Well due Whitehead restored debug modes on sonic classic games plus Hidden Palace Zone.

Ring064 said on Feb. 2, 2014

Wasn’t expecting to get mentioned 😀 awesome!

Ringo said on Feb. 2, 2014

This is a really unrelated question but whatever happened to the Earthbound 64 documentary that OKeijiDragon made? Or better yet what happened to OKeijiDragon? He just disappeared after 2010… I really wanna see that documentary…

EarthBound015 said on Feb. 2, 2014

The Xevious BGM is the only thing I hear when I go into the Onett Arcade! I hoped so hard that it would be possible to play it on one of the arcade machines. Loved that game, one of my favorite shooters of all time! For reference:

EarthBound Arcade BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u4i3tV5B1w

Xevious BGM Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWCSzkUIVUM

SmashTheOni said on Feb. 2, 2014

Oh hey, I got mentioned

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Feb. 2, 2014

Lots of stuff as usual, Mato!

“Jeff Smashes?”

Pretty sure he was unarmed or something. I’ve never had Jeff smash, although I only played the SNES version.

I guess Jeff pulls the trigger very hard in the Wii U version? *shrug*

“EarthBound & Hitler”

I feel this is a coincidence too. Kind of like the whole dumb Giygas fetus thing that only fanfic writers can agree on.

“Another Anime Reference?”

Not surprised, they do it a lot these days.

James said on Feb. 2, 2014


The guide is the square-ish one with the red and yellow checkered background on the cover. It also has a black and white sketch of Mario racing.

Sorry I can’t give you the actual title, my Japanese is coming along rather slowly. Here’s a pic:


Mato said on Feb. 2, 2014

Looks like it’s the official Nintendo guide book: link

Anonymous said on Feb. 2, 2014

actually, the save thing happened to me before. I started a game, got all the way up to the second sanctuary dungeon, and my friend and I decided to go take a break and go to the pool. About 4 hours later, we came back and played some more. At this point, we had abround 8 hours of game play and the game was continially running (I left it on while we went to the pool). I saved and called it a night. Next morning, I turned the game on and my file was deleted. I always figured it was because I left the game on for too long that the cartridge glitched or something. It made me think that maybe that was the reason your dad calls every so often and tells you to take a break, it’s the game’s way of warning you something bad could happen to your save file if you play too long.

steinmitz said on Feb. 2, 2014

Thank you, James, and thank you, Mato, for the link! I appreciate it!

Tyson said on Feb. 3, 2014

For the D-Frag one, it’s most likely a reference to both Dragon Quest AND Earthbound. Also no, it’s not the show that had all of the Nintendo/SEGA characters in it.

neonix said on Feb. 6, 2014

For anyone who’s curious about the Onett Arcade sounds from “Sheriff”, it’s the sound effect that plays when the pink goose thing flies by. Listen here: http://youtu.be/DUPaB0zizoI?t=1m19s

DJMankiewicz said on Feb. 7, 2014

I once had Donkey Kong Country 3 convinced it was pirated (it seems it shows the game over screen with anti-piracy warnings). Again, turning the system off and back on seems to have resolved it. Very weird.

joe said on Feb. 15, 2014

Annnd I hope my update about Ness being in my upcoming [hopefully] game about my Sonic fancharacter will be in the next mini update megathon.

Gooptek said on Feb. 15, 2014

@joe, that sounds interesting. Anywhere where I can get more info on that?

??? said on Feb. 24, 2014

How long until a Cease-and-Desist shuts down Mother 1+2+3?

2Jaded said on Feb. 26, 2014

@???, I doubt it will. The Mother 4 fan game is still going on and it’s been a fair amount of time since the trailer was released along with a good amount of coverage on gaming sites. So if that hasn’t been C&D by Nintendo by now I really doubt this will too. Plus, Mother 1+2+3 is already done it just needs a few tweaks in the menu since it was redesigned.


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