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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 13th, 2013 | EarthBound, Images

DSuser posted a scan of an old Nintendo Power issue in which readers asked for what dream games they’d like to see get made. Two of the responses that were printed were about EarthBound:


EarthBound for Game Boy… Man, that would’ve been wild. I’d love to see how that would’ve looked – I imagine it would be something like this. Here’s a proof of concept that battle backgrounds could’ve been possible too:

Anyone willing to draw some Game Boy EarthBound mockups for fun? 😀


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20 Comments to Give Us More EarthBound, Said Old Fans

LakituAl said on Jun. 13, 2013

I think this is hilarious in hindsight. A sequel to Earthbound and/or Earthbound for Game Boy. This guy wanted the whole Japan only pack already back then!!

On an unrelated note, that doppelganger idea for Mario Kart is genius.

Chivi-chivik said on Jun. 13, 2013

I would totally play EB in GB version! 😀
It would be great to see everything in GB’s B/W

PS: Those Mario Kart ideas are pure gold…

man said on Jun. 13, 2013

Recca also achieved similar effects on the NES.


someone said on Jun. 13, 2013

I made a simple mockup of the first fight with Starman Jr.


EpicJackman said on Jun. 13, 2013

@LakituAl No, PLUNGER in Mario Kart is genius.

ejruss25 said on Jun. 13, 2013

The Game boy would butcher Earthbound’s soundtrack to all hell, though.

liarxagerate said on Jun. 13, 2013

It would be fun, but not as fun as Virtual EarthBound…


KingMike said on Jun. 13, 2013

If Nintendo learned their lesson from Donkey Kong Land, they’d have used empty backgrounds.
Especially on the original green Game Boy, too much detail makes it impossible to see anything.

Midna said on Jun. 14, 2013

@KingMike: Nintendo had nothing to do with Donkey Kong Land, though, that was all Rareware’s doing.

EnnuiKing said on Jun. 14, 2013

Both of these people who wanted EarthBound are probably going to pop into the comments section at some point. There’s no way they’re not OG Starmen.

Also, a sequel to Super Mario Kart?! Keep dreaming, kid.

misterdigi said on Jun. 14, 2013

This is pretty wild. These guys had the right idea.

I always wanted a direct sequel to EarthBound myself. Call it EarthBound 2 or whathaveyou. But i wanted it to feature NESS and the GANG. I have a feeling that maybe these guys wanted something similar.

You know, come to think of it, if there was one game I could ask for and have it be made, it would be that for the Wii U, or heck even the PS3 or PS4, or XBox Just as long as it was a sequel to EarthBound with Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo, in a next gen format.

EnnuiKing said on Jun. 14, 2013

Come to think of it, both these kids are from places with vaguely Earthbound-related names.

Noah House, Seaview, WA (connection is even strengthened by his last name being “House”)
Brian Arpidone, Strongsville, OH

Conspiracy theory: these letters weren’t from readers, but were actually pleas from the Treehouse themselves for more EarthBound.

Christian Baum said on Jun. 14, 2013

I know very little about NES and Gameboy programming, but I have a feeling it would be very difficult to draw sprites on top of the wavy effect using Gameboy or NES programming.

Mato said on Jun. 14, 2013

Actually, there’s a video where they do that too 😛

KC~ said on Jun. 15, 2013

I did a crappy monochrome EB2 for GB screenshot on my ride to Florida today. Check it out!


Mr. Saturn said on Jun. 15, 2013

I remember writing in thinking a Zelda game on the Virtual Boy was a great idea.

Douglas said on Jun. 15, 2013

wasn’t pokemon basically a spiritual successor to earthbound?

Iamsotired said on Jun. 16, 2013

Wow, I can’t believe you remembered my old tibasic earthbound port :v I wish I’d kept that thread updated more. I had movement permissions worked out, a few rather large test maps, a working battle system, npc dialogue… Maybe at some point I’ll have to pick that project back up 😉

Matt said on Jun. 16, 2013

I think that Cameron kid was really on to something with the Free Willy idea. It’s not too late, right? XD

Shannon Carr said on Jun. 17, 2013



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