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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 29th, 2013 | EarthBound, Images

Tyler sent this in recently – apparently the latest issue of Retro Gamer briefly mentions EarthBound and its upcoming release:


I’m surprised it didn’t mention it’ll be the first time it’s released outside of North American too. I imagine that’s going to make a ton of fans happy soon!


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9 Comments to EarthBound in Latest Retro Gamer Magazine

Xi said on Jun. 29, 2013

If anyone is interested in subscribing to Retro Gamer (they do US Subscriptions), you can use the promotional code CLASSIC right now to bring the the US subscription down from 80£/year to 50£/year (a steal since your other option is to pay $12 per issue at B&N). It really is an awesome magazine if you’re into old-school gaming. Reviews, retrospectives, and interviews, as well as a focus on modern “retro” games and what’s going on in the homebrew community. Highly recommended!

Co-Wink-Key-Dink Inc said on Jun. 29, 2013

They are he most excited about Earthbound, yet it does not take up the whole page lol.

@Xi does the promo work in Canada as well?

booty said on Jun. 29, 2013

That is some some booty

BusterTheFox said on Jun. 29, 2013

@Xi They keep up with Homebrew, too? Sweet, I’ll finally have a way to know when 3DS flash cards and Wii U USB loading becomes possible! xD Well, except that I don’t have the money right now… How long does that promo code go on for? It’s gonna be a while before I have extra money for something like that. xD

Anyway. It sure feels like it’s taking a while. I guess it needs to be re-rated by the ESRB and maybe play-tested to make sure there aren’t any emulation errors. Or maybe they’re taking their time to change small, insignificant lines of dialogue in Burglin Park. Been known to happen.

Earthbounder said on Jun. 30, 2013

@XI I didn’t see that magazine on there website is there any other store I could buy it from?

Vukadin said on Jun. 30, 2013

Should have taken up at least one page of the magazine…

Xi said on Jun. 30, 2013

@Earthbounder I’m not sure if linking is allowed (apologies in advance if not) but here is the subscription page for the magazine:


@BusterTheFox Back when I originally subscribed to the magazine over a year ago I found the code on a random gaming forum. It worked back then, and it accepts it now when I enter it in, so I assume it will continue working for some time.

@Co-Wink-Key-Dink Inc I just tried doing it for a Canadian order and it accepts it there as well.

And no, I don’t have a vested interest in more people subscribing (except that the print medium is dying and I’d like for this one to keep going strong!) 🙂

misterdigi35 said on Jul. 1, 2013

Upward of 500 pounds for a copy. So let’s lower the price now people. It’s coming to vc so come…on..

joe said on Jul. 1, 2013

this reminds me of the time i got in this blog. XD


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