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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 13th, 2013 | EarthBound, Itoi, MOTHER 1

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and to commemorate it Shigesato Itoi tweeted something MOTHER-related:

The first town in MOTHER 2 is “Onet”, but the first town in MOTHER is called, yes, “Mothersday”.

It’s nothing much, but I thought I’d share it anyway. I’m more surprised at his misspellings than anything, but it’s somewhat common for Japanese creators to misspell their own English words now that I think about it.


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11 Comments to Itoi Tweets about Mother’s Day

TheWiseSage said on May. 13, 2013

That’s pretty awesome!

Anonymous said on May. 13, 2013

He finally talked about mother 1 again! 😀

Chivi-chivik said on May. 13, 2013

English is misspelled by most of Japanese people, so don’t worry! XD

DexterTheThird said on May. 13, 2013

On a semi-related note, I made my mother an EarthBound/Mother themed Mother’s Day card.

She asked me if it was Animal Crossing. >_>

EpicJackman said on May. 13, 2013

@DexterTheThird Well, Animal Crossing is Mother 4.

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on May. 13, 2013

And “Mother’s Day” was changed to “Podunk” in the NES prototype.

64RR said on May. 13, 2013

Happy late mother’s day. I mean real Mother’s not the game cause every day would be a Mother’s day then 😉

Mr. Copycat (formerly Mr. Nosy) said on May. 13, 2013

Frankly, I wish I could play ‘Mother’ for Mothers’ Day. However, I am a bit too heavy with work here…

EarthBoundnerd199X said on May. 13, 2013

Got Mother 1 3 months ago from a store downtown and finished up my 4th playthrough yesterday. It was so emotional. Of course, then I started my 5th playthrough later in the day, and continued playing before I left for the bus for school this morning, and I had forgotten how annoying the Duncan Factory is. – –

Someone said on May. 14, 2013

Heh, how fitting that the first town in the first Mother game would be named after Mother’s day!

JamesBond007 said on May. 23, 2013

It lollks like Mr. Itoi is making mistakes or (if the original message was in Japanese), this is the translator’s fault.

BTW, “Onet” is one of Polish Internet portals. It is available at http://www.onet.pl


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