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Tips for Buying EarthBound

December 28th, 2013 | EarthBound, Images, Merchandise

A week or two ago I posted about a new set of MOTHER 2 merchandise that was planned to be released in Japan – some MOTHER 2 figure straps. Well, they’ve finally been unleashed to the public, and here’s some info and pics!

First up is a picture and an e-mail from Japanese super-collector Koala!

o0800106712795726739 DSC_2128

As you can see, these are the kinds of collectibles you get from a machine – and you never know for sure which ones you’ll get, so you gotta keep trying if you want to collect them all. You can find lots more info (in Japanese) and pics on Koala’s page here.

Next up, a reader by the name of Fukuokaman posted some info and pics too:

If you don’t live in Japan but would like to add these to your collection, I’m sure they’ll start popping up on eBay at some point, or if you’d rather buy from people in Japan, there are plenty of resellers on Amazon Japan – see here!


It’s always cool when new MOTHER 2 stuff is released, I just hope eventually they’ll start making new MOTHER 3 stuff – that’d be a real treat!


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28 Comments to MOTHER 2 Figure Straps Released!

PSIness93 said on Dec. 28, 2013

ohhh these are awesome!!! too bad Amazon JP won’t ship these to me… :/

MagikoopaMaster said on Dec. 28, 2013

Gonna take a guess and say we won’t get any EarthBound straps over here will we? Lucky Japanese…

Chivi-chivik said on Dec. 28, 2013

Aaaaah! Me want! >_<~ Why that kind of stuff never gets in Europe?! ;_;

BTW, MOTHER 3 needs official artworks ASAP. It was both funny and sad seeing that in SSBB MOTHER 3 stickers were just sprites.

LucasPSI said on Dec. 28, 2013

Oh come on! Where the Mother 3 merch??? Mother 1 and 2 has figurines, novel adaptions, strategy guides! The Mother 3 characters don’t even have official character designs or clay models! It’s not fair! 🙁

Mother2fan said on Dec. 28, 2013

Oh god , I wish I could order from amazon Japan! They’re SO cheap! I NEED EB merch Nintendo, and I don’t want pay stupid prices! Release them in the U.S! I really hope they’re cheap on Ebay…

Mother2fan said on Dec. 28, 2013

Alright, they’re on Ebay now, and the average price for 1 is $14 and $70 for the whole set. Still, compared to the prices on amazon japan, it’s criminal.

Ebisa said on Dec. 29, 2013

I may have just impulse bought the Jeff strap. Didn’t mean to do that.

Al said on Dec. 29, 2013

I’m almost tempted to find a middleman for it…
I’m not paying 70 dollars for these cute things.
It can’t be worse than 70 to import them.

Pigmask Private said on Dec. 29, 2013

Ordered a full set! Paid a bit more than I really wanted to but I don’t want to risk these going up in price over time.

2Sang said on Dec. 29, 2013

Someone want to buy me 1….000….sets?

misterdigi said on Dec. 29, 2013

inner child is bursting out. need mother 2 straps.

2Sang said on Dec. 29, 2013

@pigmask private
Probably a good idea. $70 for all 7 isn’t a horribly bad deal, even if these were just mario or zelda gashapon items. Probably 5 years from now they’ll run at least $20-30 a piece.

LEGOdude5715 said on Dec. 29, 2013

Why do they need to be so expensive?? Why can’t Amazon Japan ship them over to the US?? D:

Anonymous said on Dec. 29, 2013

Does anyone know the approximate weight of these figures? I need it to calculate shipping.

Mac said on Dec. 30, 2013

How much are these retailing for?

adelinax said on Dec. 30, 2013

anyone know how long these kinds of things usually remain on sale in the machines?

Prayer For Safety said on Dec. 30, 2013

The individual figures are also for preorder. I think I know what my gift cards going to be used for 🙂 http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=earthbound%20figures

snesdude7 said on Dec. 30, 2013

I just ordered a set with Ness, Jeff, Paula, Poo and Mr. Saturn for a little too much… But it was the cheapest set I could find!

Ghost of Fukuokaman said on Dec. 30, 2013

If you guys want, I’d be willing to undercut Amazon a little and sell some to you guys as a sort of underground railroad if you will. Comment with an email address if you’re interested and we can work something out.

dengar said on Dec. 31, 2013

Was in Osaka’s Den Den town and didn’t see the machines, just stores selling figures. Anyone able to tell me where they have seen or heard of a machine?

Mr. Tenda said on Dec. 31, 2013

Ugh, just preordered the set from Amazon.com. I really am turning into a MOTHER fanatic…

snesdude7 said on Jan. 1, 2014

Here’s a link to the page on the Takara Tomy site: http://www.takaratomy-arts.co.jp/items/item.html?n=Y812262

Mr. Tenda said on Jan. 2, 2014

Omg, the figure set on Amazon went up $20 since I preordered. Man, I guess this truly is the power of Earthbound Central in action.

Arekou said on Jan. 3, 2014

Wouldn’t it be funny if they started to be relased in America too? I am asking too much but could happen considering the success of the earthboud re-relase 😛

Peeved off Porkey said on Jan. 3, 2014

Dang it. Just got on Amazon and now they’re out of Ness, Poo, and Paula figures. On top of that the complete set is now $20 more than it was a couple days ago.

These are freakin capsle toys, there shouldn’t be this kind of price gouging.

kirbysuperstar97 said on Jan. 15, 2014

I purchased Jeff and Poo from a seller on Amazon for $6 each. I really wanted Ness, but I’m not paying $20 for a single strap.


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