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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 6th, 2013 | EarthBound, Itoi, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 3

One of my favorite gaming sites is called Hardcore Gaming 101. It’s full of really detailed and interesting information, and I sometimes find myself spending too much time on there reading through all the articles they have.


Well, a series of articles about the MOTHER series recently went up – it covers each of the three games in the series in great detail, plus some background information about the series in general and who Shigesato Itoi is. Check out the articles here!

If you’re just starting to get into the series because of all the recent buzz surrounding it, give the articles a read – they’ll get you up to speed with everything. If you’re already a MOTHER series expert though, you might still learn stuff you never knew before, so give ’em a read anyway!


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11 Comments to MOTHER Series on Hardcore Gaming 101

EnnuiKing said on May. 6, 2013

Woah wait, when did this happen? I follow HG101 and I’ve never seen this article before.

Ice Sage said on May. 6, 2013

Interesting, but you can tell that the author really prefers M2 over (especially) M1 and M3 and wants their audience to agree with them.

Reficul said on May. 6, 2013

Well, people tend to advertise what the like, intentionally or not. I feel that way about a lot of the HG101 articles about series (or just articles in general). That said, even if I disagree with them, I tend to still like the read. HG101 is easily one of my favorite sites on the net, and I’ve been happily following it for years.

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on May. 6, 2013

I’ve read the Mother 1 and Mother 2 entries, and they are really good reads, and they have a lot of analysis and research…and bias. Special emphasis on Mother 1’s flaws being explained first, then being criticized for them, and then being applauded for several other things halfway through. (This site did the former *and only* the former with Final Fantasy II, and it’s pretty extreme!) But still, what I’ve read here is good stuff.

Anonymoose said on May. 6, 2013


Insignificant Pressent??????? Where did they get this pic from?

Mato said on May. 6, 2013

That’s what it says when you try to use the Insignificant Item. You can see it in my text dump here: http://starmen.net/mother2/gameinfo/script/script.txt

Chivi-chivik said on May. 6, 2013

I never get tired of reading texts and stuff about MOTHER. Many of them are good things to read and this is no exception. =w=

PS: Wait a moment. Itoi travelled to Mali? ‘Cause if they’re talking about the african country, that’s where my family comes from! ÒAÓ; You don’t know how shocked I am.

Gaffer Tape said on May. 6, 2013

While I do feel they were a bit hard on the first game (honestly, the difficulty is not THAT crazy… has anyone ever played the first Final Fantasy? Mother is a walk in the park compared to it), I still feel they were fair and very comprehensive. I loved reading all of these. Still… could have used some proofreading. The fan translation was brought up in two separate paragraphs, the first of which had nothing to do with the preceding paragraph, and there were a lot of misspellings, many of which seemed to be AutoCorrect gone mad: “Benchmark Itoh”? But still, loved it. Can’t wait to do my (relatively )yearly trilogy playthrough!

Jungyin said on May. 6, 2013

According to their forums the article is not quite finished yet, that’s probably why it’s not mentioned in their news on the front page.

broomweed said on May. 6, 2013

They also mistakenly refer to Starmen.net as “Starman.net”
(which is a completely different website…)

Iwant said on May. 10, 2013

Wow, I wasn’t aware that people already knew about this article even though it hasn’t been “officially” published yet! As stated by Jungyin, it’s not really finished yet, which explains the typos and such. Anyway, I’m glad to see most of you seems to have enjoyed it.


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