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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 15th, 2013 | EarthBound, Images

The new Animal Crossing game came out the other day and it sounds like people are having a blast with it. I haven’t checked it out yet, but Tyler B. sent me this recently:

Looks like Nintendo threw in a nice homage to EarthBound in Animal Crossing New Leaf! He also mentioned Bobbery of Rogueport from Paper Mario, too, but this one did a better job catching my attention!


Is this new game full of references like that? If so, that’s cool – and I wonder if any other EarthBound references have snuck in there!


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49 Comments to EarthBound Reference in New Animal Crossing

FZ64 said on Jun. 15, 2013

I saw this as well seems someone beat me to sharing it tho XD

Permafry_42 said on Jun. 15, 2013

Earthbound and Paper Mario are 2 of my favourite rpg series, so its great to see that game devs are fans of them too =D

Ami-chan said on Jun. 15, 2013

and now i want to play new leaf

megamegaman247 said on Jun. 15, 2013

I noticed this when I played. One of my villagers was wearing the Ness shirt I made and was listing to Rockihn K.K. which is the hippie theme from Earthbound. I am 99% sure that it is in all the games though.

~Chri$ said on Jun. 15, 2013

The Animal Crossing series is a love letter to Nintendo fans of all sorts. They have a fortune cookie you can buy each day with play coins and win various Nintendo goodies such as a Baby Metroid that plays the opening theme to ‘Super Metroid’ a Mario coin, complete with sound, a Yoshi Egg that bounces and says “Yoshi!” and even the S. S. Dolphin from Pikmin. One of the villagers in the game even says “It’s on like Donkey Kong” so the series is jammed full of not just Earthbound references but Nintendo in generally especially in ‘New Leaf’. I lost count of Nintendo references after about 30 so far in my five days of playing it since Sunday, there is a LOT!

Retrostarman said on Jun. 15, 2013

I remember seeing Guliver saying fuzzy pickles and not thinking much about for some reason. And this is coming from someone who named their town Moonside and town tune is the beginning part of Smiles and Tears.

Heh, I guess I was still stunned seeing the other awesome Nintendo references. 🙂

DelectaBit said on Jun. 15, 2013

This clearly confirms that they’ve been planning on re-releasing Earthbound for a long while. I doubt that the reference would’ve been in the script otherwise.

joe said on Jun. 15, 2013

im done. yep. insanity killed me. im dead because this is truly insaNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE

Hukky said on Jun. 15, 2013

@DelectaBit Not at all, it just means one of the translators is an EarthBound fan.

By the way, that Gulliver guy is somewhat reminiscient of Donald Duck.

357 said on Jun. 15, 2013

the pigtail hairstyle mentions it makes you feel royal and makes you look like poo

357 said on Jun. 15, 2013

on a sidenote there is a fish called the pop-eyed goldfish and it mentions how it grows strong by eating spiniach

I HATE YOU said on Jun. 15, 2013


DragonKazooie89 said on Jun. 15, 2013

@~Chri$ If that’s the case, how come there aren’t any Pokemon references anywhere in the Animal Crossing series? (at least to my knowledge)

teddyd said on Jun. 16, 2013


joe said on Jun. 16, 2013

@teddyd:there is a photographer in earthbound. go to ness house when onett first becomes sunny. he appears. bam.

misterdigi35 said on Jun. 16, 2013

I’ve never seen the words “fuzzy” and “pickle” used together other than in EarthBound. This is a good step in the right direction.

Hirro said on Jun. 16, 2013

Heck with the Red Team Cap and the shorts, and custop shirt plus red shoes I look like Ness in my game xD

Crysta said on Jun. 16, 2013

The real question is why didn’t this person use the game’s screenshot function to take a picture..?

Tyler said on Jun. 16, 2013

@Crysta To be frank, I didn’t know it existed at the time of finding him! Now I’m aware of it though.

LakituAl said on Jun. 16, 2013


There is one that I know of. At least in the GameCube version, villagers sometimes ask you to retrieve a Pocket Pikachu they lent somebody else.

DJMankiewicz said on Jun. 16, 2013

I think it is a reach to call “fuzzy pickle” an Earthbound reference. I recall a number of photographers who have said that phrase to kids when taking their picture. They used it instead of “cheese” to get a laugh out of the kid before they snapped a picture.

DJMankiewicz said on Jun. 17, 2013

And yes, it was used before Earthbound came out. When I was a kid, I remember one school photographer saying that to us before snapping a picture. I’m pretty sure that phrase was taken from that for Earthbound, and not the other way around. It is hardly a common expression, but it did briefly become something unexpected for photo taking.

FlyingManCourage said on Jun. 17, 2013

Ahh the Fuzzy Pickle expression.

As others have mentioned, this wasn’t INVENTED by Earthbound. It is indeed an uncommon expression. However, that doesn’t mean that every use is impossible of being an Earthbound reference. I think in this particular context, with Animal Crossing having other solid connections to the Mother series (at least as I understand; I really know very little about AC), it is safe to call this an Earthbound reference.

Anonymous said on Jun. 17, 2013

What he said. ^^^

Shannon Carr said on Jun. 17, 2013

All we need now is to see Mr Saturn or his crazy coffee!

Reficul said on Jun. 17, 2013

Guys, didn’t Itoi once say that Animal Crossing is the sequel to Mother? MAYBE THIS IS WHAT HE MEANT! O_o

No, seriously, though, the new Animal Crossing is addicting. All of you should play it if you want a relaxation simulator. The music, working on your house, talking to your neighbors; it’s like zen.

SOUP said on Jun. 17, 2013

As soon as Rover referenced the old Animal Crossing, I knew the writers and translators were having fun with this title.

BB Gang Zombie said on Jun. 18, 2013

New Leaf is wonderfully filled to the brim with Nintendo references, I’ve been keeping my eye out for them. I smiled a bit when I found Gulliver earlier this week and he said this, didn’t think to screen capture it at the time though…

FlyingManCourage said on Jun. 18, 2013

IGN recently did an article of all the Nintendo items in Animal Crossing. Check it out guys:


Lampi said on Jun. 18, 2013

Animal Crossing: City Folk had a Giygas reference!


Fjord said on Jun. 19, 2013

Animal crossing has a lot of cute references here and there of other nintendo franchises in all installments. New leaf just happens to feel more inspired than city folk so people didn’t really point them out back then I guess.

The Apple Kid said on Jun. 20, 2013

Lampi, wasn’t there a feature where you named a constellation and the fortune teller might mention it?

BusterTheFox said on Jun. 20, 2013

I had to scroll down a lot to get to this comment box. I guess I’m not the only one who bought New Leaf. xD

the game is full of really good jokes. Has anyone else talked to Sahara yet? That’s one of the better ones.

If my memory serves, the older games in the series didn’t really try so hard with these things… Just the “puns” when you caught a fish or insect.

I really love the game, by the way. Mato, you still have your 3DS? It’s worth getting for sure. I’m still learning new things about it. It’s absolutely PACKED with new things that you can’t do in older games. The music, graphics and everything else is MUCH better as well. I haven’t been this into a game in years.

Lampi said on Jun. 20, 2013

@The Apple Kid
Come to think of it, you are probably right.

Pengo said on Jun. 22, 2013

Man its been a like 3 weeks and there are 5 new post…Man have I been missing out I have New Leaf Its a great game and also, There is a Rugby Shirt that has Ness’ shirt pattern. And I have a reference for MOTHER 3 In annoying orange in a episode the one where its illegal to dance in the produce or whatever section Orange said the bacon guy might be from NEW PORK CITY…man now that I read this it sounds very weird…

Anonymous said on Jun. 23, 2013

New leaf is definitely one of the best titles for the 3DS so far; I put it up there with Fire Emblem: Awakening and Kid Icarus: Uprising.

I named my town Tazmilly. 😛

Earthbounder said on Jun. 23, 2013

^ I named my town Onett.

WonderN123 said on Jun. 23, 2013

^ Me too

WonderN123 said on Jun. 26, 2013

Also, I talked to a villager (Sheldon) with my slingshot out, and he said something along the lines of “If you’re looking for a fight, put that toy down and fight like a champion!”

Vukadin said on Jun. 27, 2013

Heh, if I had this game I’d name my town Lavender… Yes, I’m evil.

Funny how it has an EarthBound reference because if I remember correctly Itoi stated that Animal Crossing is the sequel to the Mother series.

The Apple Kid said on Jun. 27, 2013

@Vukadin I don’t remember him saying that, he said that the series continues as our daily lives.

Vukadin said on Jun. 28, 2013

@The Apple Kid

Nope. He said that Animal Crossing is Mother 4. Check your facts.

Mato said on Jun. 28, 2013

He’s said both.

Anonymous said on Jun. 28, 2013

He’s said both. ;D

Vukadin said on Jun. 28, 2013


Mr. Itoi needs to lay down on the contradictions.

neonix said on Jul. 15, 2013

It’s not a contradiction. Quite the opposite entirely. Animal Crossing is a game about daily life!

Truth be told, I wish they had added more EarthBound references in Animal Crossing. I’ve always been pretty surprised (and sad) they’ve never thrown in a Mr. Saturn item or something.

Mariotti said on Jul. 16, 2013

So far, the only references that I’ve seen are by Gulliver.

Vukadin said on Jul. 16, 2013


I’ve played the Animal Crossing games before. I know what they are.

But there’s a difference between ‘our daily lives’ and ‘animal crossing, a life simulation game’.

ZeroSquared said on Feb. 9, 2014

K.K. Rockabilly is a remix of the Hippie theme, and I don’t mean it samples it, it literally remixes the song!


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