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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 21st, 2013 | EarthBound, Images

For those who don’t have a Wii U, I thought it might be nice sharing some pics of EarthBound stuff on the Wii U system, like how it’s presented, advertised, stuff like that.

I actually don’t have a North American Wii U of my own, so these pics come courtesy of good ol’ KingDarian!

You know, looking briefly through these pics, it’s interesting to see that they’ve kept the word “yo-yo” in there when they had to replace every instance of “yo-yo” in StarTropics before it got released on the Virtual Console. I wonder what’s changed since back then.


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24 Comments to EarthBound on Wii U Pics

JP said on Jul. 21, 2013

what’s with the use of “yo-yo” in StarTropics?

Mato said on Jul. 21, 2013

It was changed to “Island Star” for the North American Virtual Console release since “yo-yo” is a trademarked word in Canada.

Tonch said on Jul. 21, 2013

I’m just glad that, except for lessening the potential for seizures with the flashy PSI attacks, they left the game untouched.

It got a strangely higher age rating as a result, but at least the game’s the same (North American) one as back in the 90s.

DJMankiewicz said on Jul. 21, 2013

Isn’t the text in Earthbound surprisingly hard to hack? That may have played a large role since I don’t know that they had the source code for Earthbound any more, so they would probably just hack the ROM itself to change text like that.

As for the game’s rating, I’ll leave you with this.

Killer Instinct on both my SNES and Gold on my N64 are rated “T”. Not M, T. Yes, they are both filled with blood and horrific fatalities. I have little doubt they’d never be able to get away with such a rating today. (Mortal Kombat II on SNES, for comparison, has no rating at all, as it was released before the rating system was widely adopted. Just to be clear, MK2 had all the blood instact, contrary to the SNES release of MK1 which had it all censored.)

The Great Morgil said on Jul. 21, 2013

Wait, yo-yo is a brand name?!

JeffMan said on Jul. 21, 2013

The aspect ratio is actually like that on the Wii U, the screenshots aren’t lying.

Stuffgamer1 said on Jul. 21, 2013

I hadn’t even thought about the yo-yo thing! I wouldn’t be surprised if DJMankiewicz is right, but I’d LIKE to think we might eventually get a faithful release of Startropics on Wii U. Of course, I’m sure Zoda’s Revenge will retain the removal of the word “Tetrad.” 😛

Kurmudgeon said on Jul. 21, 2013

“A courageous boy names Ness”


Captain Cab said on Jul. 21, 2013

NOA has actually been doing a great job promoting the game online. The 2 1/2 minute trailer with 3D sprite art is awesome and I like that the banner listing for the game is huge and takes up the most of the top part of the eShop’s front page. This is my second time playing through the game.

When the Mother 2 festival was still active I was still completing the game and would occasionally pause my SNES and switch to my Wii U Gamepad to post something which was a lot of fun but obviously better to have the two integrated. The U.S. community already has well over 6000 posters so hopefully that bodes well for the game’s sales. I’m still early in my new file and am a few levels away from getting PK Rockin so haven’t had a chance to compare the modified effects.

It’s still slmost hard to believe EB has finally been officially re-released in the U.S. and I’m
impressed NOA went the extra mile to provide folks a digital version of the player’s guide. I’m still hanging on to my cart and (even moreso) my guide but being able to play the game in crisp 1080 on either my TV or my bed is great.

Mr. Tenda said on Jul. 21, 2013

Is it just me or does the game look all stretched out?

Matteomax said on Jul. 21, 2013
AdmiralCrunch said on Jul. 21, 2013

Tomato, I was actually going to email you that very point regarding yo-yo in EB VC and the StarTropics VC release. Maybe someone bigger in Nintendo’s Japan offices said they were putting it out unaltered to get it through. I’d imagine the fallout from it will be minimal. Have you had the chance to look through the NA Miiverse community? It seems remarkably positive with a lot of velocity behind it.

Matteomax said on Jul. 21, 2013

Whoops, didn’t know it was posted before.

So, did they change text and/or music?

Midna said on Jul. 21, 2013


I’m up to Belch’s factory in my playthrough and the hippie battle theme and Sky Runner music are both still there.

No text seems to have been changed, either. The baker in Burglin Park still talks about how the flies improve the flavor of his bread, instead of saying his bread is good and that’s why it attracts flies. Basically it seems to be the original SNES ROM with the animation changes from the Japanese VC release.

DJMankiewicz said on Jul. 21, 2013

About the aspect ratio.

On original Wii games, the aspect ratio was screwed up. You had to manually change the TV to show the correct aspect ratio.

However, my experience with Wii U games has been that they correctly border the game to show it in the correct ratio.

This has been the case with both Balloon Fight and Super Metroid. I would be very surprised if Earthbound was any different. It is entirely possible those stretched out images were taken back when they had considered (but cancelled) the notion of releasing the game on the original Wii.

If I were to buy it, I would do so as a gift for friends and family, but the Wii U store does not have support for sending digital gifts (unlike the original Wii). The only other reason to do so would be purely as a donation of support. I may yet do so for that reason, but I would really love to send it as a gift instead! Please Nintendo, add a gift giving feature to the Wii U!

KingDarian said on Jul. 21, 2013

About the aspect ration, I fudged up! 😛 The screenshots I took were originally 1280 x 720, but the batch file converter I used (to squeeze 3.5MB .tga files to 300kb .jpg files) defaulted to the weird resolution you see above, resulting in the stretch you see above. I’ve sent a link to Mato with the corrected files. Hopefully updating them won’t be too much of a pain.

Eunacis (Seth Campbell) said on Jul. 21, 2013

QUESTION: Has anyone been experiencing an unusual frequency of magic butterflies?

Mato said on Jul. 21, 2013

AdmiralCrunch: Yeah, I dunno what’s up either. I’m guessing that NOA’s stance has changed since the original Wii VC or that NCL pushed things things through this time around. I dunno, but something’s changed at least.

I don’t have a NA Wii U and my Japanese Wii U is tucked away in my closet so I don’t have an easy way to check on stuff :X

KingDarian: Blargh, thanks for letting me know, I’ll put them up in a little bit.

DJMankiewicz said on Jul. 21, 2013

That sets things straight. No worries folks, the aspect ratio is correct!

sb057 said on Jul. 21, 2013

I have to ask, did they do anything about the YESterday reference?

Lakitwo said on Jul. 21, 2013

@sb057 Nope. That’s in too!

Also, about the yo-yo thing, they also didn’t change it when Paula’s mom gives you the Hand-Aid. She still says that it’s a homemade band-aid, even though Band-Aid is a brand name.

satsy said on Jul. 22, 2013

Since I’ve only ever played on an emulator before now, I only really have that to compare it to. The first thing I’ve noticed is how often party members buzz behind Ness as he walks. I don’t think it’s as noticeable on the gamepad, but it’s amusing on the big screen.

That said I keep flitting between the two because their use of colour wildly differ. It’s kinda cool.

(signed in because of a face-stealer)

DJMankiewicz said on Jul. 22, 2013

I picked it up even though I already own it mainly to support the series. The color differences must be related to your TV settings, as they are much closer on mine.

EnnuiKing said on Jul. 23, 2013

Downloadable free player’s guide, eh? Looks like a whole new generation of players are going to try to farm ordinary Krakens for the Gutsy bat.


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