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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 13th, 2013 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge


After you defeat Giygas in EarthBound, if you go back to Onett and talk to Ruffini the dog, he’ll tell you to mail your thoughts on the game to a certain real-life mailing address in the United States. In fact, one of the earliest EarthBound community projects was Project Ruffini!

Anyway, in the Japanese version of the game, Ruffini (or Itako Dog as he’s known in MOTHER 2) also tells you to send your thoughts to a certain address in Japan.

What I never knew until today, though, was that Japanese fans who actually sent a letter to said address received a response letter from Mr. Saturn!

Unfortunately, I can’t find a copy of the letter anywhere online or even very much info about it. It’ll have to remain a mystery for now, but maybe someday we’ll find out more! I don’t remember if they changed his line in MOTHER 1+2, if not, I wonder if the address still worked.

Of course, if you want to know more about the differences between MOTHER 2 and EarthBound, see here!


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22 Comments to MOTHER 2 and a Letter from Mr. Saturn

Anne Noise said on Mar. 13, 2013

Try sending the address a letter now! It probably won’t get there, but who knows?

Mato said on Mar. 13, 2013

Yeah, I’m considering sending one to the address it says and also one to Nintendo’s new address but to the same recipient. I doubt anything will come from it though 😛

I wonder if the upcoming Virtual Console version in Japan will have updated that line too…

thelucaskid482 said on Mar. 13, 2013

I hope it didn’t use Mr. Saturn’s speech…

64RR said on Mar. 13, 2013

This is AMAZING! There’s still so much to find in Mother 2 almost 20 years after its release.

MagikoopaMaster said on Mar. 13, 2013

this is actually pretty cool! i wish i could see what the letter said.

DD said on Mar. 13, 2013

Wow, I never really thought about sending a letter. Now I’m curious to see if they will still respond after all these years.

Also, way off topic. I was watching the Venture Bros. Season 5 sneak peak and there’s this kid at 5:28 dressed in clothes similar to Claus. Good thing I’m a venture Bros fan or I would have missed this. Of course, Venture Bros often references games and movies. So, I’m not surprised. :V

You can watch/skim through the sneak peak here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nC8WMvxzRis#!

Mato said on Mar. 13, 2013

Okay, question time! I’m gonna write a simple letter and send it to the various addresses – what should I say?

BlueBlueDude said on Mar. 13, 2013

Try “Is this offer still valid?”

Anonymous said on Mar. 13, 2013

Tell them us at starmen.net are curious to know what was sent in the original. Letter of course. Not even they might know after all these years. :/

DS Piron said on Mar. 13, 2013

Yeah, the above sounds right…

kenisu said on Mar. 13, 2013

I’m so conditioned to your Legends of Localization pages that, without even giving it a thought, I immediately pointed my mouse cursor at the image, expecting some funny alt-text.

Mato said on Mar. 14, 2013

Excellent, Brainwashing Regimen 3 is successfully completed…

DD said on Mar. 14, 2013

BlueBlueDude’s suggestion is funny. I’d also go with the anonymous suggestion.

KingMike said on Mar. 14, 2013

Now a postage stamp is 46 cents, so it’s going to cost 39% more to get a response from Nintendo. 😛

Even though NoA has since moved, at least that PO Box address seems to still be valid (according to my FE:Awakening case).

Jason said on Mar. 14, 2013

I think it would be good to include an explanation of why you’re sending the letter. If they have humans reading the physical letters, they might not understand what it was or what to do with it, but with an explanation they might be inspired to ask a co-worker if they knew what it was or something. idk

Whatever the case the message shouldn’t be cryptic.

KyoZaber said on Mar. 14, 2013

Well a few years ago when I sent the letter to Nintendo attn Ruffini, unfortunately all I got was a standard Nintendo rep’s reply letter. 🙁

… Go for the gold Tomato!

BlueBlueDude said on Mar. 14, 2013

I must ask: did Project Ruffini work out?

Mato said on Mar. 14, 2013

Well, there was no intended goal but it was something we did.

Anonymous said on Mar. 16, 2013

What is the address? I want to send a letter too! 😀

JimJam707 said on Mar. 16, 2013

What address is in Mother 1+2?

Buster The Fox said on Mar. 18, 2013

…I might be remembering things wrong, but isn’t this the line with the infamous “coments” typo…? Or is that in a different part of his speech?


Mato said on Mar. 18, 2013

Yep, that’s where the “coments” typo happens in EarthBound!


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