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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 8th, 2013 | EarthBound, Images

Susanne recently sent this in:

Sorry to bother you, but I found this recent Earthbound-Ad in this magazine I always read.

It says (sorry for my bad translation):

“Earthbound comes!

The exciting-comical “Earthbound” came out 1994 for the Super-Nintendo-Console and is still regarded as one of the best RPG’s ever. However, it was never released in Germany. That will fortunatly change soon: Because at the end of 2013, the great adventure should be available at WiiU’s eShop – be excited!”

I may not be registered here, but I find this site really great, so I hope this is somewhat interesting, and if not, I’m sorry to bother you.

And here’s a look at the magazine:


Between this and that recent Retro Gamer mention, it looks like the overseas hype train for EarthBound on the Wii U VC is starting!


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19 Comments to EarthBound in German Game Magazine

Vukadin said on Jul. 8, 2013


Even Germany is hyped…

For all you lads who own a Wii U: BUY EARTHBOUND TO SUPPORT THE SERIES WHEN IT COMES OUT! For those that don’t own a Wii U: Tell your friends or acquaintances that own one to buy it!

If we’re lucky, Mother 3 and EarthBound Zero will officialy come out, and we may even get a sequel: EarthBound 3!

Anon said on Jul. 8, 2013

We won’t get a sequel, or if we do get one, it won’t be a “real” sequel. Itoi IS Mother/Earthbound, and he has decided to leave game design behind right when Mother 3 was wrapped up and released. If there would ever be a sequel, it would be done without Itoi, and I think many would consider that a bad thing. Not that I wouldn’t be open for that, though

Vukadin said on Jul. 8, 2013


What if Itoi personally handpicked a person to design Mother 4? He only said that he will not be making Mother 4: he never said that he wouldn’t help or get slightly invovled in the project, if it would ever exist.

Max_H said on Jul. 8, 2013

Not to nitpick about her translation, but “Earthbound kommt” can also be translated as “Earthbound is coming!” I know that’s a minor point.

Neko Knight said on Jul. 8, 2013

But wait, does this mean that EarthBound is going to be translated in the European languages? If this is so, and if they plan on a simultaneous USA/EU release, then it could take a while for the game to get released…

Mato said on Jul. 8, 2013

Yeah, that’s what I’m curious about. I don’t know know much about the European VC situation – have other previously-English-only releases been translated when released there?

Vukadin said on Jul. 8, 2013


As far as I know, they always keep the VC releases English-only (unless the game had multiple languages to begin with).

I was visiting my cousin not too long ago (who is half German) and all of his games from the Wii VC were in English. So I guess that answers your question.

You needn’t worry.

Someone Else said on Jul. 8, 2013

Super Mario RPG (originally a USA and Japan-only release) is only playable in English from the EUR Wii VC. Though amusingly, they did alter the game to remove the word “bugger” from the script for us English folk.

The Apple Kid said on Jul. 9, 2013

@Vukadin There’s a fanmade Mother 4/ Earthbound 3 in development. Link:http://mother4.andonuts.net/ It might not live up to your expectations because Itoi isn’t making it, but hey it’s the closes thing we’ll get to a Mother 4/ Earthbound 3. As for this, I suppose it’ll be only a matter of time until the U.S. hype train starts. All aboard!

misterdigi said on Jul. 9, 2013

When another Earthbound gets made it might not be titled “EarthBound.” It will be the next great game that we all get realllly excited about after playing it. As Itoi said. It’s up to us to make the next mother game. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to mother necessarily. It can, and will be some great game with alot of heart and a tremendous story. That’s what i will consider as the next mother. And it will come. It will.

Vukadin said on Jul. 9, 2013

I was thinking…

The next Mother game should mix four things…

Story, Adventure, Humour and Atmosphere.

Story = Mother 3 and EarthBound Zero (if you played the latter you would know that it actually has a VERY good and interesting story)

Adventure = EarthBound and EarthBound Zero

Humour = EarthBound, some parts of Mother 3 and EarthBound Zero (I played the original EB0 translation, not Mato’s, and the text was so silly it was HILARIOUS)

Atmosphere = EarthBound and only EarthBound. Not Mother 3, not EarthBound Zero but EarthBound. The atmosphere of this game is… Incredible, tear-jerking what it is. The music, the sprites, the text, the locations, the characters… From the cheerful/nostalgic Onett, to the disturbing Happy Happy Village, to the creepy Threed, to the mysterious Deep Darkness, to the big Fourside, to the sunny Summers…

The list goes on and on…

Oh and one question.

Why are there two EarthBound Zero remake projects? One is called the Mother remake and the other one is called the EarthBound Zero remake. Kinda strange, if you ask me.

@The Apple Kid

I heard bad things about it. Like how one of the makers self-inserted himself. This isn’t a bad thing, but if he makes a mary sue out of the character, it is.

Vukadin said on Jul. 9, 2013


People are calling Ni No Kuni Mother 4 and as a person who has personally played that game, it doesn’t deserve as much praise as it gets. I agree it’s up to us to make another great game that even Itoi himself would give recognition to.

ChronoMoogle said on Jul. 9, 2013

There are already quite some console-games which are said to be spirital successors to the Mother series. Opoona for example.

Someone Else said on Jul. 9, 2013

Opoona is a weird one. I wouldn’t call it similar to EarthBound in the sense of well-crafted writing, because Opoona has a really weird and often poorly-translated script.
I wouldn’t call Opoona similar to any other RPG really. It’s more like… the story of alien bureaucracy.
Awesome game though.

misterdigi said on Jul. 9, 2013

You can’t just whittle it down to aesthetics or games that look similar to EarthBound. My point is that the next EarthBound won’t necessarily even be a “spiritual” successor. And it shouldn’t be. It should be its own game without any kind of a “nod” toward the mother series. a completely unrelated game. but an incredibly great one.

The Apple Kid said on Jul. 9, 2013

@Vukadin Well, it’s the closest thing to a sequel we may ever get. Oh, what is a Mary Sue?

Vukadin said on Jul. 9, 2013

@The Apple Kid

Term used in writing. It means ‘perfect character, with absolutely no flaws’.

FlyingManCourage said on Jul. 10, 2013

@Vukadin – That is interesting! I have never heard that term before. Nice share. Only time will tell how the fanmade Mother 4 will turn out. I tend to be a little cautious with entirely fanmade projects. Personally, I am more excited about the remake projects because I think those type of projects are better suited for fan work.

The Apple Kid said on Jul. 10, 2013

@Vukadin Yeah, I hate those characters.
@FlyingManCourage I’m all for fan projects, but I’m usually disappointed by them.


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