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September 10th, 2013 | EarthBound, Hacking, MOTHER 1, Videos

After teasing the date 9/9 for a while, Mr. Tenda posted a video of the in-progress MOTHER remake hack, showcasing a train ride from one town to another:

MAN, that’s impressive! The team’s doing some amazing work 😯

If you’ve never seen it before, here’s how the train ride looks and sounds in the original game:

If you want to keep an eye on this remake project and stay super up-to-date, this is the place to watch!


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18 Comments to MOTHER Remake Train Demonstration

deshayzilla said on Sep. 10, 2013

This is just so cool! I can’t wait to play this hack. 2013 is really turning into the year the earth stood Bound!

Esper said on Sep. 10, 2013

So happy about this.

Mr. Minch said on Sep. 10, 2013

As good as this looks, I’m not crazy about the way it sounds. It seems like for most of the songs they’re using the generic “trumpet” sound that EarthBound uses so much of, but here its not put to very good use. The original song has a distinctly 50’s blues-rock vibe to it…think the Retro Hippie theme. There’s so many sounds at their disposal in the EarthBound sound engine…I know it can’t be easy making these remixes, but just a little “EarthBound trumpet” goes a long way.

mac said on Sep. 10, 2013

Awesome! I never played mother 1 but this looks a lot of fun. Good work.

MagikoopaMaster said on Sep. 10, 2013

this remake is really looking good!

misterdigi said on Sep. 10, 2013

I’m ready to play this. Hurry the hell up.

Nicho said on Sep. 10, 2013

I don’t mean to be Mr. Critique, but I feel the train looks like it needs to be slimmer and wider, to seem like an express. The first game made it feel like you were going very fast in an express train that may even put a monorail to shame, the remake seems to be the Bus ‘remodeled’ to be a chubby train with a song that seems fast, while it goes at a slightly faster-than-walking speed. I hope the final product will seem better, I am amazed at how much progress has been made and can’t wait for it’s release….what will it be released as? (SNES Rom?, A seperate program all together?)

Ballz said on Sep. 10, 2013

An .ips file to patch to an unhacked Earthbound rom, most likely. They might include a custom-made ips patching program, but that shouldn’t be required.

Jungyin said on Sep. 10, 2013

I always got the impression that the original track tried to work “train-like sounds” into it’s tune. Like, parts of the intro kind of sound like a station bell going off (at 4:58 and 5:02 in the second video) and I was a bit disappointed they used the “Earthbound trumpet” Mr. Minch talked about for those parts in the redone one.

Mr. Minch said on Sep. 11, 2013

@ Jungylin

Good point! It does sound like it was either intended to be the station bell or a train whistle.

Chivi-chivik said on Sep. 11, 2013

Woah. Just woah. I’m totally playing this. It looks amazing!
The song’s just okay, however. I agree with both Mr. Minch and Jungylin. But I’m getting this remade soundtrack anyway.

H.S said on Sep. 11, 2013

I’m not so sure about the “slightly faster-than-walking” part. The train moves 228% normal walking speed, or 156% the speed of EB’s bus. To put it in perspective, it moves faster than pretty much everything in Earthbound except the Sky Runner.

Also, keep in mind that Earthbound’s total map space is only about 1/3 the size of Mother 1’s map, so the areas had to be scaled down appropriately. This train route is designed to take you from the station to Snowman in the same amount of time as in Mother 1, which is the amount of time it takes to play the song one full time.

Some Canadian Fellow said on Sep. 11, 2013

It looks like it’s coming along great!

misterdigi said on Sep. 11, 2013

Everybody’s opinion is valid. I’m just happy to have another earthbound game to play. It looks pretty swell to me.

EBisumaru said on Sep. 11, 2013

Looking awesome. Can’t freaking wait. 😀

BusterTheFox said on Sep. 15, 2013

Looks like they edited the bus system to get this. Pretty efficient! I agree that the music sounds a bit lacking, but then, this particular track is pretty much everyone’s favorite track from Mother from what I’ve seen, so I think we might be holding it up to slightly higher standards than other tracks these guys have remade. It would be great to see the track updated a bit, but I would be fine with it being in the final game.

I won’t know what to do with myself if this ends up coming out around the same time as Mother 4.

game4brains said on Apr. 4, 2014

Can’t wait to re-live the best Famicom game I’ve ever played!


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