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March 22nd, 2013 | EarthBound, Events, Itoi

So the official MOTHER 2 streaming event with Shigesato Itoi and other important people who worked on the game is now over. I only caught the last few minutes of it, but what I saw was pretty cool. I do sort of dread having to watch four or five hours of the video someday and try to get down all the details, though 😛

From what I’ve been hearing, one of the highlights was when they had the actual clay models at the event. They picked them up, showed them up, and even showed them from different angles. And apparently the Belch model is hollow inside and doesn’t have the bottom side painted at all?

If anyone caught the stream and has other memorable stuff to report, please share in the comments! There’s no way I’ll have the time or energy to ever subtitle this video (I’m not even sure where to get a video recording of it) so the best I can do is try to list the highlights in a future post. But if anyone out there IS crazy enough to subtitle the video, please do 😀


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21 Comments to Itoi MOTHER 2 Stream Over

Mr. Saturn said on Mar. 22, 2013

So much want for those models.

Speedy_Fox_IV said on Mar. 22, 2013

Itoi’s reaction to Porky bursting through the door was pretty hilarious.

“P-p-p-p PORKY!”

KingDarian said on Mar. 22, 2013

Itoi actually VOICED some of the characters as he read their lines aloud, including Porky, Tracy, the Onett Police, and the Sharks. The stream was complimented with appropriate food. Itoi was eating chicken wings, pizza (unfortunately not at the same time as playing the game 😉 ), hamburgers, french fries, and cola.

I couldn’t understand much of what Itoi said, but apparently he said something along the lines of “MOTHER 4 is Animal Crossing.” OH! And there were a total of THREE MOTHER 2 dragon jackets in the room at the same time, in addition to a selection of Clay Models and plush Mr. Saturns. SO MUCH COOL STUFF!!

JB2448 said on Mar. 22, 2013

I’ve recorded the entire event (the stream itself lasted around four hours and fifteen minutes). I’m uploading it all to YouTube here: http://youtu.be/VccPNKWwDHI

JB2448 said on Mar. 22, 2013

And yes, its abrupt start is actually how they went live! 😛

KingDarian said on Mar. 22, 2013

Oh! One more thing I just remembered that was unbelievable: Itoi actually whistled along to some of the music, such as the Drug Store and Hotel themes. It was great.

CaptainCab said on Mar. 22, 2013

Dang, this sounds like a lot of fun (especially the showing of the clay models and Itoi hamming it up), need to check it out later after work. I also like how they were eating good old fashioned American junk food. 😀

Mezmerize said on Mar. 22, 2013

JB2448 you made my day!

JimHeadshot said on Mar. 22, 2013

I will say I caught some of it during school. It was really interesting to see him play it. The main thing I noticed was that he took the game really, REALLY slowly to check out all the details and to give a comment or two. It was magical.

名無し said on Mar. 22, 2013

Some notable things I remember from watching it this morning:
Itoi mentioned Mother 4 a couple of times, said that Ness would be 64 if he made it(but he won’t) this sparked him and everyone else calling Ness 「ネス(64歳)」 every time they talked about him.
Itoi said that どうぶつの森(Animal Crossing) is Mother 4
At one point when they panned over to the live comments on twitter, you could see an English message thanking Itoi for the Mother games from fans around the world, nestles among hundreds of jp comments, of course.
Itoi singing “鼻を踏みにじーるー”
Itoi misreading pokey as kippo
Them taking forever to name the characters, and eventually settling on default names for everyone except Paula, who got stuck with Ribon, the dog got stuck with Bullion as a name.
Those badass Mother 2 jackets.

2Sang said on Mar. 22, 2013

I would eat a live kitten for one of those figures.

Raichoice said on Mar. 22, 2013

I’d eat a live dog

Vukadin said on Mar. 22, 2013

Animal Crossing is Mother 4…

Hm… Was Itoi serious? I love Animal Crossing, happens to be one of my most favorite games of all time. But Animal Crossing being Mother 4? The games don’t have much in common.

Eh, I’ll take it I guess.

Vanasto said on Mar. 22, 2013

I can understand if you don’t want to translate this, ‘Mato, but SOMEBODY needs to do it – it’s probably chock full of interesting tidbits, straight from the creator himself as he plays his masterpiece. I can’t think of anything bigger than this for Mother fans such as myself, short of a new game in the series…

Tiktaalik said on Mar. 22, 2013

You should do a kickstarter to translate it.

Shigeru-chan said on Mar. 22, 2013

@JB2448: thanks for recording it! my net was lagging last night so I can’t watch it neatly.

guys, I found the translation about #hobo_event Mother 2 talking last night.
here: http://kamedani.tumblr.com/

Darien said on Mar. 23, 2013

The Belch model isn’t painted on the bottom? I guess it’s official, then:

(wait for it)

That model stinks.

Hey-o! Good night everybody!

Sandata said on Mar. 23, 2013

No one mention this but apparently the Ness figure is twice as big as the other and Poo figures. Did everyone know that already?

Also they only died once.

Buster The Fox said on Mar. 24, 2013

Next time I have a spare, unbroken lot of 4 hours and fifteen minutes on my hands, I’ll watch the video. Meanwhile, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 3 is coming out tomorrow. This could take a while. 😉

Now I REALLY have to look into Animal Crossing New Leaf. Maybe some new gameplay details/footage is out by now…

Steven said on Mar. 24, 2013

I happened to see the post on here that there would be a live Mother 2 stream… just before I got home from work. Since I live in Japan, I was able to watch and enjoy it in real time.

I was very worried because they took forever to name the characters, but I’m glad I stuck around. It was SO hilarious how he voiced the Shark in the arcade– with the nasally voice.

It was also funny how you could hear him eating, in great detail, all of the food that was there. Every time he swallowed something I expected to hear the HP-recovery sound from the game.

I hope that he does something new with the Mother series because of the response to the event.

TomServo said on Mar. 25, 2013

Someone uploaded it to YouTube


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