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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 24th, 2013 | EarthBound, Itoi, Videos

The other day I posted about how Shigesato Itoi thanked overseas fans in English on the MOTHER 2 Miiverse. Fans have responded with hundreds of messages of gratitude, so I thought it would be nice to share a video of them for folks who don’t have Wii Us:

I gotta say, when they announced that Itoi would have his own Miiverse community and that he’d post stuff sometimes, I never, ever imagined something like this would happen! And I can’t even begin to imagine the surprise and amazement he must be feeling from the worldwide response he’s gotten!


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27 Comments to EarthBound Fans Thank Shigesato Itoi Back

neonix said on Apr. 24, 2013

Some of the drawings people made are great. “THANK U” and “Ness Used PK Thank You”, haha. And that really good one at 5:15

resetsurvivor said on Apr. 24, 2013

Miiverse is a powerful tool for Nintendo. I only see this as a better way to gauge popularity for titles to be localized.

Flint said on Apr. 24, 2013

I wonder, How do american Fans get access to the Japanese MOTHER 2 Miiverse. Or are all those fans american fans who got japanese Wii U (I do own a Wii U, and i cant find a way to access the Japanese Miiverse)

starman0 said on Apr. 24, 2013

@Flint: We’re able to select what region we want to look at in Miiverse.

AdmiralCrunch said on Apr. 24, 2013

Ruffini Miiverse campaign, anyone?

starman0 said on Apr. 24, 2013

Should’ve mentioned, go into Miiverse. Select Communities, and at the top of the screen tap where it says Americas.

Anonymous said on Apr. 24, 2013

Man I can’t believe this is really happening, and that it’s already been a week since the big announcement.

Itoi must be feeling really happy getting the game rereleased, and the overwhelming thanks from fans hes getting.

G.Wicks said on Apr. 24, 2013

Miiverse really is a powerful tool for Nintendo. It’s neat how personal the relationship between Nintendo and its customers is. And the EarthBound community has always been made up of really interesting and wonderful people; Miiverse makes that even more obvious. I think EarthBound is just the kind of warmhearted game that attracts warmhearted people, and its really cool to see Nintendo and its fanbase so close like this.

EBMarcus said on Apr. 24, 2013


derrek said on Apr. 24, 2013

Oh cool! Definately going to hop on miiverse tonight to offer my own thanks. Thanks for the tip starman0

Thedreaminghawk said on Apr. 24, 2013

At 2:10 I see my posts! (I’m named Connor)

Bizarro(S) said on Apr. 24, 2013

So happy this is going to happen!

I got 20+ text from Friends telling my that the game I talk about all the time was coming to VC.

The shock hit me like a truck when I seen it was Earthbound!

Can’t wait for all my Friends to play Earthbound and feel the love I’ve had for the game all this time first hand^_^

jerk said on Apr. 24, 2013

For the love of- You got Earthbound, be happy with that. Nobody what gets released, or what Nintendo does, these obnoxious new Earthbound “fans” are always going to be nagging and pestering somebody for something.

RockXLight said on Apr. 24, 2013

@ jerk

Oh shut up. Nintendo isn’t bothered by requests for a game they can put on the Virtual Console quite easily without having to go through any red tape.

64RR said on Apr. 24, 2013

Itoi deserves these and even more thanks so does Nintendo. Once again THANKS TO NINTENDO! 🙂 BTW great accompanying music Mato 😉

DJMankiewicz said on Apr. 24, 2013

Earthbound coming to Europe is also great news. Mind you, it’ll still be exclusively in English, so not everyone there will be able to enjoy it without a fan translation.

I do want Mother 1 to come out, as the original ROM wasn’t really bug ridden so they really don’t need to test much. “Sandbox” the emulator and glitches won’t affect anything outside it, so I think it should be perfectly fine.

Mother 1 is NOT my favorite NES game by a long shot (that would go to the usual suspects like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Zelda 1, plus a few dark horses like Crystalis), but it isn’t a bad game either. It is a fun and fairly average (by gameplay standards) console RPG. It is the quirky humor and focus on “little things” that makes it stand apart, and worthy of a playthrough by anyone that’s a fan of Earthbound.

“jerk”, we aren’t “nagging”, just asking for more. Remember, this is the FIRST thing NOA has done to acknowledge US fans since the original game was released. This is GREAT, and I thank Nintendo for going through with this, but “shutting up and sitting down” isn’t the right attitude to have. There’s always more to be done, every day, so why ever settle for anything? Most of us are not vilifying Nintendo, we’re very happy, but all of us stand to gain when we remind them there’s more that can be done. Sure, we’re all going to enjoy the game, sit back, enjoy the memories all over again (or for the first time), but after that, let’s all go knocking on (Luck of) Heaven’s door for more.

But there are other non-Mother things I want to see. Terranigma was exclusive to Europe (and Japan). That game is incredible. I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get that game imported and playing correctly on my unmodded SNES (if I modded it, Super Mario RPG would be unplayable), but it was worth it. I think a lot of people would love to see that as a VC release. It too is already fully translated into English, and with one small patch applied to the ROM to play in proper NTSC speed (fans already found out how to do this without triggering the copyright protection, it is a very simple little ROM hack), it would be ready to go. Terranigma doesn’t suffer from any of the copyright risks, so Square-Enix would benefit from just going through with that release.

Again, Mother 3 would be the toughest of the lot to bring here. That’s a full translation job, and as we’ve all seen, there are a lot of things that would need to be tweaked or even completely reworked to get the translation working correctly (the text display system would need to be rewritten in the source code to work in the best way possible without slowdown or odd graphical glitches). That would not be a simple task, especially if Nintendo or Brownie Brown don’t even have the source code to the game any more. (Not unheard of. Capcom managed to lose a lot of assets to the Okami game requiring rewritting sections of the game from scratch, and Konami managed to lose the source code to the final release of Silent Hill 2, but somehow still had an early beta copy, which resulted in a rather poor HD release of the game.) It may be they would be forced to “hack” the game into playable english if that source code is missing entirely, and as we’ve seen, that’s a LONG process if they only assign a few people to the team.

Arekou said on Apr. 24, 2013

the only one I see “Nagging” here its you, go be an hypocrite somewhere else.

Saggy said on Apr. 25, 2013

I wish I had a Wii U so I could thank him.

Anonymous said on Apr. 25, 2013

Somebody give DJ Mankiewicz a darn cookie.

JamesBond007 said on Apr. 25, 2013

Someone forgot a letter (Mothe 1 please).

DJMankiewicz, are you from Poland, like me? Your nickname sounds Polish-like. Although my favourite franchise is Zelda, I have some EarthBound merchandise. Not counting ROMs of all three games, I have Fangamer shirts (Shirtness, Lucas, ISNP and few other not EarthBound-related) and one of around 2,500 “Am I the only one who finds this silly?” coloring books from RetroWear Kickstarter campaign.

Kaabii said on Apr. 25, 2013

Ya know, I wonder if Reggie has changed his feelings about EarthBound…

Snesdude7 said on Apr. 25, 2013

What are we going to do now that EB is commin’ to WiiU?

Mariotti said on Apr. 26, 2013


DJMankiewicz said on Apr. 26, 2013

My nickname is lifted from Homestar Runner. It is his (fictional) e-mail address.

The Great Morgil said on Apr. 26, 2013

Last night i had a dream that Itoi had died.

No i’m not making some joke about the ending to EB. I literally dreamt last night that he had died of cancer or something. Everyone was all mourning and posting tribute videos with the ending song from EB. I kept trying to post my own thoughts on the matter, but every time i started typing, my laptop would crash. Then for some reason the dream turned into an episode of Rosanne, and then i woke up.

Dreams are weird.

Apple Kid said on Apr. 28, 2013

@The Great Morgil The dream shows your true concern for, not only the games, but their creator. “Why?” You ask, well, you view The Mother Series as an art and fear for the end of the creator and the art, then your brain tried to shield you from it by cutting you off, then it tried to turn a dark situation into a lighthearted laugh by turning it into an episode of Rosanne. Either that our you’re eating too much cold meat before bed.

manwich said on May. 2, 2013

and so ebay earthbound prices drop 5%


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