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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 22nd, 2013 | MOTHER 1, Polls

So now that EarthBound has been announced for the Wii U Virtual Console, the next thing a lot of fans might ask is: Will the original NES game get released eventually too?

So let’s have a poll about it!

POLL: Do you think the original NES Earth Bound/EarthBound Zero game will ever be released on the Wii U Virtual Console?

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105 Comments to Poll: EarthBound Zero’s Chances

nintendofreak said on Apr. 22, 2013

maybe the original earthbound rom, but im not so sure about earthbound Zero. although it would make sense in a chronological timeline sort of way if it did get released as such

Durelle said on Apr. 22, 2013

I think there would be a higher chance for nintendo to translate all 3 into a compilation for the 3ds, they can’t make EB0 as a release cause it wasnt actually made in english on the NES, maybe as WiiWare but thats another story.

SuperTrainStationH said on Apr. 22, 2013

Nintendo has the Earth Bound (NES) game data, I cant imagine they’d need to do a lot more than simply get the game rated and upload it.

Garfield Logan said on Apr. 22, 2013

I’m just curious as to what they’ll call it in the states if they do release it. For some reason, I don’t think they’d go with eb zero, but I could be wrong. 🙂

Jdaster64 said on Apr. 22, 2013

I really, really hope the game comes out eventually, but if it doesn’t happen in the next couple of years (as part of a 25th anniversary re-release or compilation, perhaps), I don’t think it ever will. I love the game as much as anybody, but at the surface level, it might seem to be too much of a proto-EarthBound to warrant a release. I was glad to see the game get a little recognition in Brawl’s stickers, though.

Mr. Nosy said on Apr. 22, 2013

Frankly, given how much interest there is in Mother 2, the other 2 Mothers would be released.

Flint said on Apr. 22, 2013

Only if Earthbound sells like crazy.

Jdaster64 said on Apr. 22, 2013

Also, if they did release it in its original form, I doubt that they’d change the title in the game itself; when the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 got released on the Wii’s VC, the title screen was unchanged despite it being called “Super Mario Bros: the Lost Levels” on the Shop Channel and menu.

TragicManner said on Apr. 22, 2013

Well, there are two questions I have that, in my mind, will determine whether this will happen or not:
1. How well will Earthbound sell? (This one we’ll just have to wait and see on.
2. Does the original version of Mother 1 localized by Nintendo that was never released good enough to be released? Or, in other words, how many changes would Nintendo have to make to get the game ready to go out the door?

I think that, if the version of Mother 1 we have played for all these years needs very few changes and Earthbound sells well, this is a no-brainer for Nintendo.

backlot said on Apr. 22, 2013

If Earthbound does well and proves there’s a fanbase for these games in America and Nintendo wants to do more with the franchise then I think Mother 1 would at least be more likely to be released than Mother 3.

Iamsotired said on Apr. 22, 2013

I think there is a possibility, although the likeliness is probably about the same as throwing a deck of cards in the air and having them fall to the ground in a house of cards.

That being said- I trust that eventually it will be hacked and it will end up on the Wii-U virtual console. The question never mentions NINTENDO releasing it 😉

Megaton said on Apr. 22, 2013

Mother 1 and 3 being released, will depend on the sales of the WII U console, and Earthbound itself. Like i stated Nintendo is only doing this because they are failing right now and need a boost in sales, this is why they are taking a risk at giving us Earthbound.

Truth be told, if Earthbound can manage to sale a huge amount of copies(more than 500,000) and the WII U Console sales soar in double digits(300,000) . Then obviously this will tell Nintendo that they made the right risk for Earthbound. And you will continue to see Mother 1 and 3 on console.

Nintendo i know this much about them, they will have a surprise lined up if all things line up correctly sales wise. But other than that, it will happen, but only if you fight for it with buying a WII U and getting Earthbound itself.

HpBoost said on Apr. 22, 2013

Chances are slim to none. Most people outside of the EB community haven’t heard of it, and there isn’t much demand for NES rpgs.

The Great Morgil said on Apr. 22, 2013

If it does, i’d hope it’d get a fresh new translation, whether it be by Mato or someone else.

Max_H said on Apr. 22, 2013

I voted “no.”

That said, I agree with posters above who said that MOTHER 1 and MOTHER 3 could be released stateside if EarthBound does really well on VC.

I find it interesting that Nintendo of Japan only released MOTHER 2 for VC, though. They could have done a full-blown “MOTHER Revival” in which they made all three titles available; instead, they chose the one game that ever made it to America. This convinces me that Chewy played an enormous role in the U.S. re-release (and probably even the recent Japanese revival, too). But maybe they only released MOTHER 2 because that game was easiest to import?

Anyway, as I said, if the game sells a large number of downloads, I’m sure Nintendo will take notice and feel compelled to cash in on the others.

Jason said on Apr. 22, 2013

I think there’s a good chance of Mother 3 being released eventually.

But definitely not Mother 1. It’s such an old and clunky and grindy game, and story-wise it’s very similar to Mother 2. The only people who would be interested in Mother 1 are hard core Mother fans, and honestly I think most Mother fans play Mother 1 because of their fans, not because it looks like, or is, a good game in itself.

Barely anyone would buy it and even if it was just a matter of putting the EB0 ROM on it, the bureaucratic tasks involved would (paying employees to coordinate it, getting the materials together, etc.) would cost more than the game would ever make.

Mother 3 is a worthwhile game on its own and it’s not just a remake of Mother 1/2. It probably helps that Lucas is in SSB too.

Megaton said on Apr. 22, 2013

@Max H.

On Earthbound being the only game on VC out of the 3 games in the U.S. What you do not realize is, Earthbound is what most people who have played the SNES remember, you hardly ever hear people outside talk about Mother 3 except those who are dedicated fans of the game, and the series.

But that is not to say it will never be out, because if there is renewed interest and sales to back up the long wait of 18 years, with petitions, phone calls, etc. It will be a matter of time.

Let me say it again though, One must remember, Nintendo is using Earthbound as a test. And if it succeeds the test of sales and excitement for WII U and Earthbound. Mother 1 + 3 will be out within time because then Nintendo will make more enough money off it, and will be kept afloat from their failure to acknowledge their base of dedicated fans.

By the way, i voted yes, because knowing the Mother community, they have never given up and the base is growing as each day passes. Nintendo knows they could put it out on Virtual Console at anytime, they have the original data with Mother 1 already translated, they are just waiting to see how Earthbound does before making anymore moves.

Snesdude7 said on Apr. 22, 2013

I would love if Nintendo reprinted the guide to EarthBound (snes) when it comes to WiiU that would be AWESOME!

megamegaman247 said on Apr. 22, 2013

come on guys the impossible just happened, lets see if we can do it again!

64RR said on Apr. 22, 2013

Its possible now that Earthbound will release. We have to see how much it sells! Frankly, I see very low chances unless Earthbound exceeds expectation. I think that Mother 3 has more of a chance, especially if they want to sell even more consoles. If Earthbound sells really well, we might see it on by Mother’s 25th anniversary next year! 🙂

Prayer For Safety said on Apr. 22, 2013

Theres a lot of level grinding and fustrating parts threwout the game, and while they arn’t that bad once your used to them. The more casual gamers might lose interest before then.

I’m not sure, maybe it’ll get rereleased if EarthBound does well on the WiiU. Who knows.

joe said on Apr. 22, 2013

i want to prove wrong everyone who guesses that because it has not been english released before means it never will:nintendo has done this before. LOST LEVELS WAS RELEASED IN MARIO ALL STARS BAM! if they did that, they can do it again.
also, for people who dont know:lost levels was the REAL mario 2, but nintendo made a different mario game out of doki doki panic and then released that in japan as mario USA and then released lost levels in all stars with mario 2 and #barfs from overly long comment#

MaximTheArchmage said on Apr. 22, 2013

No, but I really want it to.
I think it won’t be because there are only so many people who have played EarthBound. And among them there are even less that have tried EarthBound Zero, let alone finish it. I played through the game and loved it, level grinding and all. It had a certain charm. And the Mother 1+2 patch only enhanced that. (Thanks Tomato!)

If it IS released again my bets are that it will be a port of the superior Mother 1+2 version anyways, not EarthBound Zero. Which means that they would have to do a lot of extra work reinserting scripts and taking out the Mother 2 portion of the game.

Thedreaminghawk said on Apr. 22, 2013

Definately. If it comes to Japan, then it probably will to NA too, as it’s already finished

Giggleface said on Apr. 22, 2013

I’d think it likely, because they had already planned it’s release long ago, meaning they obviously were happy with the game. But, it has been a while…

Sir Ilpalazzo said on Apr. 22, 2013

Speaking as someone who likes the first Mother, I honestly doubt it. Considering the kind of game it is, I don’t think there’s any demand for an official English release for it outside of the hardcore Mother fanbase.

LucozadeP said on Apr. 22, 2013

As much as I’d love for it to happen, it’s pretty darn unlikely.

Then again, in the Nintendo Direct video Iwata-san mentioned that it was a sequel to a Japan only game, mentioning it’s Japanese name as MOTHER2.
If people hadn’t already known about EarthBound Zero (which is pretty darn unlikely), that would most likely spur them to look it up, and perhaps more people would be interested in it getting an international release.

It’s just a thought.

EnnuiKing said on Apr. 22, 2013

lemons are sour and i want earth bound!!!

ジョニー said on Apr. 22, 2013

I wouldn’t mind a Mother 1 on Wii U

DJMankiewicz said on Apr. 22, 2013

I think Nintendo may just do this. It seems far more likely than Mother 3, if only because they already did most of the work.

What’ll they call it? Maybe just Earthbound NES, but I doubt they’d ever use the fan made name for fear of “legitimizing” piracy or even just “stealing” the name a couple of fans came up with when they altered the ROM’s title screen.

I doubt they’d do much more than tone down some of the flashing effects. In other words, they might just undo one of the original changes TO the Japanese version in the original translation and get rid of the wavy effect when you learn one of the 8 melodies. (Again, my opinion on this sort of thing is that it IS important to consider a marginalized portion of the population like the photosensitive epileptics, but leaving in an option to use the flashy effects would also be great for the rest of us and for history.)

Derrek said on Apr. 22, 2013

First, Nintendo of Japan has to confirm its releasing Mother on the Wii Us virtual console. Only then will NOA stand any chance of MAYBE releasing their unreleased translation.

And the only way that even stands a chance is if Earthbound becomes an amazing redemption story.

Kit said on Apr. 22, 2013

Very unlikely.. if the sales of Earthbound are overwhelmingly successful, then maybe there would be a chance that a Mother 3 translation gets some thought. However, EB Zero, I just don’t see it. Especially if it’s not even out in Japan.

misterdigi35 said on Apr. 22, 2013

I think there’s a chance, but im not really sure that it’s a yes/no situation. it certainly would be nice to see Mother 1 on the VC, but that seems a bit hasty to jump to a (yes they’re planning on releasing it) or (no why would they do that). We just don’t really know yet.

Anonymouse said on Apr. 22, 2013

I voted ‘no’ since I don’t think many people will get into this game. Sure, a lot of people might get into EarthBound, but EB0 feels mostly like a clone… and let’s face it, EB is the better one. ><' I don't think many casual gamers would get into it, and I'm not sure how well EB itself will do even with the power of mother fans… although I do admit, Mother fans are quite powerful to have gotten it on the Wii u…

Still, I think the only hopes of having Mother 1 sell successfully is to have it be sold with the other games.

Starlight36 said on Apr. 22, 2013

I voted yes, largely because they have it already fully translated and, if EarthBound sells well, they could just release it with the disclaimer that since it was never officially released in the West before now, translations of some game elements may vary from other installments’. Or they could just do what little patching up is necessary (Giegue->Giygas, I don’t even know what else) and release it that way.
Of course, I’m likely just being hopelessly optimistic… Mother 1 is my favorite Mother game and all, so…

trickster2599 said on Apr. 22, 2013

It all depends on Earthbound. If Earthbound has a huge monetary gain by Nintendo, they’ll consider the other games in the series, but the games will have a possible difference for the originals…

Then again, they have both been translated into English 1 way or another, but some things in the game may need improvements…

Justin said on Apr. 22, 2013

I voted yes. Who knows what could happen in the next 30 or 50 years?

Do I think it will be out in the next three years? No.

Metal202 said on Apr. 22, 2013

Just rename it Earthbound origins and put on the wii u virtual console simple as that.

Metal202 said on Apr. 22, 2013

But in all honesty I think the game would benefit if Nintendo also added a new mode and original mode ala DKC 3D with the new mode being ALOT less grind heavy and orginal mode being unaltered so fans won’t feel cheapend out.

BOX said on Apr. 22, 2013

All I know is, I’m not making any promises on eating my words this time. That was gross (but I’m still happy Earthbound is getting the re-release it deserves).

I voted yes, purely out of optimism. Mother and Mother 3 would be *excellent* virtual console additions, especially mother 3.

boundearth said on Apr. 22, 2013

If Earthbound meets Nintendos expectations and does better then they expected then we might have a good chance at Earthbound 0. However, Mother 3 is highly unlikely to happen. I just don’t see it happening for some reason. I mean all those petitions and things fans have done up until now to get Mother 3 to come here were all futile.

What are the chances of them bringing the game here after 7 years when they didn’t even think of it as an option in 2006 when the game first came out. Once again, Earthbound 0 is definitely likely, but Mother 3 not so much…

Starman Stan said on Apr. 22, 2013

One thing we should keep in mind is this. When the newcomers that play the game for the first time on the Wii U finish it, and find out that theres two other games in the Mother series. They’ll want to play them to, so there will be a demand for EB Zero and Mother 3 to get released, aswell as the demand there currently is with people who are familar with the games.

Also like it’s been mentioned above if EarthBound does well on Wii U VC our chances will be better.

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Apr. 22, 2013

I voted no because I doubt people are willing to spend a hundred or so virtual units on a glorified, urbanized Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy.

BAMX said on Apr. 22, 2013

I’m kind of hoping that they do a compilation release of all three games for the series’ 25th anniversary next year, similar to what they did with Mario and Kirby. The way I see it, a physical release is more likely to get localized than a digital one.

It’s a long shot, though. MOTHER is nowhere near as popular as Mario or Kirby, even in Japan.

JerkyMcgee said on Apr. 22, 2013

I could maybe, MAYBE see it being released as in Import title. I doubt they’d market it as “prototype no for sale for legit” or anything. Really, putting these titles on the Wii’s VC probably costs little to “nothing,” so either way, they wouldn’t be out much, if anything.

Gamer Circuit said on Apr. 22, 2013

What about the 3DS??? Has everyone forgot about that? They have NES games too! :/ I’d like to see Mother on that! “)

Permafry_42 said on Apr. 23, 2013

I think that Mother 3 will probably get rereleased if Earthbound VC sells well, but unless its included in a bundle of all 3 games I really don’t see why they would rerelease Earthbound Zero. This coming from someone who really believed Earthbound was going to be rereleased. Granted, it would be great if they did rerelease it. If both mother 3 vc and earthbound vc sold well, I could see a slight potential for it happening. Still, even if it did, I’d rather play one of the remakes being made(like this one: http://forum.starmen.net/forum/Fan/Games/EarthBound-Zero-Remake-1) since it should have its gameplay and graphics on the same level as Mother 3 or Earthbound, meaning it will be much more enjoyable to play again instead of just the nes game.

Irock said on Apr. 23, 2013

Awesome, I love when polls are 50/50

Earthbounder said on Apr. 23, 2013

Wow 50/50 o_o

AdmiralCrunch said on Apr. 23, 2013

I really don’t see it happening, much as it saddens me. Most posters here agree, mother 1 came from an era when grinding was a way of life. Final fantasy 1 is another game dependent on grinding and while I’m sure it sold OK and got them an acceptable roi, it hardly set the world on fire. Mother 1 just hasn’t aged that well and I don’t see it happening unless the Wii u sales spike AND earthbound sees something like a 30+ share. Double that if it comes out for $0.30.

Mother 1 also never officially was released, which I think would make NOA gun shy about it. They’d probably want additional q&a done which would start to cost significant money. Meanwhile, NES vc games, at least on the og Wii, tended to cost much less than newer gen games reducing their return. Nintendo’s a business and unless mother 1 will move consoles, I don’t see it being viewed as a good business decision.

What I could see as more likely is a mother 3 release for the 3ds, especially if both earthbound sells well and 3ds sales continue to lag. Mother 3 has not had the same time to age and comes from an era much more aligned with current RPGs. It wouldn’t be an $8 vc title, but games like chrono trigger have seen re-releases that went as far as adding content, hardly a trivial task. It will require so many stars to align to have a ghost of a chance, but if I were a betting man, my money is on mother 3 over mother 1.

If the earthbound community has taught us anything though, its that nothing is impossible. I had written off an earthbound vc release as roughly as likely as ruffini writing back. Outside of him visiting me in my dreams to warn me about how cheetohs are in fact an alien brainwashing tool, I haven’t heard anything yet. All there is to do is wait for earthbound to be released and spread the word to Wii u owners and gamers why they should give this game a shot. If earthbound turns out to surprise Nintendo, impossible things may just come back on the table.

Corey said on Apr. 23, 2013

Nintendo did translate it unless I was told the wrong info a long time ago. I think there’s a good chance we will see it on WiiU VC now that the SNES game has been promised but not for a while after.

RockXLight said on Apr. 23, 2013

@ Jason

@ Anonymouse

@ A bunch of other jerks

What’s with all this hate for EarthBound Zero? Just because you don’t like the game doesn’t mean that there isn’t a bunch of people who do, and just because you think it’s too hard or archaic or whatever doesn’t mean that people who play EarthBound on the the Virtual Console won’t want to check it out.

Name said on Apr. 23, 2013

Seriously? What is wrong with you? M1 is a great game! It’s really fun! The sad part is that I died right before facing Giygas, and I got sent all the way to the bottom of the mountain. The boat was no longer there…

Anonymous said on Apr. 23, 2013

Well, that’s a nice draw.

Casgair said on Apr. 23, 2013

I have to wonder if all 540+ yes voters have actually played EBZ, because without the Easy Ring the uphill grind is quite honestly worse than Dragon Quest/Warrior.

The die hard old school grind-until-your-eyes-fall-out JRPG enthusiast is a dying breed, and I just don’t see Nintendo trying to push what is hands down the least accessible game of the Mother series onto the public.

Midna said on Apr. 23, 2013

The thing about EBZ is that it’s merely an “OK” game in a series known for being really good. It starts off pretty strong, but your party members aren’t really as developed as they are in EarthBound or Mother 3, and level grinding is a problem, especially in the last quarter of the game.

rio said on Apr. 23, 2013

Maybe Japan will get Mother… I don’t belive the west will get Mother and Mother 3 but I sill hope it happens someday.

domflo said on Apr. 23, 2013

To me, EarthBound Zero is a game than could only be released under the premise that it is what it is – EarthBound ZERO. I always kinda looked at Mother 2 as a reboot of Mother 1, because the games are so similar in their structure. If Nintendo would want to release that game, they would have to go the “The game that started it all!” or “Enjoy what would later become EarthBound” type of route in their advertising of it, which makes the title “EarthBound Zero” a perfect fit in my opinion.

Radiostorm said on Apr. 23, 2013

I don’t think folk are as hungry for a re-release of Mother as they were for EarthBound. The game isn’t a part of our collective childhoods and, like many other NES titles, hasn’t aged gracefully. Even veteran fanboys shy away from the atrocious degree of grinding required in Mother.

Spin Attaxx said on Apr. 23, 2013

I think it’ll probably be released as a translated verson of Mother as an import, rather than using the Earth Bound ROM.

Mato said on Apr. 23, 2013

If it means anything, here’s how the first game fared in all the Nintendo Power polls a few years back: http://earthboundcentral.com/virtual-console-polls/

Note that pretty much most of those were without outside influence/people saying, “Go vote for this!”

G.Wicks said on Apr. 23, 2013

I MOTHER is released on japan’s virtual console, and if EB’s wii u release sells like gangbusters (and I have a feeling it will), then I think a western wii u virtual console release would be very likely. Japan first, though… I don’t see us hetting EBZero on wii u virtual console if Japan doesn’t get MOTHER first.

Jack said on Apr. 23, 2013

I think if MOTHER is ever released on the Virtual Console in Japan and receives the same level of support from Western fans as MOTHER 2, then there’s a good chance it will finally see a Western release. But Japan would have to get it first.
And also, as an Aussie fan, SUPER excited for EarthBound! 🙂

FlyingManCourage said on Apr. 23, 2013

1,182 votes as of this post and it’s basically a 50/50 split. We can’t decide.

I went with yes. I really do think that as we continue to barrel forward in gaming, more and more older games will have the honor of a revival/re-release. As popular as EarthBound is, I think there’s definitely a profitable market for releasing the others digitally. Physical copies, now that’s probably asking too much.

LucasPSI said on Apr. 23, 2013

I highly doubt it. It was A horrible game. Even for the NES era.

Mato said on Apr. 23, 2013

Weren’t there plenty of horrible games on the Wii VC though?

ben said on Apr. 23, 2013

not in North America

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Apr. 23, 2013

@Mato, about the polls

I don’t know if those voters know anything about Mother 1’s difficulty in gameplay and accessibility. If anything though, the elements it introduced to the series are probably more important to those voters.

Apple Kid said on Apr. 23, 2013

@Mato Yeah, Secret of Mana, Balloon fight, Punch Out featuring Mr.Dream, just the tip of the iceberg there.

PiePusher11 said on Apr. 23, 2013

Personally, I really liked Mother, and really wish it was available on VC, but, I said no, for a couple reasons.

1. It never officially came out in America. Yes, I know there are some Japan-only games on the Wii VC, but it’s not like any of those were changed at all, they took the original Japanese game and put in on the Wii VC. And, since it’s such a text-heavy game, I really don’t think they’ll do that for Mother.

2. It’s just not very well-known, outside of Mother fans. Kind of related to the first point, but, since it didn’t actually come out in America, it’s not as well-known, and you don’t hear about it as often as EarthBound, or Mother 3.

A lot of people may say that Mother is a “bad game”, or whatever, because of the grinding, and stuff, but first of all, that’s personal opinion. Second of all, since when has quality of a game prevented it from being on VC?

Reficul. said on Apr. 23, 2013

I think they might put Mother on something eventually. Unfortunately, I think they’ll be using the original Earthbound [Zero] ROM with the original translation, rather than your excellent translation in the GBA port.


Brandon said on Apr. 23, 2013

@piepusher11 “And, since it’s such a text-heavy game” The translation was finished 20 something years ago though. It just was never released. My point is if they can translate Mother 1 once they can do it again. Just saying.

Justin said on Apr. 23, 2013


Definitely a lot of bad TurboGrafx games. I gifted my friend China Warrior as a prank. Turns out he played it a lot as a kid and kind of appreciated the gesture. But anyway…

Anonymous said on Apr. 23, 2013

What are you guys talking about? Earthbound Zero was a fantastic game. It really pioneered games and RPGs for that era in terms of dialogue, and hey, there are plenty of “Nintendo-hard” games from the 20th century that we still love today.

Just because it’s the most difficult of the trilogy does not mean it’s a horrible game. EB0 has a fantastic soundtrack, memorable characters and dialogue, and phenomenal plot line for a game of that era. Without EB0, we wouldn’t have EarthBound in the first place.

If EB on the Wii U is a big enough hit, I think that they will eventually publish the trilogy. That might seem too overly optimistic, but I can be a pollyanna, right?

BusterTheFox said on Apr. 23, 2013

Daaang, it’s 50/50. I voted yes. I’m hopeful that both 1 and 3 will come out now that EB is, along with the fact that GBA games are coming to Wii U VC. Not to mention, Tomato’s old news post about offering Nintendo everything in the M3 translation for free is making huge news across the interwebs. xD I still find that kind of funny. I guess nobody really knew about it before.

Douche Mcallister said on Apr. 23, 2013

Well, if you think about… Nintendo has released a bunch of games on U.S. virtual console that haven’t made it outside of Japan. If Earthbound sells well on vc (and maybe with a little prodding) Nintendo may very well release EB Zero as well.
But I suspect it would be named “Mother” on the vc, with that little Japanese flag icon on it to show it was a Japanese exclusive before. Just like Super Mario Bros. 2 was. (Or lost levels, whatever you wanna call it.)

Corey said on Apr. 24, 2013

I’ve completed EB0 both with and without Mato’s easy ring. The easy ring really helps, but I would buy a VC release even if I never got around to fully completing it. It’s fun just to start a game and see the beginnings of the series, and it’s likely in my opinion that anyone who buys EarthBound (SNES) and likes it would also see it that way.

Douche Mcallister said on Apr. 24, 2013

Plus you have to consider all those polls Nintendo Power did! There was a long period of time where Earthbound AND Mother were in the readers’ top 5 most wanted vc list. We got other games on the list like Chrono Trigger and even now Earthbound… I think it will definitely happen. It’ll just take some time, and probly a Japanese only release first… But it’ll happen.

Someone said on Apr. 24, 2013

Nah… It would be cool but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. But then again I’m still shocked we actually got Mother 2, so I guess after witnessing such an event I can’t deny that from now on anything is possible.

PSY (PsiReaper) said on Apr. 24, 2013

I don’t think the actual game itself will ever be put on the VC market, however I remake of the game might work.

OSK said on Apr. 24, 2013

Honestly, I’m still in shock that we’re getting Earthbound. We already have a official translation…it just wasn’t mass produced and sold on the market. I think we have a better chance of getting mother 1 than getting mother 3

G.Wicks said on Apr. 24, 2013

Level grinding on old school RPG’s is totally fun because it makes you use your imaginaaaaatiioooon!!!
*rainbow appears overhead*

neonix said on Apr. 24, 2013

Honestly, with the impossible re-release of EarthBound, anything is possible! lol.

lucki_vibrato said on Apr. 24, 2013

Only with a huge press.


Mother 1 is my favorite NES game.

Giggleface said on Apr. 24, 2013

I don’t see why people say it is not a good enough game. Nintendo’s quality standards for the Virtual Console are extremely low, and I can honestly say that MOTHER is the only NES game that I actually like, and not because I’m a fanboy!

MaximTheArchmage said on Apr. 24, 2013

If you explore instead of level grind (like you should) MOTHER has a lot of exploits to make the game easier. I remember a guy who gave you infinite mouthwash which you could sell to max out your money (in addition to using it). That one was a lifesaver.

DJMankiewicz said on Apr. 24, 2013

Applekid, I gotta say, my tastes are VERY different. Those 3 games you listed as “examples” of terrible games on the VC? I consider those great games. Punch Out is Punch Out, which is amazing. Balloon Fight is more or less a Joust ripoff, but a good one with a fun side scrolling mode added in. Secret of Mana is INCREDIBLE, critically renowned, with some of the best multiplayer in an action/RPG I’ve ever seen. Even the sequels never managed to get it quite right. (Seiken Densetsu 3? That’s a game I’d love to see remade. Square-Enix needs to get on that.)

Apple Kid said on Apr. 25, 2013

Secret of Mana is the one I truly despise, ATB was done wrong, the text boxes hurt my eyes to read, the works best in co-op (pretty hard to implement to a guy with near zero friends who like SNES RPGs), the story was okay at best and bosses were a joke, being that they had bogus hit boxes and obviously homing attacks. Balloon Fight just wasn’t my cup of tea, not terrible, that was an overstatement, but it wasn’t outstanding. And Mr.Dream’s Punch Out just kind of loses that extra prompt to finish without Mike Tyson as champ. So the only one I really think should be taken from VC is Secret of Mana. It’s not because I’m a hipster, these games just weren’t good to me. I like FF3/6, Chrono Trigger, SMRPG, and other SNES titles but they just didn’t impress.

TheWiseSage said on Apr. 25, 2013

I think there is a chance that, since we were slightly cheated out of mother 1 and 3 anyway, Itoi will realize this and maybe consider releasing on virtual console. I mean, we were supposed to get Mother but they were like “No let’s just not do it.” And with mother 3 we were gonna get earthbound 64 but when that was canceled and then later revived we ended up not getting it…

Anonymous said on Apr. 25, 2013

japan – yes
north america and europe – no. they only time they translated a japan only game for virtual console was sin and punishment, and it barely had any text. if they’re not going to release the nes and snes fire emblems on vc, they’re definitely not going to release mother 1

Brandon said on Apr. 25, 2013

@Anonymous If you want earthbound zero in the west & have a wii u, get enough people to translate that fire emblem game over here in the west & hopefully earthbound sells well & maybe we’ll get mother/earthbound zero in the west. Just my thoughts though.

TyBlood13 said on Apr. 25, 2013

@Anonymous Sin & Punishment always had English menus, even in the original Japanese release on the N64. And Mother 1 is already translated, so it wouldn’t required any work whatsoever.

wooperz said on Apr. 25, 2013

japan – maybe
everyone else? – unlikely.

I would like to think that Nintendo would make the right decision and release this for VC, but they’re just so weird and arbitrary about things. They’re amazing in so many ways, but I honestly don’t understand their decision-making process when it comes to releases.

10/10 would buy for myself and everyone I know with a Wii U. (Not kidding.)

Fusion14 said on Apr. 26, 2013


Mato said on Apr. 26, 2013


megamegaman247 said on Apr. 26, 2013

oh man, it is really neck and neck. Only a 1 vote difference! If we keep a positive aditude twords things (which was hard for a long time :P) we can pull throught guys! If EarthBound sells then we got a shot, and if that sells why not Mother 3! they sky is the limit!

Guru said on Apr. 26, 2013

At me time of voting, 920 each.

Be nice, but y’know nintendo, how many years has it been since they could have released EB?

DJMankiewicz said on Apr. 26, 2013

Nintendo seems to be considering reversing their stance on RPGs. Pokemon not withstanding, it seems they’ve been gunshy about RPGs ever since Earthbound sold below expectations. That’s a LONG time to maintain such a policy of course, and NOA apparently managed to miss out on how RPGs exploded in popularity stateside since then.

Consider Project Rainfall’s recent success. Nintendo actually took a chance on Xenoblade. They really went conservative, the total opposite of how much they endorsed Earthbound (in fact, a bit TOO conservative, since it was only sold in Gamestop and their online store). They also had the good fortune of bringing over a game that was already fully translated into English for the European market. The game seems to have been somewhat successful. Sure, no New Super Mario Bros. Wii in terms of sales, but it sold well enough that Nintendo seems to have taken notice. XSeed looked at that and released The Last Story here, and just this month completed the Rainfall trilogy with Pandora’s Tower. The Last Story must have sold well enough for XSeed to justify bringing Pandora’s Tower here.

I expect Pandora’s Tower might not sell as well, critically because Pandora’s Tower is being released as the Wii is going out. This’ll likely be the very last big title for the Wii (though I expect to see bad kid’s movie licensed games and EA Sports titles on the thing for years to come, the Wii sold well enough to sustain that much, I mean the Playstation 2 is STILL seeing new EA sports titles on it). Still, XSeed does very well for itself with a niche market of dedicated consumers, so I don’t think it’ll sell poorly either.

I think Rainfall’s success, coupled with Itoi’s push to get Mother 2 on the Japanese Wii U, is the only force that was strong enough to push Nintendo into giving RPGs besides Pokemon another chance in America. Xenoblade sold well enough for them to at least CONSIDER changing their policy, but now Earthbound has to keep up that momentum. Hopefully, it’ll be enough that Nintendo may end up reversing their position entirely and start translating big name RPGs to the US market with far more regularity. Goodness knows the Wii U could certainly use more regular releases, just as the Wii could have used them.

Vukadin said on Apr. 27, 2013

The pessimism of some of you kids…

Mother 1 WILL get released, that is if sales for Earthbound are good.

I, howerer, have HIGH hopes ever since Earthbound was announced for the Wii U.

Vukadin said on Apr. 28, 2013

@Apple Kid

I think Secret of Mana is better and more fun than Chrono Trigger. Not sure on FF6 though.

There, I said it. Mostly because I had friends to play co-op with.

ejruss25 said on Apr. 28, 2013

They will, but it’ll probably take another 18 years.

popoie said on Apr. 29, 2013

In Japan, yes. Earthbound Zero in English on the Wii U Virtual Console? No, never.
The only possibility is a remake/compilation of the games for a newer console perhaps, and that will probably be on a future handheld system from Nintendo. But i doubt it will be in English (Officially).

Ater said on May. 2, 2013

Earthbound is the kind of game you can play all over again and still have fun yhanks to the customization and all that, but Mother 1 isn’t as fun as its follower. It might be a pretty annoying game for today’s public due to the size of the maps, the randomness of the encounters, and, as for myself, I found it hard to know what to do in certain parts of the game (Actually, I didn’t get to Reindeer until near the end of the game). I liked mother 1, but I don’t think most people will. The setting is biased over here, but think about it… Is Mother 1 as famous as Earthbound? Don’t forget how the world goes… “Money, that’s what I want. Money, that’s what is hot. Money, that’s what I want. Money, it’s what we ain’t got…”

thelucaskid482 said on May. 9, 2013

Favorite game EVER. If this comes out for VC, I’m gonna, like, freak out. But I’m not sure how its gonna feel playing it on something other than the NES, though.

Mother2fan said on Dec. 28, 2013

Because Earthbound was a huge success on the VC, I can think that Nintendo is thinking of putting Mother 1 on the VC, at least in Japan.


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