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August 26th, 2013 | EarthBound

An old trick that most crazed EarthBound fans know about is the Shattered Man Glitch – basically, there are two Shattered Man enemies in the Summers museum, but if you keep one alive until the end of the game, it’ll still be there even after you defeat Giygas. If you then let it kill you, the game will glitch up and freeze and such.

Anyway, a reader by the name of Shugey recently sent me this e-mail about the glitch:

I imagine most people know about the Shattered Man glitch where you leave one alive and then get killed by it after defeat Giygas, causing the game to endlessly loop text. Except that isn’t actually what happens. You actually eventually return to the map, and if you can manage to go back down stairs with the black screen, you are able to still walk around despite being unconscious. The graphics are distorted for a bit, but return to normal.


This is really cool! Although, similar to the Circus Tent glitch, I think results might vary depending on all sorts of factors beyond the player’s control, so it might or might not work for you. But if it does work for you, or if you try it out and it does something wacky and new, let me know in the comments!


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11 Comments to Shattered Man Glitch in EarthBound

resetsurvivor said on Aug. 26, 2013

I did this on the Wii U version and yeah I was able to get out of the black screen and walk around. Ness and Paula (if you have her) are still ghosts. All the graphics inside the museum were glitched but as soon as I left the museum everything was back to normal.

EpicJackman said on Aug. 26, 2013

We have been deceived for so long…

Justin said on Aug. 26, 2013

resetsurvivor: Did you most any screens to Miiverse?

Chivi-chivik said on Aug. 26, 2013

I don’t know if I should be scared or amazed.

357 said on Aug. 26, 2013

End the game dead 😛

Mariotti said on Aug. 29, 2013

Cool! That is all….

numba10 said on Aug. 30, 2013

Hey, when I first did the shattered man glitch, I accidentally did what you wrote in the article, but I didn’t tell anyone… 😀

game4brains said on Mar. 14, 2014

How long does it take to return to the world?

Valerie said on Mar. 14, 2014

@game4brains You don’t. It crashes, you can’t access the file again unless you reset as far as I know.

Valerie said on Mar. 14, 2014

-looks at above post- Sorry, I meant that it would take extremely long. So, most people would just reset thinking it was gone. I doubt anyone knows.

game4brains said on Mar. 17, 2014

@Valerie If someone had all the time in the world, they could time the glitch to see how long it takes.


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