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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 23rd, 2013 | Images, MOTHER 3, Uncommon Knowledge

Jeffman’s been on a huge MOTHER 3 hacking roll lately! Besides fixing old bugs in the game and documenting the ROM layout for everyone to see, he recently uncovered six ending images that didn’t get used in the final version of the game!

Here’s what he says:

I think I found some unused scenes from the staff credits. I’ve looked through some playthroughs and they all seem to have the same set of 18 scenes, but the ROM contains six extras that I haven’t seen before (ignore the glitches in some of these).

I don’t think there’s any way of accessing these normally right now via codes or anything, though.

Still, to this day it surprises me whenever we find something new in the EarthBound ROM, but I think the MOTHER 3 ROM is going to be the ROM that keeps on giving for years and years and years to come!


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19 Comments to Unused MOTHER 3 Ending Images

Lollita said on Jul. 23, 2013

After story pig mask picture look great.

johnr754 said on Jul. 23, 2013

(looks at 4th pic)

So, Itoi knew EarthBound was coming to the Wii U VC in Europe in 2006?

Permafry_42 said on Jul. 23, 2013
Chivi-chivik said on Jul. 23, 2013

Sometimes I wonder why they kept all of this unused data in the ROM…
Then I answer myself saying that it would have been difficult to take all of that data out. But I still ask myself this.

Vukadin said on Jul. 23, 2013

Hey (To)Mato, just curious about something; it’s unrelated to this though.

Has Itoi commented on the western release of EarthBound on the Wii U VC? Any tweets, blog posts, anything at all?

Mato said on Jul. 23, 2013

I don’t know – I haven’t been actively following his tweets and no one’s mentioned anything to me about him saying stuff that I can recall.

Valder said on Jul. 24, 2013

By the way, Stephan Bole, head of Nintendo France, said they are considering to translate Earthbound to French for its Wii U VC European release (which has currently only the English version). He said something around the lines of “We always watch what fans as or like with Bravely Default. Since there is demand for it from gamers, even from a niche, we are considering it, and sometimes we do it. But I can’t confirm anything atm” (not very accurate translation by any means, just a summary)

While even the promo for it was in French, apparently it’s available only in English and Japanese atm.

Original Interview:

Source: Game Kult
Une dernière question pour finir, même si vous ne pourrez peut-être pas me donner de réponse : Mother 2 (Earthbound), qui va sortir sur console virtuelle en Europe, aura-t-il une traduction en français ?

On réfléchit.

Donc c’est une possibilité ?

Je ne vais pas vous faire d’annonce ou quoi que ce soit, mais on a noté qu’il y avait un intérêt d’une petite partie de gamers pour ce titre-là, de la même manière qu’on a bien noté l’intérêt des gamers pour Bravely Default. Alors est-ce qu’on fera quelque chose dans ce sens-là, on vous le dire plus tard mais pour le moment je ne peux pas vous confirmer. Nous on regarde ce que pensent les gamers et on voit qu’il y a un intérêt pour une niche et même si c’est une niche, parfois on y va.

Anders said on Jul. 24, 2013

Check out how the dad isn’t in any of the pics except the last where hinawa is alive. Think someone needs to come out of the closet!

Vukadin said on Jul. 24, 2013


Uh, Flint was searching for Claus…

It’s only logical that he wanted his son back, which is why he doesn’t appear in most of these pictures.

Some Canadian Fellow said on Jul. 24, 2013

Flint was searching for Claus. Plus he isn’t apart of the main party. 😛
Mother 3 is probably the only game I’ve ever hacked without feeling guilty. So much unused content…
I just don’t see the day Mother 3 unused content ever stops…
Which is nice. Itoi left us with a lot to do in the last installment.

AllenLupo21 said on Jul. 24, 2013

Has anyone noticed that the unmasked Pigmask on the 5th picture looks like Apple Kid from EarthBound?

Anders said on Jul. 24, 2013

@Vukadin Yeah, but you never see the last needlekeeper. Flint looks a lot like them in siluette, and he always keeps his hat close, like some of the things the other keepers give you. He gives you one last speech, that can be seen as a goodbye before the last needle is out. Then he’s gone

Belle said on Jul. 25, 2013

@Anders If you mean the last magypsy, they’re heavily implied to be Fassad.

Vukadin said on Jul. 25, 2013


The last magypsy is Fassad, it is not only heavily implied but CONFIRMED.

Sneezer said on Jul. 28, 2013

Speaking of Mother 3, when’s version 1.2 coming out?

Mato said on Jul. 28, 2013

There’s no set date or anything but I have a rough idea of the end of the year in mind right now.

Lovee said on Aug. 1, 2013

Are you going to include the Duster instrument fix in the 1.2 patch?

Mato said on Aug. 1, 2013

Yeah, the fix will be in there.

Evil Eye Σ said on Dec. 17, 2013

Well, I know that I hope someday the ROM gets decoded enough to have a tool. The Hinawa story is sad, and I’d “LOVE Ω” to change it! I’d probably have to expand the ROM size, because Hinawa and Clause would have to have battle data. (I’d want the player to have a chance at saving Hinawa by triggering a battle scene, instead of the cliche and really dumb death-by-cutscene.)

The problem? I cannot do hand ASM. At least with Earthbound, it has been fully decoded and there is PK Hack. (If PK Hack ever gets support for Mother 3 in the future, it would be cool to call it “PK Hack Ω” or something.)


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