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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 24th, 2013 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge


If you missed the MOTHER 2 stream I did with Reid and the Starmen.Net/Fangamer gang earlier this week, at one point we were all discussing how we first discovered the game. Someone in the chat had a really interesting story about EarthBound and allergies, so I asked him to e-mail me the story. And here it is!

I’m James Montagna from WayForward.

saberlily said I should email you my story:

My first experience with EarthBound was a severe allergic reaction that rushed me to the hospital! I was just a kid at the time, and I remember staying up past midnight, sneakily reading my GamePro magazine under a flashlight. When I came to the page with the EarthBound scratch and sniff ad, I remember going at it without hesitation. Not long after, my tongue started to swell, and my throat closed up. I started to panic, and woke up my parents to take me to the hospital (magazine still clutched tightly in my hand), where we determined I had a reaction to the scents on the EarthBound ad!

I didn’t stay mad at EarthBound. If anything, I was more interested in trying the game than ever. It was the best advertisement they could have asked for. And now it’s a huge inspiration in my work, even to this day. However, the scent of “pizza” and master belch may have scarred me permanently

Anyway, cheers! I’m enjoying the stream!

This is actually the first time I’ve ever heard of scratch n sniff stuff causing an allergic reaction. I’m sure there’s an allergy for everything, though, so it’s not too surprising. What’s I’m really curious to know is how many other people EarthBound’s smell campaign might’ve affected in this way, and if the marketers were aware that allergic reactions were a possibility.

Has anyone else out there had allergic reactions to scratch n sniff stuff? Did EarthBound’s smell stuff make you sick or anything? If so, share your story in the comments!


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10 Comments to Literally Allergic to EarthBound’s Advertising

EpicJackman said on Mar. 24, 2013


NecrosaroIII said on Mar. 24, 2013

I never saw the scratch and sniff ad, but I did mess around with the cards in the player’s guide. And boy did those suckers smell terrible.

DelectaBit said on Mar. 24, 2013

James~ That definitely would’ve made me more interested in it!

misterdigi35 said on Mar. 24, 2013

My older brother’s friend saw me playing the game back in 1998. And he said “what are you playing EarthBound?” I said yes. Then he said, “they had a thing in Nintendo Power with scratch’n’sniff stickers. and it really stunk up my magazine.”

That has been

misterdigi35 said on Mar. 24, 2013

^ (sorry forgot to finish my sentence) that has been the only experience I’ve had with the stickers.

Stuffgamer1 said on Mar. 24, 2013

I was in the chat when he was talking about his experience, but I didn’t know he was a WayForward staffer! That’s awesome! 😀

Freezair said on Mar. 24, 2013

Some artificial perfumes can cause an allergic reaction in people, which is what I’d imagine caused it. Way back in middle school, one of our on-site substitute teachers was severely allergic to artificial perfumes, so IIRC, there was a list of banned perfumes at the school because they contained chemicals he was allergic to.

I have a mild allergic reaction myself to some air fresheners, but it’s less “tongue swelling doom” and more “gross itchy rash.”

Still, having that happen to you must… stink.


Toboar said on Mar. 25, 2013

This game killed my dog! Of course that wasn’t due to the scent…my tv was possesed.

Yomon said on Mar. 28, 2013

I’ve always wondered what went into making these scents. I wish I had some scentology experience so I could try to replicate them, because they bring back very nostalgic memories for me. Or should I say Nostrilgic!? Ohhohohoho!


Sorry D:

Doctor Butler said on Apr. 20, 2013

From that day forward he made sure to douse all of his reading materials in fly honey.


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