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Tips for Buying EarthBound

December 24th, 2013 | EarthBound

Lots of fans messaged me and e-mailed me yesterday about Nintendo’s latest online survey – one of the questions is about your favorite boss character, and Giygas is on there:


It’s kind of neat because lots of other, more well-known bosses could’ve been included instead. In any case, if you wanna vote Giygas in for president or whatever, check out the survey here!

Thanks to everyone who let me know about this!


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18 Comments to Giygas in Nintendo’s Latest Survey

sm said on Dec. 24, 2013

That’s a weird survey. Are you sure it’s official?
“Is your body ready?”

Stuffgamer1 said on Dec. 24, 2013

@sm: I was directed to the survey from one of Nintendo’s official Facebook pages last night…so I’ma go with yes, it’s official. Absurd, but official. 😛

I just KNEW this was gonna get an article here as soon as I saw Giygas on that question, too. 😀

Pengo said on Dec. 24, 2013

Saturn Table is the way I would travel.

2Sang said on Dec. 24, 2013

done, and voted for Ness as fav character and Paula as favorite princess

Ronald said on Dec. 24, 2013

The whole poll was fine until the end. I was told to choose my location “US or Canada?”. Dang it, Nintendo, so Malaysia is not a country? Funny how Japan is not in there as well.

Someone Else said on Dec. 24, 2013

I like it better when a boss is always available to take damage, rather than it being a set sequence of actions. Zelda games are the worst in this regard, as ny givena boss is usually just hitting an eyeball, hitting a hand, ooh he’s stunned, now go up and sword him for a bit! repeat twice more. …. It’s cool, but it just feels redundant having to do the same sequence three times.
I prefer stuff like Mega Man or Castlevania, where you just have to constantly dodge stuff and the boss will always be open to take damage whenever you’re in a good position to attack.

My favourite bosses are ones that have unexpected reactions to the player’s actions. For example, Freeze Man in Mega Man 7. If you just stand there, he’ll just wait for you to make the first move, and will start taunting and beckoning at Mega Man until you do something. And if you hit him with his own weapon, the Freeze Cracker, he’ll stop the action, strike a pose and heal a bit of his health. Freeze man is…so cool.

In Mr Gimmick for NES, the final boss is some kind of Dracula lookalike. He teleports and shoots projectiles, just like in Castlevania. But, after three hits, he throws off the robe to reveal that he is some kind of lightsaber-weilding astronaut ninja. If you die against him, he will drop his fighting stance, turn around and slowly walk away in a sort of “well that’s that, then” manner. It caught me off guard when I saw it for the first time… I really have to admire how much personality they put in this fight, and the entire game for that matter. 😀
Mr Gimmick is my number one favourite NES game!

But neither of those games are Nintendo games, huh. Hmmmmm…. I guess Gohdan from Wind Waker was pretty cool, huh. Who else..? I guess I always liked Master Hand and Crazy Hand…But the first Nintendo boss in a long while that legit impressed me was the Quaggled Mireclops. It felt like it was so big and destructive with its harsh, crashing movements and giant rotating tongue. It’s so easy to let it crush and/or devour your entire Pikmin army, however, just like everything else in the game, there’s always proper strategy to get through without a scratch. Good job on that one, Nintendo!

Someone Else said on Dec. 24, 2013

^typo, “any given boss”

Slab Lab said on Dec. 25, 2013

Hey I put Saturn table as best way to travel also! I also put princess Kumatora as the princess I would save

Ninten1 said on Dec. 25, 2013

Giygas for president 2014!

MagikoopaMaster said on Dec. 25, 2013

I was really surprised to see Giygas was one of the answers they put. Also said Ness was my favorite Nintendo character!

Ring064 said on Dec. 25, 2013

@ Pengo and Slab Lab

I also said the Saturn Table was the best way to travel! shame I didn’t think of having Kumatora as a princess I would save… DAMIT….I did mention mother 3 all over the place like in the section of what games I wanted, I just said mother 3 for both systems. LOL if reggie read that….

EightMelodies said on Dec. 25, 2013

Can someone send me the link to this test?

neonix said on Dec. 26, 2013

Oh boy, here it cooooomes… The next PK Seige! If they get enough votes for Gigyas, maybe that will mean an EarthBound remake for Wii U!

…Ahahah, so blatantly joke… but so actually slight hopeful…

neonix said on Dec. 26, 2013

And Nintendo of America really likes playing along with the Reggie meme, so it’s not surprising to see that question in their survey.

Green said on Dec. 26, 2013

When i got to the “Is your body ready?” question i lost it.

Justin said on Dec. 26, 2013

I put in the Runaway Five bus as my favourite mode of transport, but Giygas just can’t beat Bowser.

SuperMage said on Dec. 27, 2013

@2Sang Me too,but I felt like I should’ve put Ninten as my fav

Ring064 said on Dec. 27, 2013


this survey was probably aimed at the America region over the European/Asian/Oceania region. that’s maybe why there was none of those options…

with the question of ” is your body ready” I say this.
KAIO-KEN TIMES 1,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( insert a pic of me with a whole load of awesome and that awesome hair)

SO would you like to ask the question again simple mortals? BWHAAAAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!


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