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October 19th, 2013 | Images, MOTHER 3

Since this seems to be Unofficial Reference Week here at EB Central, here’s another possible reference, this time a MOTHER 3 one in Pokemon X & Y. Dylankernou writes:

So in Pokemon X and Y in “Shalour City” I noticed what I assume to be a Mother 3 reference in the Pokemon Center, a punk NPC gives out the follow text: “I’ve been playing this sweet game recently, you play as this cool little dude who runs around and whacks enemies to the beat of the music!” I found this to be a neat little nod to Mother 3, however I also feel that this was added in by the translator, who also included memes and the like, still nice to see Mother 3 not being left out on remembrance eh?

And here’s the line in question:


It’s vague enough that it could be referencing a lot of things (or nothing in particular), so although I’m not 100% sure it’s a MOTHER 3 reference I have heard that these latest Pokemon localizations have references to other games in them. Is that true? I haven’t been paying much attention, so maybe I’m thinking of something else.

I do hope it’s a MOTHER 3 reference though!


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26 Comments to MOTHER 3 Reference in Pokemon X and Y?

TheFakePsychic said on Oct. 19, 2013

That isn’t Mother 3, that’s a reference to HarmoKnight, the previous game released by Game Freak.

SgtMettool said on Oct. 19, 2013

Pretty sure this is a reference to HarmoKnight, which is another game by Game Freak:


delectabit said on Oct. 19, 2013

It’s definitely a reference to Harmo Knight, but it’s so vague that it totally makes sense people would think it’s talking about Mother 3. I really wish it was.

Jaryl said on Oct. 19, 2013

Ah, I dunno, I think it’s a reference to HarmoKnight, a different game by Game Freaks, where you do exactly that. Beat up enemies in tune to the music playing in the background.

Melissa said on Oct. 19, 2013

I totally thought this was a reference to M3 when I saw it in the game. Later on there’s another NPC who begins by saying “boing boing!” which also made me smile.

Stuffgamer1 said on Oct. 19, 2013

Of COURSE they meant HarmoKnight…this isn’t even the first time Game Freak has self-referenced in a Pokemon game. Heck, first-gen had the reference to Mario & Wario, which Game Freak developed. It just went over a lot of peoples’ heads out West because the game wasn’t released here.

Mato said on Oct. 19, 2013

Cool, thanks for the info, guys! I had a feeling it wasn’t a Mother 3 reference, that HarmoKnight game sounds like what it’s referring to.

Poe said on Oct. 19, 2013

Shoot, I even played the HarmoKnight demo a few times. That’s totally it!

Someone Else said on Oct. 19, 2013

There’s a reference to the Dragon Ball “over 9000” meme in Pokémon X and Y too. One of the incidental trainer fights against a ‘Psychic’ trainer says “your power level must be over 9000” (or something like that) as their defeat message.

Some Canadian Fellow said on Oct. 19, 2013

Probably a Harmonknight reference, but who knows? Maybe Creatures Inc. was fooling around here with Gamefreak? They did help make some Pokemon games.

V-King said on Oct. 19, 2013

I’m 100% certain that this is a HarmoKnight reference. Cross promotion and stuff like that.

Also HarmoKnight is friggin’ awesome. Everybody should play it.

Claus said on Oct. 19, 2013

It’s kinda vague though, it COULD be a reference to both.

PSILucas said on Oct. 19, 2013

Aw. I was hoping this was a hint to a MOTHER3 release in America, but looking back on it, it’s probably just a reference to HarmoKnight. Q~Q

EpicJackman said on Oct. 19, 2013

You Ninja’d me to it, Someone Else!

b said on Oct. 19, 2013

its harmoknight

Jdaster64 said on Oct. 19, 2013

Didn’t think it was terribly likely to be a reference, but MOTHER 3 definitely crossed my mind when I saw that bit of dialogue.

SuperStarman said on Oct. 20, 2013

Its gotta be harmoknight. It released before x and y. The whole point of that running and hitting to the beat of the music.

Anonymous said on Oct. 20, 2013

I didn’t think of Mother 3 at all when I saw this. It’s obviously referencing HarmoKnight.

Justin said on Oct. 20, 2013


Elise said on Oct. 20, 2013

Harmoknight or not, its still vague enough to sorta kinda be a reference right? I don’t think Pokemon has ever done an overt Mother reference but there is always Black&White’s surf theme and N’s farewell songs. Right?

BusterTheFox said on Oct. 21, 2013

I am 100% sure this is a HarmoKnight reference, since that game was also made by GameFreak. I remember that line. xD There’s also a psychic in the game who mentions how you and your Pokemon’s power levels are “over 9000 for sure” when you beat him. God, I love this game. No actual Mother references so far, though.

K+ said on Oct. 21, 2013

It’s most definitely HarmoKnight.

Later on, on Victory Road a trainer mentions that “his body is ready”

LK said on Oct. 25, 2013

It could be both. Pokemon Black and White had musical references to Mother 3 (as well as thematic similarities), so the line being vague could very well be intentional.

gp said on Oct. 27, 2013

this is a reference to rayman legends

KarjamP said on Dec. 14, 2013

The musical sections of Rayman Legends doesn’t constitute the entire gameplay as HarmoKnight and Mother3’s battle system, gp.


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