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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 3rd, 2013 | EarthBound, Videos

I can’t remember if I’ve posted this already or not, but here’s a 3D-ish version of Winters that I really like!

It’d be hard to play the game if it looked like this, but it sure looks pretty! And oh man, now I have the sudden urge to play Paper Mario games!


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18 Comments to A Visit to Winters in 3D

Kyle Durelle said on Apr. 3, 2013

that was pretty cool

NPC said on Apr. 3, 2013

It’s like the Paper Mario version of EarthBound!

Owtch said on Apr. 3, 2013

Looks like this would be loads of fun

rival12 said on Apr. 3, 2013

i wish this was for 3ds u.u

gwalms said on Apr. 3, 2013

I wanna see Podunk / Mother’s Day in this style. 😛

Vukadin said on Apr. 3, 2013

Reminds me of that “Pokemon 3D” project.

Looks exactly the same.


fourside said on Apr. 3, 2013

Looks really cool. It would be even cooler if the cliffs were 3D instead of flat!

Chivi-chivik said on Apr. 3, 2013

Paper Mario + EarthBound?
I’d just LOVE to play this.

64RR said on Apr. 3, 2013

What a wonderful 3D winters. I want to play Earthbound again now!

EpicJackman said on Apr. 3, 2013

If only, everything was 3D; that would be a site to see…

Ninten said on Apr. 3, 2013

I just beat Paper Mario the other day.

Onion said on Apr. 3, 2013

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

I wish more devs would employ alternative pixel perspectives like this.

Thanks for sharing!!

misterdigi35 said on Apr. 3, 2013

Paper Mario. Lovely, lovely, heartwarming game.

This looks even better though.

Buster The Fox said on Apr. 4, 2013

I don’t think it would be so hard to play since the camera would be less dynamic in-game. It would follow your character better and be set to an angle that makes it easy to follow. I guess. Haha!

This is very well made; it made me feel like they might as well have modded the game to run on a Nintendo 64 or something. Beautiful work. Who’s the creator?

Buster The Fox said on Apr. 4, 2013

Upon watching it a second time hoping that I missed the author (I didn’t, it isn’t there, but it says “Earthbound Fanfest” in the video title), I noticed that the light slowly transitions from night to day throughout the video. Just like the original game, even the fan works have little details that you only notice upon seeing it a second time. 🙂 This has to be one of my favorite fan works so far.

NorthofOnett said on Apr. 4, 2013

This is almost what I would expect if Nintendo made this a 3D classic title for the eShop 😀 very well done! Aside from all the ledges needing a bit of depth (which would have been hard to pull off I’m sure), the effect is done quite nicely! Kinda makes me wish someone would recreate the game from the ground up using the original maps/sprites in this style; it’d look really cool!

Vukadin said on Apr. 4, 2013


This is what I was talking about.

Magicxgame said on Apr. 4, 2013

“have the sudden urge to play Paper Mario games”



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