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February 20th, 2013 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge

For a while now a fan by the name of Hagen has been working on a hack of EarthBound to undo a lot of the changes in the localization, much of which is based on my comparison of the Japanese and North American versions here. Anyway, Hagen asked me yesterday about something that might be interesting to share.

At the end of the game, the Stoic Club is replaced by a different type of establishment. In EarthBound, it’s a truck stop (on the beach in Summers? okay…) but in MOTHER 2 it’s a cheap bar. This isn’t really anything new, but I thought I’d share what the MOTHER 2 text says when you call the place:

Hey! Thanks for callin’! This is the cheap drinking spot “Lunatics for Life”!

What’s that? Stoic Club? I shut down that no-fun joint long ago.
Now I’m runnin a “cheap, tasty, noisy” drinking spot.

I don’t got time for long phone calls.

Hi there! Come on in!

(Click beep beep)

It’s a very rough, done-on-the-spot translation and the name of the place doesn’t translate very well at all, but I thought it’d be neat to share anyway!


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13 Comments to The Other Bar in MOTHER 2

EBisumaru said on Feb. 20, 2013

Hahahahahaha! Why does he say, “Hi there!” In the middle of the road!

What time was your name boiling?

nessgeek said on Feb. 20, 2013

It makes sense if the stoic club is supposed to be like a bar if you look at the atmosphere and style of the room.

Hagen said on Feb. 20, 2013

Wow, first of all thank you for the plug, it’s greatly appreciated! I’m glad to say that with your input I’ve arrived at what I consider the final version of the hack, available on the PKHack forums as EarthBound Restored.

I actually attempted to do “localization” work even with the new translated stuff, because I did not want it to feel like a literal translation. Here’s what I did with the text for this:

Yo, this is “The Crazy Life Nightclub”.
What’s that? The Stoic Club?! I shut down that lame old joint ages ago!
We totally remodeled the place!
Now we’ve got loud music, cheap booze, and really crazy crowds…
Look man, I don’t got time for long phone calls.
Oh hey, ladies! Come on in!
Click! Beep-beep-beep…

As you can see I opted to change the name. I felt like Lunatics for Life was a rather strange sounding name in English, so I came up with something that got the idea across. Some minor changes of nuance as well but I figured it fit with Summers being a resort city.

HiNessItsDad said on Feb. 20, 2013

I think that’s a good call. The literal adaption really doesn’t work. In my opinion, it sure reads a lot better.

penguinguy said on Feb. 21, 2013

i spend many hours fighting with PK hack back in high school trying ot un-localize mother 2, but as you know it can be very frustrating. i lost all my work over and over again and gave up. I’ve always hoped someone like you, Tomato or anyone would complete such a project in my lifetime. heres to Hagen!! may ye be successful. where can i stay updated?

Hagen said on Feb. 21, 2013


Here is the thread for my hack. Current version (v1.4) is essentially complete, all graphics work is done (that I plan to do, some of it is deliberately unchanged), and I’m satisfied with the text work, though it’s still open to updates if something is brought to my attention. Obviously bugs will continue to be fixed if they’re found. I update the original post if a new version is released.

Jerky McGee said on Feb. 21, 2013

Tch. One of THOSE people that refuse to play the evil, somehow not a good localized version.

Burglin Pork said on Feb. 21, 2013

Hey! Thanks for callin’! This is the cheap drinking spot “Lunatics for Life”!

AaAaAaAgH! Why is the exclamation mark outside of the quote? And you call yourself a master translator?…

…I’ll let you off the hook if you are from Europe.

Mato said on Feb. 21, 2013

If you didn’t like that, then the Mother 3 fan translation probably destroyed your brain 😛

M3FTW said on Feb. 21, 2013

Actually, it’s grammatically correct. The rule is if the exclamation is a part of the quote, it goes inside the quotation marks. It’s a weird rule that you don’t see used too often, as it’s far more common to leave out the quotation marks when giving the name of a place.

Burglin Pork said on Feb. 23, 2013

Yes, but he is saying “Lunatics for Life” with emphasis, and even if it is inside quotes, the exclamation mark is part of the phrase in that instance. Keep it like that if ya want, It doesn’t bother me much. That’s just not the way I do it. And in any situation, that’s not as bad as “The Shroob’s have been beaten!” from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.

And the Mother 3 translation did destroy my brain with the sheer amount of work you guys put into it! I read your translation notes on the so-called controversy, and it’s such a minor detail that I didn’t mind.

M3FTW said on Feb. 23, 2013

Burglin, quoting and names are two entirely different instances. At worst, we might say the quotation marks are obsolete, but he’s still not wrong. It doesn’t matter where the emphasis is, a name is in quotation marks, and unless the exclamation is a part of the name (i.e. the place is literally called Lunatics for Life!), you’re wrong. Grammatical conventions are not based on speaker emphasis, you don’t just make these things up. If you really don’t believe it, you can look it up on google, or go to this link: http://www.hamilton.edu/style/punctuation-of-quotations.

To highlight the exact part: “A question mark, exclamation point, or dash is placed within the quotation marks when it is part of the quoted material.
Otherwise it is placed outside the quotation marks.” Again, if the name was Lunatics for Life!, this wouldn’t be an issue. But it isn’t.

You can argue whatever you want in semantics, but Hagen has it written the way it ought to be. If you think it should be otherwise, you’re just wrong.

Burglin Pork said on Feb. 24, 2013

There was probably a kinder way to say that. And besides, that’s just the way I’ve been taught to proceed with such grammatical symbols. And how do we know if the exclamation point is not part of the title? If I am wrong, which I probably am in this context, then that is okay with me. Carry on.


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