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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 24th, 2013 | Auctions, EarthBound, Merchandise

The EarthBound Anthology books were made back in like 2007 or so in super-limited quantities, so when one appeared yesterday on eBay a bunch of people took notice. What’s even stranger is the story behind this particular one:

I found this book at a thrift store and got it because Iliked the artwork, but found out it was a sought after book.

(More info and pics here)

I’m dying to know how one of these books wound up at a thrift store, but I guess that’s something that’ll be hard to find out. My current theory is that someone who had one moved away for college or something and then their parents cleaned out their room or something. But that’s just random guessing really, it could be any reason.

Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted a copy of these for your own collection, keep an eye on the auction here!

You can also see a low-res version online here if you’re interested!


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25 Comments to Rare EarthBound Anthology Up for Sale

HpBoost said on Jun. 24, 2013

We’re going to have one very lucky bidder.

Iamsotired said on Jun. 24, 2013

Welp I tried my best but it’s above my impulse buy point now.

Prayer For Safety said on Jun. 24, 2013

I really doubt the person found it at a thrift store. Sometimes people just say stuff like that on listings. Either way it’s going to be interesting to see how much it goes for.

The Apple Kid said on Jun. 24, 2013

Prayer For Safety is probably right. He’s probably trying to make his story more believable.

Iamsotired said on Jun. 24, 2013

I don’t get it, what would the motivation be for making up a story? And even if he did, why would that be a problem?

Pacalakin said on Jun. 24, 2013

Yeah, I can’t think of any motivation to lie about how he got it. It doesn’t matter to them, they’re getting paid either way.

JerkyMcGee said on Jun. 24, 2013

I don’t mean to sound like a douche, but why is this sought after? It’s not officially licensed or anything, so it really should hold no value in an Earthbound collection.

Jason said on Jun. 24, 2013

Mainly the history of the project, but also the quality and rarity. Those fan-made figurines by Camille Young are also collectable.

FlyingManCourage said on Jun. 24, 2013

It’s a pretty sweet book. Pre-emptive congratulations to the lucky winner! It would make a really nice coffee table book if you can trust your visitors.

Some of the demand has to do with the limited overall selection of Mother/Earthbound merch to go after as a collector. It causes some head scratching price points. How about the $700 ruler?

Shannon Carr said on Jun. 25, 2013

I love those books! 🙂 🙂 😉

NecrosaroIII said on Jun. 26, 2013

How many of the books were made?

Radic said on Jun. 26, 2013

I’m waiting for someone to make a Thrift Shop reference….

Mato said on Jun. 26, 2013

I don’t remember off the top of my head how many were made (plus I wasn’t the one who ordered the prints) but I’d say somewhere between 10-20 English ones were made.

M. said on Jun. 26, 2013

Is there any likelihood of us getting HQ scans? EB siege days are ones I look back on fondly…

Daniel said on Jun. 28, 2013

Hey, thanks for the heads up! I was able to snag it for my collection: http://twitter.com/dan_dillard/status/350748203399909377/photo/1

Never thought I would be able to get it…

B. said on Jun. 28, 2013

Hey Lucky Winner! It would be sweet if you post a photo link of the book along with the rest of your collection.

Pigmask Private said on Jun. 29, 2013

Holy — that went for a lot more than I thought it would. Congrats to the winner, though you’ve killed my hopes of ever owning one of these.

Vukadin said on Jun. 29, 2013


EarthBound fans are either rich, or I’m just poor as fuc* that can’t buy any EarthBound goodies.


Congratulations to the winner, I guess…

Limbrooke said on Jun. 29, 2013

I think seeing how expensive this ended at would suggest there is demand for a reprint. Obviously, there is the free online version but at the end of the day people do like physical copies. Perhaps one day it will be reprinted.

FlyingManCourage said on Jun. 29, 2013

^^ I would LOVE to see a reprint but I doubt there will ever be one. Still, it does seem a bit sad that all these OTHER people are making so much money off the hard work of Reid and Company.

FlyingManCourage said on Jun. 30, 2013

Hey check it out! The seller decided to donate half the of the auction. Pretty awesome of that person. I bet that will make the winner feel even better about their purchase:

“On Jun-27-13 at 18:15:29 PDT, seller added the following information:
We’ll be splitting the profits of this auction with the Cause for Paws North Carolina.

On Jun-27-13 at 19:57:50 PDT, seller added the following information:
Because of the overwhelming response to the sale of this book, and the fact that I got it for less than a dollar thus saving it from the trash, I will be splitting the profits from this sale to the thrift store where it was purchased – Cause for Paws NC, a non-profit thrift shop that supports the SPCA and pet adoption programs. Thanks for looking everyone!”

M. said on Jul. 1, 2013

Please for the love of god, cut it up and post high quality scans. Let it be a martyr. Think of the fandom dear lawd

Daniel said on Jul. 1, 2013

It arrived! Really, really poor quality photo of my collection as it currently stands: http://twitter.com/dan_dillard/status/351908002254704640/photo/1

And yeah, nice idea in donating some of the funds back to the thrift shop!

FlyingManCourage said on Jul. 2, 2013


On a serious note, that thrift shop sounds so awesome. As a frequent foster-owner who has welcomed many dogs into my home over the years, I love to hear that some of the excessive profits (your twitter hashtag tells me you slightly agree the price is a bit absurd) are being put to a REALLY good cause. What a happy ending all around. I can’t say enough about that auction holder. What an awesome person that seller was. Congrats on your win and enjoy, Daniel.

Ginrei said on Jul. 2, 2013

How nice of the seller to donate half!

And… GUYS, WHY CUT THIS UP TO SCAN IT when it’s already been scanned?? Go read! http://anthology.starmen.net/


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