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Tips for Buying EarthBound

December 1st, 2013 | EarthBound, Events

Yesterday was Day 2 of the EarthBound Bash and so many things happened that I can’t remember it all!

Marcus Lindblom, the localization director of EarthBound, joined us at the Fangamer office!

I asked him about a variety of localization changes he made in the game. He even chatted briefly about other interesting topics, such as his time working on Star Fox 2!

PoeTrader and I made a bunch of food for everyone to try out, including actual fuzzy pickles, strawberry tofu, and trout yogurt! The results were surprisingly positive!


We also defeated a Dept. Store Spook piñata and a Kraken piñata!


We auctioned a ton of stuff off for the Speak Your Silence charity – and things took an entertaining turn when bidders started forming bidding teams to outbid each other!

We got to chat with Anthony Carboni! Free indie rapid fire!

The Fobbies are Borange guys got together and chatted about their memories of the FaB show, where they are now, and they promised to do another get-together reunion thing at another time. I hope it’s soon!

We got to see a preview of the upcoming (and amazing-looking!) Ridgway Films EarthBound episodes and got to chat with them!

We had lots of Skype calls!

Lots of live music!

Even more wacky bizarre stuff from the official MOTHER 2 novel was revealed! Just wait until the end of the novel though!

We had a gigantic pizza unexpectedly appear in the office 😯

Ben Bizzle, the guy who thought up the whole “For James” charity auction, joined us in the office and shared his story and gave more details about everything!

We had folks filming us for part of the upcoming EarthBound documentary!

And more that I honestly can’t remember anymore 😯

OH THAT’S RIGHT, this happened:

ss (2013-11-30 at 09.49.39)

We did it! We raised $5000 in the two days, so Reid had to wear the creepy Starman body suit! My job as an EarthBound webmaster is now over


Anyway, today is the last day of the bash, so be sure to tune in! Today’s schedule is so packed that it makes the last two days look like slimy little piles. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Far From Subtle/Video Games Awesome guys, seeing Marcus play EarthBound almost 20 years since he last seriously played it, and seeing how the For James charity auction goes!

That’s right, this Itoi-autographed EarthBound (which is a complete set, by the way) is going up for auction tonight!


If you’re not sure what this For James charity auction stuff or this Itoi cartridge is all about, here’s the video that explains it:

So be at the EarthBound Bash today! It begins at noon Pacific time, 3 PM Eastern, and ☢ AM Mr. Saturn time!


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10 Comments to The Final Day of the EarthBound Bash is Today!

starman0 said on Dec. 1, 2013

Can’t wait 😀

Ness1985 said on Dec. 1, 2013

Seeing Reidman in that Starman outfit was well worth it LMAO!

Pengo said on Dec. 1, 2013

Did anybody level up or obtained a item after beating the Dept. Store Spook piñata and a Kraken piñata? (Copy and Pasted)

2Sang said on Dec. 1, 2013

Tomato you are ruling the internet right now

357 said on Dec. 1, 2013

#EB0Bash 😛 /

broomweed said on Dec. 1, 2013

Oh man I just finished watching this. So glad I was able to tune in for the last day, it was a lot of fun.

Ring064 said on Dec. 1, 2013

I don’t know, I thought strawberry tofu would be nice, was that just me??

Mato said on Dec. 2, 2013

I can’t believe it’s over, the last few days are a huge blur

Mac said on Dec. 3, 2013

How much did the complete set sell for?

Mato said on Dec. 3, 2013

The winning bid was $5000+, and since it was a cut-throat auction it actually went for about $13,000 total.


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