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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 21st, 2013 | EarthBound, Events, Itoi


Tomorrow morning (or tomorrow night if you’re in Japan) Itoi and a fellow MOTHER 2 staff member with the nickname “BOSE” will be doing a live broadcast/playthrough of MOTHER 2. During it, they’ll be talking about all sorts of things about the development of the game, stuff they’ve never really revealed before, things like that. It’s supposed to last about 3 hours long.

If you’re interested, bookmark this page. Since I’m too tired/lazy to do time math, according to good ol’ Siliconera, the broadcast will be at 7:00 AM EST, 4:00 AM PST, and 11:00 AM GMT.

If you’re up that early, give it a watch and let me know how it goes! Just please don’t spam the chat (if there is a chat) with stuff, as he, more than anyone at Nintendo, knows how badly fans outside of Japan want a release. If you should yell at anyone make it, uh… Giygas?

Anyway, at the very least, it’ll be neat to see Itoi play his own game!


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33 Comments to Official MOTHER 2 Stream with Itoi Tomorrow

Halloween said on Mar. 21, 2013

Great, I would totally watch that if someone records it and subs it.

Mel said on Mar. 21, 2013

Someone, PLEASE, record it.

DelectaBit said on Mar. 21, 2013

I’m praying that someone will record it and post it with subtitles!

jinxkatty7 said on Mar. 21, 2013

D: 4 A.M. for where I am. Dang, I have school tomorrow. If this was on the weekend I actually would get up early and watch. By any chance could someone record this? I’d love to see it but it can’t be fitted into my schedule.

Mr. Tenda said on Mar. 21, 2013

Um, please, someone is recording this, right?

Mesousa said on Mar. 21, 2013

There is no way I’m getting up at seven, please someone record this!

PK Derp said on Mar. 21, 2013

No i have school! 🙁 Please someone record and translate it. 🙂

TragicManner said on Mar. 21, 2013

OK, looks like I am going to have to be dedicated and get up at 4 to record this thing.

Leeaux said on Mar. 21, 2013

It’s the hopeful in me that hopes all this reminiscing and Mother Revival Festivities spur him to want to create another game.

I know it’s unlikely but as Tomato once said, “He changed his mind about Mother 3, so you never know.”

Soulier said on Mar. 21, 2013

I’m currently in Japan so I will be able to watch it when I get back to my apartment after work! I’ve always missed these kind of events before, so I really don’t want to miss this one. I will also attempt to record it.

gwalms said on Mar. 21, 2013

Any fan gonna be live translating? 😛

Mato said on Mar. 21, 2013

I definitely won’t have the time and I doubt I’ll even be awake. Plus if it IS three hours long… that’s a TON of translation work. There’s no way I’d want to do that – heck I haven’t even tackled the MOTHER 1+2 live discussion (which was with the same two people I think) or the MOTHER 3 live discussion. It’s just so much work 😯

DelectaBit said on Mar. 21, 2013

Hopefully there’s a brave soul who IS willing to?

Prayer For Safety said on Mar. 21, 2013

Now how does one get in contact with the universal cosmic destroyer himself Giygas?

Mato, is there any way you could record the stream using a onscreen recorder? or just have a camera pointed at the screen?

Tatsu_Ace said on Mar. 21, 2013

I’m on spring break, and I don’t wanna wake up at six, sooo…

nintendofreak said on Mar. 21, 2013

Mato, how about you translate the juicy bits, like never before discussed things, possible worldwide release, anything

Pep said on Mar. 22, 2013

Surely this will be recorded somehow–maybe it will be available on the site afterward? I’m currently trying to decide if I can wake up at 7. If I didn’t have work I would just wake up and then go back to sleep!

The Great Morgil said on Mar. 22, 2013

I don’t care if it’s subbed (though that would be pretty cool), but i would at least like for a recording since there’s no way in hell i’ll be getting up that early. I gotta work tomorrow and ol’ Morgy needs his sleep.

chris catfood said on Mar. 22, 2013

if tomato is right, this is the same BOSE that was talking with itoi at the mother 1+2 event… he’s the core member of the hip hop group SCHA DARA PARR, who also did the famous “zelda rap” commercial for link to the past. both BOSE and SDP are huge video game nerds (check out their song/video “game boys” from 1991 – this song became the backing track for the zelda commercial), and i believe he also owns one of the mother 2 sukajan jackets.

i would be willing to help translate this video if someone can upload it. my friend and i are both fans of BOSE/SDP and the mother series, so i feel we could do “great justice” to this task.

FYI, the sign outside of the chaos theater is a reference to an SDP song (or possibly the song is a reference to the sign?) KONYA WA BOOGIE BACK!

Buster The Fox said on Mar. 22, 2013

I might be up at 4, but I hope I’m not. My computer isn’t good enough to record junk. Everything would lag like crazy. D: It has enough trouble just watching internet streams. And it’s not like my iPhone can hold three hours of recorded video… And also, not that I have any way to keep it pointed towards the screen decently.

Oh, well. I’ll pray also that it gets recorded or something. D:

GameGuyAdvancesp said on Mar. 22, 2013

I am currently posting this just a half an hour before the stream starts, sadly i do not have anything to record this or i would in a heartbeat, subtitles or not, this might be the last time we see anyone at nintendo ever talk about the mother series again

Clamsham said on Mar. 22, 2013

I’m watchin’ it right now. I’ve got no clue what they’re saying, but it’s still kinda entertaining nonetheless. I feel kind of ashamed that I’m not recording it, but it’s not like I have anything to record it with. I’ll just hope that it’s getting recorded, too. :’D

misterdigi said on Mar. 22, 2013

I got up at 4am just to watch this. No regrets here.

Anonymous said on Mar. 22, 2013


So… Earthbound will officially never come to America…

Mortiis said on Mar. 22, 2013

p4rgaming is a satiric website…

Bionicfemme said on Mar. 22, 2013

I’m watching it! Does anyone know how to record it?

Mortiis said on Mar. 22, 2013

(I meant satirical) In other words, they’re messing with you. I find their articles quite funny though.

The Great Morgil said on Mar. 22, 2013

Does anybody seriously believe that site’s farcical claim that the game was available for US download FOR TEN FREAKING MINUTES, and then pulled for having no sales in that ridiculously short amount of time?! If you can’t tell that was a joke then allow my good friend Tommy to go and hit you over the head with a tack hammer because you are a retard.

Mr Hargett said on Mar. 22, 2013

What makes me smile is that while I’m watching there are over 7000 people viewing the stream alongside me.

PSIpunky said on Mar. 22, 2013

LOL, that article was the best load of shenanigans I’ve read. Good try but worth a laugh.

PSIpunky said on Mar. 22, 2013

Correction: Terrible try.

gBev said on Mar. 22, 2013

Well, I managed to catch the last 30 seconds of it. He had the camera on a bunch of Mother 2 figurines, then zoomed in on the Starman one specifically for a few seconds. I would guess that was his way of saying goodbye to the English audience.

PKHomerun said on Mar. 22, 2013

I hope this gets translated or at least listened to by a translator. There were a lot of neat stories about development. A few goodies that I was barely able to make out:

– The name of a possible fifth town was to be 「ファイバレン」Fivelin? Fivalen? Fivelen?
– The mechanic of fleeing weaker enemies being defeated by touch as you get stronger was suggested by Miyamoto


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