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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 31st, 2013 | EarthBound

For whatever reason, a lot of my favorite EarthBound memories are connected with Easter. And since today is Easter, Poe, Chewy, and I decided to celebrate with some EarthBound pancakes!


That’s a Mr. Saturn and a Mr. Saturn Giygas. But then we forgot to eat them and now they’re cold and tough, oops!

Anyway, if you’re having a quiet Easter day at home today, consider trying the EarthBound randomizer I made a while back. In fact, here’s a pic of a random hack we’re playing right now!

2013-03-31 11.39.03

Love those pastels!

Or, if that’s not your thing, maybe even give the MOTHER 1+2 translation a try – I released that around Easter so it feels especially Eastery-to me 😛

Also, if you got any Easter-related EarthBound memories, share them in the comments too! I’d love to hear them!


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20 Comments to Happy EarthBound Easter Time!

browser said on Mar. 31, 2013

I think I received my copy of Earthbound as an Easter gift from my family a few years back, from eBay. I was ecstatic!

Acedii said on Mar. 31, 2013

My brother and I also have weird Earthbound memories associated with Easter. I think the first time we ever got to Summers was on Easter morning, so that locale has even stronger ties 😉

64RR said on Mar. 31, 2013

Two years ago I started to play Earthbound for the first time on easter 🙂

Anonymous said on Mar. 31, 2013

Can’t believe you didn’t make some pun on Youngtown.

skyrunner14 said on Mar. 31, 2013

That’s a pretty odd correlation: Earthbound and Easter…. then again, there was the town of Easter in Mother… Anyway. If you don’t mind my asking, what kinds of EB-related memories DO you have of Easter, Mato? You’ve hooked my curiosity.

EpicJackman said on Mar. 31, 2013

Omnonom, I hope you ate from head down.

awsomegamerguy said on Mar. 31, 2013

@EpicJackman lol I get it

Anonymous said on Mar. 31, 2013

I hope someone makes A Mother 3 randomizer someday. 😛

LucasPSI said on Mar. 31, 2013

lol me to.

ness1991 said on Mar. 31, 2013

Mr. Mato
I bought a complete copy of earthbound for a great price today. I got the price dropped because i showed him the prices off buyearthbound.com so in short, thank u for saving me money and making my easter a good one

Earthbounder said on Mar. 31, 2013

Ohhhh yea

Buster The Fox said on Mar. 31, 2013

@ness1991 Just want to mention, that’s totally awesome. Congrats on your purchase! xD How much did you end up paying?

Mato, if I ever record myself playing my favorite Re-Shuffler hack, will you watch an episode of it? 🙂 It’s really funny and awesome, and I’ve had to think up lots of special strategies to beat some enemies (The first boss uses Starstorm Omega!!! The trick is to wait until he runs out of PP after using it twice, for instance). I love using randomized enemies; the ORIGINAL randomized enemies, obviously, if they’re using Starstorm ANYTHING at that part of the game.

EnnuiKing said on Mar. 31, 2013

You ever going to record a livestream or let’s play of a randomized hack, Mato?

Buster The Fox said on Mar. 31, 2013

You know, now that I think of it, we have a Halloween hack and multiple Christmas hacks, but no Easter hack comes to mind. Someone should, you know, make one. xD

ness1991 said on Mar. 31, 2013

He was asking 400 but the guide was in bad condition but the pages were there. Its a pretty cool story actually. Well anyway i asked him how he priced it and wht he had the guide for was over priced. I showed him the average price on ebay for a guide via buyearthbound.com and he lowered it by 50 bucks. So in the end i paid 350 before tax for the players guide, the cart and box. Also i would like to add that the box and cart is in great condition but the guide is bad. But thanks ive been an earthbound fan since i was a kid and i finally got a set. I now have an extra cart in great condition and i want a.players guide in good condition any trades anyone?

Stevesesy said on Apr. 1, 2013

I made an easter egg 🙂 Are you proud?

Buster The Fox said on Apr. 1, 2013

What’s that, what Easter egg, what is this, I don’t even–

*Shuts up and lets everyone else find it for themselves*

Vukadin said on Apr. 1, 2013

The re-shuffle hack is hilarious, especially with random doors! I somehow wound up in Fourside with Lumine Hall music (quite nostalgic) and one of the citizens that was criticizing Monotoli had his actual skin! Biggest “lol” moment. Also strangely enough, Giygas’ music was playing when I got teleported to Threed, so that was kind of creepy… And coincidental much? Actually reminds me of that Hyperbound hack where you wake up in pyjamas in a hospital with amnesia, and then embark on a mind-blowing journey to find your identitiy; all while you have no money or anything. Really nostalgic as well…

Anyway, an Easter hack would be a good idea… Maybe I should make one…

Mariotti said on Apr. 1, 2013

I didn’t know that the re-shuffler thing existed until this post! Anyway, I tried it out and when I tried to walk into Tracy’s room it took me to Giygas’ lair with Summers music… >_<

Mato said on Apr. 4, 2013

skyrunner14: I actually just realized I posted one of my Easter memories in this years-old post: http://earthboundcentral.com/2009/04/earthbound-easter/ I also did final testing on the M1+2 patch over Easter weekend a few years back.

EnnuiKing: Definitely, I hope to do streams of randomized hacks among other things at some point. They probably won’t be big things like with these MOTHER 2 streams though, it might just be me, Poe, and maybe other people if they’re interested in coming over.


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