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Tips for Buying EarthBound

August 1st, 2013 | EarthBound, Images

The other day I posted about how EarthBound was already ranked #2 on the Recent Best Selling list, behind Donkey Kong. Well, EarthBound has since taken the top spot!


Donkey Kong was apparently the reigning champion because it only cost 30 cents. But I guess it was still no match for EarthBound and its $10 price tag!

Also, EarthBound is currently ranked #10 in the North American all-time best sellers:


Different regions have different rankings – I’ve heard some folks say EarthBound is ranked #5 in their region’s all-time rankings. EarthBound’s Miiverse also seems to have a lot more followers than most other Virtual Console Miiverses. If so, that’s really cool – when I took a look at it the other day there was so much going on that even I was surprised! Man, EarthBound’s on a roll!

Also, thanks to KingDarian for the pics!


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66 Comments to EarthBound Moves Up the Charts

vowswithin said on Aug. 1, 2013

Its a beautiful thing. I wish we could see some hard numbers. I am curious if it will surpass the sales figures of when it was first released (or already has).

I believe I read in NA that number to be 120,000.

deshayzilla said on Aug. 1, 2013

It’s #9 for Wii U Virtual Console games! Also #2 for All non $.30 Virtual Console releases, only behind Super Mario World, which many people bought at a discount due to previously buying the game on the Wii Virtual Console. Also it’s the highest rated game by users on the Wii U eShop!

vowswithin said on Aug. 1, 2013

My bad 140,000 copies.

halloween said on Aug. 1, 2013

Oh my, I can’t help but think we’re on the way to an international release of Mother 3.

Captain Cab said on Aug. 1, 2013

Very cool!

Anonymous said on Aug. 1, 2013

In all honesty I don’t think Mother 3 will get a rerelease outside of Japan, since it never got translated officially. Now Mother I think has a chance.

man said on Aug. 1, 2013

Am I the only one who sees the enormous irony in Earthbound outselling Donkey Kong?

Anonymous said on Aug. 1, 2013


EpicJackman said on Aug. 1, 2013

I don’t get why people went that crazy for a Donkey Kong game. The GBC version was better.

EBMarcus said on Aug. 1, 2013

Kind of speechless… lived through the work, the reviews at release, seeing the game in the bargain bin, the intervening years, the calls from a vocal fan community, and now this. I have to say, better late than never. Thanks again to the über fans like Mato that have supported the game over the years (raises a glass).

Fuffelpups said on Aug. 1, 2013

In Europe the game started in the charts for overall sold units from rank 14 and now it’s number 11. And it’s holding since the release the rank 1 in the weekly charts. Sales seem to be pretty good.

deshayzilla said on Aug. 1, 2013

I think we need to start a campaign to get this game to #1 on the Best Seller List, not just the recent best sellers list.

Miles Vialpando said on Aug. 1, 2013

Very nice, EarthBound! It’ll be the first thing I will buy when I get a Wii U.

Douche McCallister said on Aug. 1, 2013

I have a good feeling about this. If Japan gets the other 2 Mother games. So will everyone else. 🙂

Vukadin said on Aug. 1, 2013

Now, let’s get EarthBound in the top five all-time sellers!

Claus said on Aug. 1, 2013

This is very nice to see

DJMankiewicz said on Aug. 1, 2013

I knew it would take the spot when Donkey Kong dropped back down to $5.00 (everyone here should know that Donkey Kong was only 30 cents for this month), but didn’t expect it to overtake it before then.

Be wary though. It’s a new month, and with that comes a new 30 cent game. I suspect that the new deal will overtake Earthbound for a good part of the upcoming month.

Nobleguy said on Aug. 1, 2013

Donkey Kong is the last game of the 30 cent deal, theres not gonna be anymore of that deal after that game.

FlyingManCourage said on Aug. 1, 2013

This was inevitable. It was clear that Earthbound would eventually take the #1 spot. The only question is how long will it remain there?

I’ll take this time to re-iterate my official prediction that Earthbound will continue to sell VERY well. It will sell so well that (and this is hard to believe for those of us around here) its popularity will INCREASE. As the popularity increases, pressure will continue to mount on Nintendo to release the other games (just the same as pressure continued to mount on Nintendo to release EB on VC) and they will eventually oblige their wallets and another Mother game will see the light of the day outside of Japan.

Please be aware the above is pure speculation based on no expertise whatsoever except for general gaming experience and decent logic/reasoning skills.

Justin said on Aug. 1, 2013

In a lot of ways, EarthBound demonstrates how well Miiverse can help sell a game. A game like EarthBound has so many “look at this!” moments that users share on Miiverse. Other users who don’t know the game see those, and they snowball until new people pick up the game, and the cycle continues.

I love Miiverse as a thing to have fun with, and I also love how it democratizes video game hype.

September said on Aug. 1, 2013

A beautiful sight. <3

domflo said on Aug. 1, 2013

Well, in contrast to Mr. Lindblom I haven’t been part of EB’s history for a long time, but even those few years ago when I first encountered the game I would have never imagined this to happen. It all seemed so unreal when the game was announced for WiiU’s VC as a surprise announcement in that one Nintendo Direct, and seeing it’s success on the WiiU really makes me happy for some reason. I wouldn’t even be mad at this point if the other games won’t be released, I’m just glad to be able to see EarthBound being available to many people (including me, as I was born in 1995 [and in Europe]) for the first time. Game on, people, game on!

Stuffgamer1 said on Aug. 1, 2013

Hard numbers would definitely be better, but I’m not TOO bothered about that. I already know that no matter what the game, only a relatively small percentage of users will actually bother to use Miiverse. Out of myself, my brother, and a couple friends of ours, I’m the only one who has posted on the EB community. So taking that COMPLETELY anecdotal evidence, the game is probably WELL on its way to 100k download sales by now…not to mention a few Wii U systems. And that’s just in America…remember, the Europe/Oceania Miiverse IS a separate entity, and it’s got almost as many posters as the American one.

It’s always good to see people put their money where their mouths are, ESPECIALLY on a game that required as much talking as this one did. I think Nintendo will have to be CRAZY not to wind up releasing the other games at some point. But I really hope they have the sense to remake the first one…nobody really wants to play it in its original NES form, I think. At least, not very many. 😛

UbaNess said on Aug. 2, 2013

Awesome! I’m glad Nintendo didn’t end up regretting their decision XD Also does make it seem like a Mother 3 release is somewhat feasible.

The Apple Kid said on Aug. 2, 2013

The only bad thing I see coming from this is A LOT of new fans that are exposed to the fetus theory (I really hate that theory). Nintendo might as well as take Mato up on his deal now. The only reason I say this is because it has more demand on Miiverse than Mother 1, and Miiverse is what got Earthbound on VC, so… yeah. But given the fact that Mother 1 is already officially translated, it would probably be Nintendo’s next move, but what do I know?

MiiverseMan said on Aug. 2, 2013

For anyone who has a WiiU, let this reignite the fighting spirit this fanbase had way back when we fought for Mother 3. THIS is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. Recently Tom, a Miiverse admin, asked in the Miiverse Announcements page why did EarthBound resonate with everyone throughout the years. Take advantage of this, and show the love we have for the game and ask for the other entries there and everywhere else you can. Every submission counts. ALl it takes is one day for them to scroll down and se e a plethora of gamers pleading, and others seeing others pleading snowballs into a miiverse riot where the page is soley people begging. THAT’S how we got EarthBound, and THAT’S how we can get Mother 1+3.

NESter said on Aug. 2, 2013


I want to play the or

NESter said on Aug. 2, 2013


I want to play the original MOTHER. People who are fans of the original MOTHER–and there are many of us–want to play it that way. Just because you don’t like it for whatever reason doesn’t mean the majority feel that way. People once complained about Earthbound looking like an NES game, too.

Douche McCallister said on Aug. 2, 2013

You guys, it’s ok.
One thing will determine which Mother game (if any) we get next. And that is whichever one hits Japan next on Wii U. The MiiVerse will explode the same way it did for Mother 2, and NOA will release / localize the game not only because EBs good sales, but because of the blown up MiiVerse.

the guy who wants the tarp said on Aug. 2, 2013

Finally! ive been checking everyday to see a change.

Gaffer Tape said on Aug. 2, 2013

EpicJackman: I don’t get why people went that crazy for a Donkey Kong game. The GBC version was better.

Probably because it’s such a historically significant game. It’s the port of the first game to feature Mario. It’s the first game that allowed Nintendo to get a foothold in America. It’s the game that launched Miyamoto Shigeru’s career. It might be blasphemous to say here, but, while I enjoy Mother 2 more, Donkey Kong is a much more significant game.

But I’m still excited to see that Mother 2 has topped the charts. As it should. Finally, the recognition it deserves.

DexterTheThird said on Aug. 2, 2013

^ Historically significant doesn’t mean much in this case, the NES version of Donkey Kong doesn’t even have all four levels in it, not to mention the other eShop releases its gotten on other platforms and its availability in Animal Crossing (GC). It’s pretty much a case of it being 30 cents.

That said, I wonder if Nintendo had this plan all along to withhold Earthbound’s VC release for a better time. Remember when we were clamoring for it on Wii? I can guarantee that if it were released back then we’d be getting none of this red carpet treatment, like the Miiverse communities, eShop advertising, dedicated social media space, positive press…it pretty much would’ve been as muted as any other classic RPG VC release like Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, etc. Maybe it’s giving Nintendo too much credit. Regardless, it’s great to hear it’s tracking well and I’m definitely hoping for an official translated release of Mother 3.

misterdigi said on Aug. 2, 2013

You know what? I’m not in the least bit surprised that it is number one. Not one bit. And if Nintendo wants to act like they are all surprised that it’s selling well, it’s a huge facade. They knew darn well it would sell. Absolutely knew. You can quote me.

Vukadin said on Aug. 2, 2013


Looks like you’re in the minority.

Some Canadian Fellow said on Aug. 2, 2013

Canada has different ranks.
It has 108 five star rating and 10 four star ratings, still second in recent best sellers and eleventh if I’m right in all time best sellers. 😀 For Canada, this is great. I might be getting Earthbound with the new 10$ thing and getting 5% back on Pikmin 3. ;U;

Stuffgamer1 said on Aug. 2, 2013

@Vukadin: On this comment thread, maybe. I usually only hear about how painfully dated Mother 1 is…that’s certainly my experience with the game. That’s why Mato made the easy ring patch, that’s why there have been SEVERAL attempts made by the fanbase to remake the game in various ways, most notably the current EarthBound hack project. Sure, there will always be people who like the original as it is…just like there were people who were happy to download the original Final Fantasy on VC even though many others are more than happy to play refined remakes instead.

In the end, if Nintendo releases it in any form, I’ll wind up buying it. But that doesn’t mean I’ll do so well at trudging through it. Might rather wait for that hack to be finished. Oh, and this is the most important point: You’re crazy if you think the majority of the NEW fans drawn in from Wii U VC will enjoy Mother 1 in its original form. It contains very little of what makes EarthBound great, particularly in the gameplay arena, and that’s sure to frustrate a LOT of people.

Vukadin said on Aug. 2, 2013


You remind me of the people that hated EarthBound’s graphics when it was first released.

I guess it’ll take 10, maybe 20 years until people properly play Mother 1 and stop having prejudice towards it.

A man can dream.

Joel said on Aug. 2, 2013

“You remind me of the people that hated EarthBound’s graphics when it was first released.

I guess it’ll take 10, maybe 20 years until people properly play Mother 1 and stop having prejudice towards it.”

It’s not the same thing. Mother’s gameplay is the reason it’s not widely liked, and it won’t be better or become retro-charming in 10 years.

Vukadin said on Aug. 2, 2013


Well, you’re certainly not helping, are you?

People are very ignorant on this subject. Quite a sad sight.

Mother 1 isn’t as bad as you make it ought to be. It’s one of the easier NES RPGs (this is without the easy ring), and is well just that – an RPG. A charming one at that. Different from the rest of the bunch. If you don’t like grinding, then you have no business playing RPGs.

I think when you play Mother 1 you have to imagine it this way: you’re a kid in the 80s who just got home from school. Your mom rented you some random game and so you decide to play it on your NES. What you find is a strange game, almost niche. But there’s a certain charm to it that draws you in.

That is the way to experience Mother 1 without any prejudice.

As Itoi himself stated in an interview: “I don’t expect Mother to be a masterpiece. It will likely have flaws and what-not. But I want to learn from those mistakes and make a better sequel. I made Mother with the intention of giving people something different: a modern setting. Not those fantasy-like ones in typical RPGs but rather your typical everyday life. The protagonist could be Japanese or American or whatever: it is up to the player to decide. This game means something to me, and I hope it means something to other people too.”

These, of course, weren’t his EXACT words (though I could do that if you wanted) but just basically a summary of all his interviews that I read regarding Mother 1.

Nostalgia for EarthBound/Mother 3 and hate bandwagons are what’s stopping people from experiencing this wonderful underrated NES gem.

Gaffer Tape said on Aug. 2, 2013

I agree with you, Vukadin, especially in regards to Mother being quite an easy NES-era RPG. I mean, has anyone who says it’s too hard ever played the original Final Fantasy? And I mean the original version, not these namby-pamby remakes. Now that’s a hard game. Aside from Duncan’s Factor, which is more tedious than hard, its difficulty level is really only in its occasional lack of direction, which anyone with a computer can overcome. While I do find that RPGs of that era don’t hold up as well as, say, platformers (I just don’t think the technology was there), I still find the first Mother game to be pretty fun.

Fuffelpups said on Aug. 2, 2013

EarthBound surpassed New Super Mario Bros. U and took his pot, now it is number 10 of the best sellers of all time. Go EarthBound, Go MOTHER 2, you are the best! (^_^)

ChronoMoogle said on Aug. 3, 2013

In such a short time. Wow!
If Earthbound manages to go up to place one of the alltime sellers after some time, things might finally shake nintendo up to produce a new entry, or (imo) even better, officially localize 1 and 3 and release a compilation for 3DS.

Joel said on Aug. 3, 2013

I probably sounded too harsh in my comment. I’m not saying there isn’t a charming game underneath, just the dated gameplay is a barrier to entry for a lot of people.

Porky Means Business said on Aug. 3, 2013

If Mother 3 DOES get localized due to the popularity of this, it better be on the 3DS and/or the Wii U.

Ness said on Aug. 3, 2013

Now all we have to do is wait for Mother 3 to get here.

Acetrainerbob said on Aug. 3, 2013


That is exactly my problem with the original Mother game. I am playing Mato’s translation, and my main issue with the game is the lack of direction. While I love the game for the open world and the encouragement for exploration, the beginning is a chore. The main issues I have with the game are,

A: The lack of direction
B: The outdated graphics.

To address issue B, while I am not normally a graphics junkie, the blandness of Mother’s color palette is somewhat of detractor to me. I understand it is an NES game, but many other NES RPGs were more colorful, or at least weren’t so barebones in their graphics. While I don’t mind simplistic graphics, a la Earthbound (or even the style of the original Mother), the lack of diversity is something I cannot deal with.

To reiterate, the lack of direction and unispired graphical direction (until it comes to battles) most likely turn off people. While many also argue that the game’s gameplay is a bore, they need to remember that it is the beginning of the franchise, a game that would introduce concepts yet not fully realize them. And it’s an 80’s RPG.

This is just my 2 cents, however repetitive my post may be.

Vukadin said on Aug. 3, 2013


To answer both of your points:

A: Lack of direction? Strange, because as far as I remember EarthBound had this EXACT SAME issue and yet absolutely NO ONE complained about it. “Hey, kid, go destroy the universal cosmic destroyer. 8 places something. Bye and have a great time.” Yeah, there WAS a hint guy but not many people knew about said hint guy. And seriously, praying for hope on the final boss? Who the F would have guessed it? If you find yourself lost without direction, simply explore some more or if you’re lazy consult an online guide. It’s not that hard, plus plenty of people before you beat Mother 1 with absolutely no guides so you have no excuse in that point.

B: Didn’t EarthBound have the same issue, and yet look at how praised it’s graphics are now? I think there’s a bit of biasement/bandwagon hate in this regard. If people learned to love EarthBound’s graphics, so will they learn to love Mother 1’s graphics. Or no, rather not it’s graphics but it’s charm. To learn to look past the visuals and find this beauty on the inside. I think the same thing happened with EarthBound, except a lot of people started to associate the graphics with the actual charm, out of nostalgia I presume. Let’s be honest: no one played EarthBound for the graphics.

Ask yourself this: if Mother 1 was truly a bad game, why is it so popular in Japan? Why don’t people there complain about the graphics and ‘lack of direction’? Is it because, heaven forbid, they experienced the game objectively and have absolutely no prejudice towards it!? Blasphemy!


It’s okay, I learned to cope with people who hate/dislike Mother 1.

Vukadin said on Aug. 3, 2013


My mistake.

Sam said on Aug. 3, 2013

The revolution begins!!

The Apple Kid said on Aug. 3, 2013

@Vukadin It sounds like you didn’t read his full post, making most of your points… pointless. A. He wasn’t really comparing it to Mother 2, so you brought that beast into the conversation. And, well he has a point. Getting into the game is the most difficult part, but when you do, it’s all worth it, which was basically his point.
B. You brought Earthbound in as a comparison to jump off of again, in fact he says he doesn’t mind Earthbound’s graphics because of the color and variety. So given that most NES games at the time were lacking in this department,(LoZ is a prime example)it would make sense that the original Mother falls into this.
Finally, your end-point sounded like it was being directed to someone who hates the game or thinks that it is bad, which is not apparent here, due to the fact that all he was doing was naming the games flaws, and as we all know, all games have flaws.

The Apple Kid said on Aug. 3, 2013

To reiterate on Point A, it isn’t as severe in Earthbound, where the towns are, for the most part, your only location until fulfilling your goal, where in Mother, it is completely possible to miss several melodies just because they require quite a bit of “going-out-of-the-way-ing” to find, (who the heck would think to bring a baby canary to a graveyard, then go behind one of the gravestones to get a melody, and who would pay a man $50 just to sing [this ends up getting Teddy added to your party]?!)

Vukadin said on Aug. 3, 2013

@The Apple Kid

The reason I’m bringing EarthBound into the conversation is because HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF.

People used to loathe ALL OVER EarthBound, and yet now it’s somehow loved.

People now loathe ALL OVER Mother 1, for the same reasons people before them loathed EarthBound.

History revisited.

I think you’re the one who completely misunderstood/misread my post.

The Apple Kid said on Aug. 4, 2013

@Vukadin, but they are hated for different reasons. If you look at old reviews of Earthbound the two biggest complaints are: A. The graphics are underwhelming for the SNES, never denoting that they are bad, just below par. This argument is different than a “lack of color.” B. The gameplay isn’t violent enough, which was not one of Acetrainerbob’s complaints about Mother 1 anyway. People are able to love Earthbound now because of nostalgia; because people grew up with it they like it better, and people who didn’t grow up with it either: A. Look for the good things people say, therefore overlooking it’s problems, or B. Give it a fair chance and make their on decision, “A” being the most common. Mother 1 didn’t get “The Nostalgia Factor,” so people are less likely to find somebody who can say many good things about it, therefore, have to form their own opinions and seeing the good and bad firsthand. Think, people love Pokemon Gen 1, but hate Gen 5 because of all the same reasons they love Gen 1: The Pokémon. The difference? They grew up with Gen 1, therefore float towards that game.

MasterOfTheCourt said on Aug. 4, 2013

Apple, Vudakin, just stop it. We all know that Mother 1 and Earthbound have flaws and strengths. They are both great games, So stop arguing, or Tomato is gonna have to lock the comments section again.

Anonymouse said on Aug. 4, 2013

Personally I’m going to refuse to believe any chance of any mother game (aside from EB) coming overseas legally… Unless Nintendo proves me wrong again. Until then I’ll put my shades on and eat ice cream.

@MotC: Did you get that name from The Evillious Chronicles? =O If so then lol hai I like the name…

Vukadin said on Aug. 5, 2013


Tomato has no reason to lock the comment section. We did not call each other names or launched any sort of personal attacks.

The discussion was kept civil.

Oh, and it’s Vukadin, not Vudakin.

@The Apple Kid

That was exactly my point… People are blinded by nostalgia.

The*InsertAdjectiveHere*Betaman said on Aug. 6, 2013

To me, the only hurdle I have to leap in order to enjoy MOTHER 1 is the very clunky movement engine. I can get behind the story, the simple yet charming (in my opinion anyway) graphics, and the interesting battle system. That’s what makes the MOTHER series to me. However, I absolutely cannot stand its gameplay engine, even with the added run button. It’s not just MOTHER 1 though, I can’t stand most 8-bit RPG movement systems because they’re often slow and rely on a snap to grid movement system. Clearly this isn’t the case or the vase with the MOTHER 1+2 port of the game, which I like somewhat better.

I apologize for throwing my two cents in where they probably don’t belong, but I just thought a different outlook on the game would be nice.

The Apple Kid said on Aug. 6, 2013

@Vukadin I guess you have a very good point then.

Someone Else said on Aug. 7, 2013


I bet you can’t stand Pokémon, then, huh? Even the most recent Pokémon games from 2012 still use grid-based movement. 😛

I don’t really understand what difference it makes. If the game allows you to move everywhere and to do everything it was designed to allow you to do, then there’s nothing inherently wrong with the system it gives you, right?
I can understand if the huge hurdle to enjoy the game was either the old-fashioned and numerous fights (which still gets me frustrated at times) or the confusing dungeon layouts (the factory and the ghost house being the two I can remember the most), but the grid-based movement is the least of this game’s troubles, it has to be said.

Anonymous said on Aug. 8, 2013

“Let’s be honest: no one played EarthBound for the graphics.”

Gonna butt in here for a moment and say that one of the things that drew me into the game was the art style.

So, I literally played EarthBound for the graphics (well, for many reasons really, but this was one of them).
Also, you can’t say that it was nostalgia because I had never played the game before.

Some Canadian Fellow said on Aug. 11, 2013

Well I for one am not blinded by nostalgia. There’s flaws in everything. :Y I see why people thought the graphics were underwhelming. However Earthbound has an unexplainable charm in comparision to Mother 1. I like Mother 1 too, but the grinding made me want to eat my socks. I think that’s apart of the experience though. :Y Earthbound fans aren’t blinded completely by nostalgia, as some are new to the series. Earthbound was apart of my childhood, but nostalgia still won’t stop Mother 3 from being my favorite installment in the series.
Mother was like a downgraded version of Earthbound to some I guess…

;u; I still love you Mother.

The Apple Kid said on Aug. 11, 2013

@Some Canadian Fellow But then you’re missing out on my reasoning that new fans are, in a way, blinded by nostalgia. If you checked out the game, it was probably because someone said something good about it (more likely than not, a nostalgic person) and you looked for those things in the game, making it more likely to overlook the bad things.

Anonymous said on Aug. 11, 2013

I’m with MasterOfTheCourt.

@Vukadin @The Apple Kid; you guys have literally made up 40% of the comments on this topic. Can you *PLEASE* move this discussion somewhere else? We’re not here to argue like 12 year olds, we’re here to talk about Earthbound moving up the charts and to share opinions. Not to challenge the opinions of others and shoot them down.

There are times when it’s okay to have in-depth discussions, but you guys have gone on far too long. Please stop spamming like two five-year-olds who have just been given a computer.

The Apple Kid said on Aug. 11, 2013

@Anonymous I’m with Vukadin.

We kept the conversation civil. I see no problem with it as it stemmed from a conversation that was sparked by the topic. We have not argued like “two five year olds who have just been given a computer,” but we rather had a debate about our opinions on a somewhat related topic.

Absolutely No One said on Aug. 22, 2013

Buy five, gift to four friends, repeat until all your friends have EB. Win EB.

Ninten1 said on Sep. 13, 2013

While this doesn’t guarentee a localization of the others, this is a serious PK Teleport in the right direction.


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