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Tips for Buying EarthBound

January 19th, 2013 | Images, MOTHER 1

A user by the name of MikAve94 sent me a link to photos of a car belonging to a really big MOTHER series fan:


All I can say is 😯

It sounds like the logo on the side was purchased at a store, while other art was based on the clay figures. The creator also points out that the game is known as EarthBound Zero overseas and that it’s known as the Psycho Car in the overseas version, rather than the Devil Car.


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22 Comments to You Encounter a Devil Car!

EpicJackman said on Jan. 19, 2013

I’d love to drive that car!

Scapetti said on Jan. 19, 2013

This is from an xbox game Forza Motorsport… where you can design custom cars πŸ˜‰ hehe, but it’s still awesome! Those graphics must be pretty lifelike if you fall for it!!

Mato said on Jan. 19, 2013

Well, it was on Flickr and without a description πŸ˜›

Scapetti said on Jan. 19, 2013

If you quickly edit your post and delete these comments I’ll promise to keep it hush hush πŸ˜‰ Graphics have certainly improved since Earthbound eh?

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Jan. 19, 2013

Game Over~

GriffinBound said on Jan. 19, 2013

Well I don’t blame him! I also fell for it πŸ˜› I guess I just wasn’t really paying attention.

Chewy said on Jan. 19, 2013

Watiwaitwaitwait that’s not a real car?!?! *_*

Pigmask Private said on Jan. 19, 2013
Apple Kid said on Jan. 19, 2013

I can only see it after you said it, but upon closer expection I can sadly confirm Scapetti’s claim of this being fake (I admit I never heard of the game). The huge giveaway point? I lacks a back license plate or if it has one, its blank (I can’t quite tell/ am to lazy to check again).

Apple Kid said on Jan. 19, 2013

Oh, the background graphics are 2-d-ish too.

Xi said on Jan. 19, 2013

To be honest I am more impressed knowing it is a fake car than a real car.

So anyone can create a custom car like this in the new Forza? These graphics are amazing. Check out the lighting on the hood, and check out how the images curve all over the car. We’re truly approaching photo-realism in gaming.

Dude, Bro. said on Jan. 19, 2013

And its on a Thunderbird, when I get my copy of Forza back from my brother my T-Bird is gon get dat work.

Banana Kid said on Jan. 19, 2013

This was a fake? I never woulda guessed!

Max said on Jan. 19, 2013

I fell for it, too. Looks amazing.

Scapetti said on Jan. 19, 2013

Haha, you guys are really impressed by Forza! I had the third game in the series, it was great. People made the Back to the Future Delorean and the Jurassic Park tour vehicle, car from Death Proof etc. There are probably tons of Earthbound cars out there πŸ™‚

BusterTheFox said on Jan. 20, 2013

Yeah… yeah, I fell for it, too. My first thought was, “Holy crap, I wanna OWN that car! … But I would never drive it for fear of getting into an accident with it, and that would be such a shame that I might have to commit seppuku over it”. Well, I guess that covers my second and/or third thoughts on the matter, too.

Linkzcap said on Jan. 20, 2013

Video game graphics are getting super-realistic huh!

PSICrossX said on Jan. 20, 2013

That image looked so real that I wished it were real. God I love Forza…!

September said on Jan. 20, 2013

Noooo I completely believed it was real, it would’ve been cooler that way. D:

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Jan. 20, 2013

How did I just notice the caption at the bottom-right just now?

SmaMan said on Jan. 20, 2013

I’ve had my eye on the Forza series for a while now. I might just have to pick this up if there’s a way I can (without modding) import this car into the game.

Scapetti said on Jan. 21, 2013

@SmaMan you can! You can download cars off people through xbox live, no modding is involved, it’s all in-game πŸ™‚


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