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August 15th, 2013 | EarthBound, Images

The other day I posted about Tim Schafer playing EarthBound for the first time… and apparently the gold mine part was tough enough to navigate that he had to draw his own old-school map:

Man, it’s really cool to see such a famous game designer getting this into EarthBound!

Actually, in response to this tweet I mentioned that EarthBound’s creator isn’t against someone taking over the series… Even if it’d never happen in a million years I wonder what that’d be like. Maybe instead of a Japanese person’s view of America, it could be an American’s view of Japan.

Oh well, at least I feel a little less bad for always getting lost in the gold mines too 😛


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21 Comments to Getting Lost in EarthBound’s Gold Mine

Ness1985 said on Aug. 15, 2013

Earthbound brings out the passion in people, PASSION! 😀

Sat said on Aug. 15, 2013

What? Tim? Aren’t you using the Player’s Guide ??

EnnuiKing said on Aug. 15, 2013

The stretch from the Gold Mine to the Monotoli Building is definitely the hardest part of the game, I gave up on one of my earliest attempts at a playthrough during Moonside. Major props to Mr. Schafer for kicking it old-school with a hand-made map as opposed to going to Starmen or Gamefaqs.

TragicManner said on Aug. 15, 2013

Wow, the smile I got when I saw that map! So many memories about that mine just flooded right in as I looked over the familiar layout.

Makes me want to sit down and make a tiny randomly generated mine exploring game based on the Mother series 😀

Flint said on Aug. 15, 2013

That would be awesome a Mother game that would be a disorted view of Japan of an American designer. Or maybe just Tim Shafer can make a adventure game with that theme.

StevenXC said on Aug. 15, 2013

Link to tweet?

FlyingManCourage said on Aug. 15, 2013

Most hilariously drawn in crayon.

I feel like he sorta did this for the fun of it, also. I doubt he doesn’t know he can view the player’s guide on his gamepad and the crayon is just too silly.

joe said on Aug. 15, 2013

or it could be a british geeks view of america. wink wink

UbaNess said on Aug. 15, 2013

Dear sweet God I hope if anyone picks up the Mother franchise it’s Tim Schafer.

SunshineWaker said on Aug. 15, 2013

Wel, we always got the fan game Mother 4! They actually had a big update yesterday! http://www.mother4game.com/ Take a look, Tomato! It’s looking real neato! 😉

DJMankiewicz said on Aug. 15, 2013

Or Neil Gaiman. Both of them are tied as my first picks as Itoi replacements.

DJMankiewicz said on Aug. 15, 2013

Don’t know who Neil Gaiman is? Well, if you aren’t familiar with his books or comics, he’s currently making a game where you play as a ghost trying to scare away the living occupants of your “haunt”. I thought that’d get your attention.

bobsburgerking said on Aug. 15, 2013

glad he designs games better than he draws maps. he’s playing pikmin 3, too? class frickin’ act!

Chivi-chivik said on Aug. 15, 2013

Lots of us do such thing when playing RPGs :XD:

PD: I wouldn’t like to see an American version of Japan. I simply hate the world from the US point of view. >:P

Sam said on Aug. 15, 2013

That must feel way more accomplishing than just looking up an overview screenshot. Doing everything yourself is pretty awesome when you’re trying to overcome obstacles in games!

EBisumaru said on Aug. 15, 2013

Just got through this part. (For the tenth time, probably.) I find the key is to use the room with the Exit Mice and four exits to each of the cardinal directions as a reference point. Make sure you fully explore each section of the cave from there and you’re good to go.

EBisumaru said on Aug. 15, 2013

BTW, this no-equipment run isn’t as hard as it should be. PSI Freeze deals a LOT of damage. And PSI Rockin, while costly, also deals a lot. With the magic butterflies, I almost don’t even have to worry about running out of PP.

Chivi-chivik said on Aug. 16, 2013

That’s right. I remember defeating all of the moles with just PK Freeze Omega. It’s pretty easy actually. 🙂

Radiostorm said on Aug. 16, 2013

Reading his reactions to different points in the game makes me want to play EarthBound again. And I’ve played it so many times already. >.>


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