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Tips for Buying EarthBound

August 16th, 2013 | EarthBound

In a recent press release, Nintendo stated that EarthBound’s doing well on the Wii U Virtual Console:

EarthBound launched July 18 for the Virtual Console service on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U and is off to a great start. Only two eShop titles, New Super Luigi U and Pikmin 3, generated more consumer spend in the same time period since launch.

Not only that, it sounds like EarthBound is now ranked 9th on the North American Wii U eShop’s all-time best-selling list (whew that’s a mouthful)!


(Image courtesy of KingDarian/Starmen.Net)

Here’s hoping EarthBound keeps doing consistently well!


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21 Comments to EarthBound on Virtual Console “Off to a Great Start”

Chivi-chivik said on Aug. 16, 2013

I wonder which is its place in the European ranking…

Fuffelpups said on Aug. 16, 2013

In Europe EarthBound is now ranked 8th on the all-time best-selling list. Nice to see that EarthBound is doing so very well in the USA and Europe.

delectabit said on Aug. 16, 2013

It’s only been like a month and it’s already so high on the list!

GrapeEscape said on Aug. 16, 2013

It’s also worth while to note that almost IMMEDIATELY after Earthbound reached 9th place and surpassed Trine 2, Trine 2 went on sale for about half off. Those developers are really fighting for that #9 spot…

deshayzilla said on Aug. 16, 2013

I wonder if Nintendo has made up fro Earthbound’s so called flop when it was first released. I mean 200,000 copies x $9.99 each = $1,998,000. Thats just my estimate of how much it probably sold. I wish I could buy more copies or gift it to other Wii U users.

Ryan said on Aug. 16, 2013

Really wish they would now move it to the 3ds

aj the snipe said on Aug. 16, 2013

i second that ryan, i dont have a wiiu yet, but if i did i would buy it in a heartbeat, i do have a 3ds though… but i think the real question is, with the new virtual consol success of earthbound, will they try to see how mother 3 will fare?

Covarr said on Aug. 16, 2013

I hate to say it, but top ten isn’t a huge achievement on Wii U eShop, considering there’s not enough games on there period. That’s not to say it’s meaningless, because it definitely is not, but it’s not nearly the same as on another, larger service.

misterdigi said on Aug. 16, 2013

It’s only been a month. Let’s see where it is in 6 months.

WhatsHerFace said on Aug. 16, 2013

I’m so glad that so many people are buying it because it means that so many more people are getting to enjoy it when they might not have had the chance to before.

Silverbolt202 said on Aug. 16, 2013

Earthbound is also NOA’s best selling Wii U e shop title that was not for 30¢ at one point.

BAM said on Aug. 16, 2013

@Silverbolt202: Actually, it isn’t. If you were to remove all 7 of the games that were 30 cents at one point, it would be in second place behind Super Mario World.

GrapeEscape said on Aug. 16, 2013

Guys, EarthBound on 3DS is probably not going to happen until Wii U sales start to pick up, which will probably be this holiday season. There are already dozens of people ready to buy a Wii U just for EarthBound, and Nintendo’s going to keep it available on the Wii U eShop exclusively until pretty much everyone that wants it owns it.

Ness1985 said on Aug. 16, 2013

Is there any Super Nintendo games on the 3DS, no. So they aren’t going to put it on there. 3DS VC=GBA games, Wii U=Super Nintendo games. If they give us Mother 3, it’ll be on the 3DS.

Anonymous said on Aug. 17, 2013

On the 3DS, GBA VC games are only for ambassadors, they have no plans to sell them to everyone. On the Wii U they are announced to be released soon, for everyone.

That’s the plan, as long as Iwata and his crew doesn’t change their mind.

Fuffelpups said on Aug. 17, 2013

It’s interesting how NoA and NoE seem to handle these charts. In Eurpe the 30 Cent games don’t appear so high in the charts. They probably count them only after the sale. And Trine 2 is number 1 here.

Oli said on Aug. 18, 2013

Even better, it’s actually number one in the Australian chart!!!

Anonymous said on Aug. 18, 2013

It’s been #9 for a few weeks now. I bet it will take a while to reach #1 because my understanding is that all of the games it has to beat were the 30 cent ones.

GrapeEscape said on Aug. 18, 2013

@Anonymous Actually, Super Mario World is pretty high up there despite not being offered for 30 cents.

2sang said on Aug. 18, 2013

Sorry forgot to put in my name 2 comments ago
But most people only paid 1 buck to upgrade it

Anonymous said on Aug. 18, 2013

By any chance could we get a screencap of the ratings for Earthbound? It has 1487 ratings, and a solid 5 stars to boot… I’d like to see how many people rated it 5 stars…


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