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Tips for Buying EarthBound

December 20th, 2013 | EarthBound, Smash Bros., Videos

I’m still catching up on my EarthBound e-mails! Morgil sent me this e-mail a while back about the Angry Video Game Nerd:

I’m sure a lot of people know about the Angry Video Game Nerd show, which reviews old bad video games. However, the creator and star, James Rolfe, also does numerous other game and movie based videos on his site Cinemassacre.com. One of these other video series is one where he and friend Mike Matai just site around and casually play some game while talking about random stuff.

In the latest video, they were playing Smash Bros. Melee, and towards the end when they were fighting on the Onett stage, they started talking a bit about their own personal memories of Earthbound. In particular, James did some comparing of the game’s battle system to other SNES RPG’s at the time. It was pretty interesting to hear their brief thoughts on the ol’ SNES gem

And here’s that part in the video:

James/the AVGN has never really commented much on EarthBound before, aside from maybe this, so this was a neat surprise! I also hear that EarthBound is a regular request he gets for AVGN videos – and in a way I think it could fit really well if he played with the whole “this game stinks” and “talking piles of vomit” angle the game has 😛

In fact, when I read this I can totally hear the Nerd saying it:

And I also wanna get the Awesome Video Games guys to do an EarthBound Zero episode someday!


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14 Comments to James “AVGN” Rolfe Talks Earthbound

kevinchai said on Dec. 20, 2013

Hearing him talk about how the store just says “Drug Store” makes me want to see him react to the store later on in the game that just says “DRUGS”

KingMike said on Dec. 20, 2013

Let’s not mention EB guides eaten by dogs. 🙁

snesdude7 said on Dec. 21, 2013

Ace and Chet could play EarthBound ’cause they have a SNES now!

doesnt_matter said on Dec. 21, 2013

He mentions the earthbound scratch n’ sniff ads in his “nintendo power” review too.

Mato said on Dec. 21, 2013

Yeah, I mentioned/linked to that in the post.

edgethelucas said on Dec. 21, 2013

I guess the battle system’s first person perspective turned him off somewhat, but oh well. And I can totally get what you’re saying, his voice IS appropriate to read that, lol.

2Sang said on Dec. 22, 2013

I remember when he was king of youtube. I actually like his film reviews almost as much as his video game rants. He should have much more support from guys like pewdiepie and jontron, who owe their existence to him.

Jantran said on Dec. 23, 2013


“He should have much more support from guys like […] jontron”

Implying that JonTron didn’t sing his praises every other episode when he was on Game Grumps.

Ring064 said on Dec. 23, 2013


Jon does mention in one of his episodes that his show is basically a combination of Avgn and Spoony so…. yeah that is a thing… not sure about game grumps though…. I don’t have enough time to start watching each episode now, but I do tune into a couple every now and then. they would of mentioned james and Avgn SOMEWHERE. theres quite a lot of stuff…

not sure about Pewds thought…. id say if he was asked about it, he would proably make a video and thank everyone. maybe he already has and we don’t know about it.

Plus, the roast of the Avgn is just hilarious! give it a watch! its quite a bit of fun to watch but there isn’t really any sign of mike which is a little sad…( from what I rember, I watched it ages ago…)

another thing, if every reviewer just praised Avgn in every review or whenever they can, people would get quite sick of listning to it.to much advertisement can get haters quite quickly…which would really suck and start a war of Avgn haters and lovers which would eventually destroy eagleland and you get the point.

doesnt_matter said on Dec. 23, 2013

Oh well, I missed the tiny one-word link!

2sang said on Dec. 23, 2013

Cool guys never heard of the roast I’ll have to check it out

Rikkgina said on Dec. 25, 2013

I don’t think AVGN will make an Earthbound Episode, because he only plays “shitty” games and Earthbound is definitely not one.

Mr. Carpainter said on Mar. 22, 2014


he made an episode about super Mario Bros. 3 though…


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