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Tips for Buying EarthBound

February 9th, 2013 | Merchandise

Some years ago Fangamer released some really nice Courage Badges to go along with its MOTHER 3 Handbook. They quickly ran out of stock and I don’t know if they have them anymore, but very recently they released a version of it in pin form!

I doubt it reflects lightning (if anything it’d probably attract it?) so I don’t recommend wearing it while fighting crazy cult leaders with electric powers.


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17 Comments to New Fangamer Franklin Pin

neonix said on Feb. 9, 2013

Oh these are so awesome! Buying one now 😀

LucasPSI said on Feb. 9, 2013

$8.00 for A pin… No thanks. ._. Now if it was $3 – $4 then maybe I would think about it.

LucasPSI said on Feb. 9, 2013

Also has anyone on here bought the Lucas shirt yet? I’m hesitant to get it because last time I bought the Awesomeness shirt, the colors were yellow and dark blue(ALMOST BLACK)

and i’m even more scared because after looking at both the Lucas and Ness shirt, they are both the same shirt expect just photoshopped to change there colors.

So is the Lucas shirt red and yellow? I’m afraid of it turning out to be yellow and dark red or even worse. :S

TSAsselin said on Feb. 9, 2013

I ordered the Lucas shirt and just got it yesterday, it is nice quality and the correct red and yellow. I would recommend it, it came with a Starman logo sticker and a few pins (including a Franklin pin that looks very similar to this one, probably not the same though since they are sold separately.)

The Mother 3 handbooks (both versions) are great, I would suggest getting one of those if you’re still not sure about the shirt.

Poe said on Feb. 9, 2013

LucasPSI – I have a Lucas shirt, here’s a picture of it next to my Shirtness:


Hope that helps!

And you’re right, TSA, this isn’t the same kind of button you get with the Lucas and Shirtness shirts. This new Franklin Pin is a lapel pin with a butterfly clutch on the back. Here’s what it looks like from behind:


WhatsHerFace said on Feb. 9, 2013

Went ahead and bought one on impulse. Even if it 8.00 if it’s anything like the Attorney’s Badge, it’ll be pretty high quality.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m a pin nut, anyway.

Magikoopamaster said on Feb. 9, 2013

LucasPSI-i have my Lucas shirt on right now and it looks exactly like it should, it is yellow and red just like it looks in the picture on fangamer.com

Krennthief said on Feb. 9, 2013

Curse you, Tomato! I had eight more dollars this morning, but thanks to you, I am a poorer man! D:

Thanks for the heads-up, too! XD

TSAsselin said on Feb. 9, 2013

Ah, thank you Poe – I’ll have to order this one then, looks very nice

Jeff Shot First said on Feb. 10, 2013

Just bought mine! Yet, I’m still holding out for a trout yogurt dispenser…

linkdude20002001 said on Feb. 10, 2013

Strawberry tofu dispenser? Haha. Sounds better, in my opinion. :p

Poe said on Feb. 10, 2013

TSA – leave a note in the comments saying “HI” to me when you order and I’ll stuff in some extra stickers for you 😀

Vince said on Feb. 10, 2013

Do they mean “pin” as in small, or is it just something you pin on your clothes?

TSAsselin said on Feb. 10, 2013

Poe – that’s great! Thank you, I ordered it a few minutes ago and left you a “Hi”, looking forward to it!

Poe said on Feb. 10, 2013

Hey Vince – here’s a size comparison for you:

Me holding it: http://poe.fobby.net/cam/frank1.jpg

New Franklin Pin (left) next to the olllld Courage Badge (right): http://poe.fobby.net/cam/frank2.jpg

Onion said on Feb. 10, 2013

Really nice. I vastly prefer this format to the keychain format of the last one as I’ll be able to get some [visible] use out of it.

Not too flashy. I like it!

noco said on Feb. 12, 2013

I still have mine 😀 http://i.imgur.com/N7CHhLs.jpg


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