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Tips for Buying EarthBound

December 15th, 2012 | EarthBound, Videos

Okay – it’s time for another huge batch of mini-updates!

PK Mash

MikAve94 sent:

“Originally a Mash Ketchum project to mash all the EarthBound music ever with terrible pop music. Done as a disservice to the world after a horrific snowboarding accident involving a moose and Scarlett Johansson. Some next-level long form mashup stuff.”

EarthBound Remix

Paul sent:

Hi Tomato,

I´m not sure if you already know this, but today a remix of “You´ve Come Far Ness” was posted on OverClocked Remix. Here´s the link:


Greetings from an German EarthBoundfan,


EarthBound in Final NP

The Great Morgil sent:

I just got the final issue of Nintendo Power, and there is plenty of Earthbound stuff in it.

First, in the monthly poll, one question reads “If you hadn’t read about it in NP, many of you would have missed…” and Earthbound is the number 3 spot on the list.

In an article called “NP’s All Time Favorite Games”, Earthbound clocks in at the Number 156 spot.

In a section called “Great Moments in Power”, it goes on a year by year breakdown of the magazine. The year 1995 is talked about as a great year for RPGs as it saw the release of both Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. It also shows a shot of an old page about Earthbound.

In the same section, there is one page that mentions several game mention in the magazine that were never released. Both the NES “Earth Bound” and Earthbound 64 are mentioned, accompanied by some sarcastic comments about how the series is “jinxed”.

That’s all the EB related stuff i noticed, although there could easily be stuff i missed, as i only skimmed some sections.

I might make a standalone update for this at some point, once pics are available. Hopefully my own subscription didn’t run out last month too…

EarthBound Ad Scans

Roushi sent:

Scanned in a few Earthbound ads. Looks like you already had them, but some of these are in a bit higher of a quality. YMMV!


I’ll probably post these in a different update or update existing updates with these updated pics sometime. Update update!

EarthBound on VC Petition

Morgan sent:

Hello, how are you today? I browse through EB Central every once in a while. Today, I found your article from a few months back announcing that only a few legal problems were holding EarthBound back from being re-released as a VC title. If possible, could you spread the word about this new petition I have created? The link to the petition is here: Link

As a sidenote, do you know how to change the number of signatures you are aiming for?

Anyways, please keep up the good work and have a good day!


Nintendo Infographic

Emily Torres sent:

Hi there,

I was curious if you had time to consider my infographic resource I had previously emailed you about? Below is a link to it, feel free to check it out and let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

Infographic Link: http://www.mbaonline.com/nintendo/

Emily Torres

I’m still not sure what this has to do with EarthBound specifically, maybe I missed it when I skimmed it though.

Hospital Remix

RobertHMayfire sent:

SuperDarky has a pretty spiffy remix made if you are interested.

Eagleland Minecraft Update

Gazpacho146 sent:

Hey Tomato! I sent you a message awhile back telling you about the Eagleland in Minecraft thing. Well, I have an update that I think everyone would be interested in hearing: We’ve decided to build all of EarthBound. Every interior, every location. So far, we have up to Fourside completed, and we just finished building and linking up the Onett interiors. All that’s left in Eagleland is Peaceful Rest Valley, Saturn Valley, Grapefruit Falls, and various dungeons and interiors. We also have the melody parts set up for Giant Step and Magnet Hill! We also have some boss battles coded (Credit: TalentNinjaInc for that) and we may release an adventure map when this is completed!
We’re still in need of some new builders, and you can find a complete list at our forum post at this link

EarthBound After Giygas

Manny sent:

I was wondering if you’ve seen this, or have talked about it.

I think I might’ve posted this before, but I actually realized that the FAQ this was based off of to be rather incomplete when I was working on the ending stuff for my MOTHER 2/EarthBound comparison stuff. I didn’t make an ending FAQ of my own though 😐

EarthBound Costume

Mikey sent:

Last night I went to a party as Ness. I’m broke, so, I threw some stuff together, and it was totally successful. Earthbound being my favorite video game, I was shocked at how many people got the costume. I even got into a mock fight with a dude dressed like Pikachu. Cool stuff. Nothing major, just thught you’d like to see.

New mother game… maybe

Zjonrum sent in three separate e-mails:

Well, it kinda go likes this. I was looking at some guys video that was talking about that thing with itoi talking about or well laffing at this question about a possibility release for a mother 3 in america and i felt like i got exited for nothing since there realy was no stright awnser, but then a few days or weaks later (or maybe mounths i realy wasent keeping track of time) some sketch board art came out for the new super smash brothers by sakuri, and i noticed somthing strange (text limit)

Well what i saw at the time was nothing due to my poor quility phone, but then i got to a computer and zoomed in, and i saw those animal things from earth bound, for the life of me i cant remaber what there called right now but the point is, (we know a that little guy is going to be in there, and that little guy is from EARTH BOUND now what makes this wierd is the fact, ness or lucus is not seen at all…now if you dont now the orgin of super smash brothes this may be hard to understand but this means itoi

Wants to promote somthing to do with earthbound, after all thats why ness was in melee, then earthbound came out in the uk, then lucus was in brawl, to sadly promote mother 3 but faild due to coppy right laws or some bs, i also need to mention ness was never intended to be put in brawl. This was because there was no new game for him, well back to the drawing. What this means is that there is 3 possibilitys.(1-ness and lucus will be replaced with another earthbound character)(2-new game new characters)limit

Equip Glitch

Aadit sent:

Hey man,
Love your website. I have played through Earthbound probably 4-5 times. Anyway, I decided to play it again. I am in Summers. I decided to buy a Lucky coin. Ness, Paula, and Jeff’s inventory was full, so I decided to give it to Poo. When the clerk asked me if I wanted to equip it, I said yes for the fun of it. It then said ‘Poo’s defense changed from 32 to 0.’ It has no effect in battle. I just thought this was cool so I decided to tell you.

Venus Kiss

Brittany sent:

I was playing EarthBound, and Ness died, so I decided to experiment around with Paula being the leader, by talking to NPCs, seeing all their alternate text that they say if Ness is dead, but it appears that some NPCs, most shockingly the obvious ones like Paula’s Mom and Venus… don’t have alternate text. Paula’s Mom doesn’t even recognize Paula and calls her Ness. Paula’s dad on the other hand actually takes notice that Paula’s the leader. And as for Venus, well, it’s pretty disturbing.

I play EarthBound on a cartridge so I had to take a picture of my TV, which is why the quality is bad but you can see it.

Maybe better than eBay?

Manny sent:

So maybe, you’ve responded before to this kind of thing. But I think Craigslist has better deals for games, specifically Earthbound. I ran into a deal for the game at the price of $175. Seems a lot better than $230. Since the prices in SNES games are spiking, not just Earthbound, another example is Chrono Trigger, and Super Metroid, Craigslist dealers seem to sell these popular, not rare, games for an “appropriate” price.

EB & M3 in Mexican Literary Mag

Joaquín sent:

Hello, my name is Joaquín Guillén Márquez, and I wrote an essay on videogames and literature that was published in Tierra Adentro magazine. I’ve been a gamer since I was a child and I am a big fan of Mother, so I approached using Mother as an example.

You can read the essay (in spanish) in this link: Link

Gospel According to EarthBound

JesusLovesNess sent:

I hope you are doing well. I posted a blog article similar to “The Church of Ness” a couple years ago. I thought I would share it with you and if you liked it then you are free to post if on your site. Link


JesusLovesNess (travis)

Mother 3 OST

Saggy sent:

Hey, I was wondering if there has been any Mother 3 songs covered and made into an album? I know there’s been people who’ve done it for Earthbound. I think it was Rock Candy.

I ask because I’ve been thinking about doing it myself, but if it’s already been done I feel like it’d be unoriginal.

I dunno, has anyone done that? I’d like to know too.

Mr. Saturn Photo

KuroiShi sent:

Theres a giant Mr Saturn photo here! I thought you might want to see it


Mother 3 HD on YouTube

NorthofOnett sent:

The game music uploading legend, GilvaSunner, has been uploading the HQMother 3 audio that was discovered a few weeks back! If you don’t know GilvaSunner, he’s uploadied pretty much ever popular Nintendo title’s music in HD, and it’s really incredible. Just think of any game and see if he’s uploaded the music from it! There’s a good chance he has 😀

Anyway, just thought I’d share this in case people weren’t too keen on downloading that torrent file. Now they can just search for their favorite song from the game and listen through YouTube!

Part 1 of playlist

Part 2 of playlist

GilvaSunner’s channel

Mom’s Epic Starman

joe strikes back sent:

my mom made this awesome starman! what do you think? i also have a fimo mr saturn too, ill show you that later.

EarthBound Comic

Anthony sent:


I came across this Earthbound comic and thought it would be worth sharing!


Smoking crows in real life

NorthofOnett sent:

I just happened to stumble upon this video last night! It’s of a French guy teasing a crow, who ends up getting his joint taken away.

Those pesky crows are always stealing stuff in battle! 😛

(I see that you’ve already made a few articles about smoking crows, but those were probably shopped 😀 THIS is living proof of what crows are capable of!)

Ninten Lookalike

Furball200x sent:

So I was browsing iFunny, and this picture shows up.


It’s Ninten!


KingOfSwords sent:

I think I may have seen a post on the subject of Homestuck before, but whatever.

Homestuck is a giant webcomic blah blah blah look in the top left hand corner of this page. Link

Look familiar?


TheWiseSage sent:

Wassup, Tomato. You don’t know me but now I’m making myself known 😀 (You may have seen me on the starmen forums.) Anyway, I made a crazy discovery that I knew you would take interest in!I stumbled upon this (the attached file) when I went into the cave of the present and turned off all sound channels except for 7. Also, after you’ve checked the attachment I’d like to refer to this post you made. Scroll down to the slowed down Sgt Pepper part. Link

YES! The composers actually put in that slowed down bit from the beatles song! It’s completely impossible to notice without shutting off sound channels! (Well, that seems to be the only way to hear it, from my perosnal experience.) I think I’m the first person to bring it up on the net, if not the first to discover it at all. It’s crazy what curiosity causes in earthbound, am I right?

Attached file:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Kraken Battle Comic

Joe Walker sent:

I was reading a comic called “brawl in the family” and i found one with Ness battling the Kraken and the picture guy taking a picture of it.


EarthBound is everywhere

James sent:

I was going through some yard sales this summer and discovered that this one guy HAD EarthBound and WAS a fan. I also asked a couple of teachers in my school if they ever heard about EarthBound and one of them said they rented a copy from a nearby Block Buster and Another had a Nintendo Power with the Scratch N’ Sniff Card Ad! Then More 20,30,40 year olds started telling me that the Toys R Us nearby MY house USED to Sell EarthBounds! I was able to snatch a display but eventually LOST it.*Boo Hoo*

New Fake Earthbound for NES

CerealQueen sent:

I recently came across a fake NES Earthbound copy, but I have never seen the artwork before.

It kind of looks like a Power Ranger to me. Have you seen this one yet?

I’ve never seen that one before either. I do like to see what new stuff repro sellers will use/rip off for art though 😛

Whew! That covers recent stuff and everything from October – still got many months and years of backlog to go! I always feel bad that I don’t post everything everyone sends, so these mini-update things help me feel better.


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23 Comments to Mini-Update Megathon #9

Anonymous said on Dec. 15, 2012

You should probably check some of those links before posting them. That “Ninten look-alike” doesn’t even make sense.

Mato said on Dec. 15, 2012

I checked the links beforehand – just some submissions are less quality than others.

NessObssesed said on Dec. 15, 2012

I Just realized this, but i always found it odd that when you gained ness in SSB it classifies him as a Boy Genius. I always thought they may have just gotten this wrong, so as Jeff is the boy genius, not Ness. What do you think, Mato?

Furball200x said on Dec. 15, 2012

Sorry the link for the look-alike didn’t work. I swear it worked when I sent it in…

Oh well. It wasn’t important anyway…

Mato said on Dec. 15, 2012

Weird, does it not work for people? It works just fine for me.

Mato said on Dec. 15, 2012

NessObssesed: I always felt the same way too – he’s not smart, just gifted with mental powers. I dunno if it’s due to a translation thing or if it says the same thing in Japanese.

spookattle said on Dec. 15, 2012

I think I need a full length interview with Zjonrum.

H.S said on Dec. 15, 2012

The “equip glitch” isn’t really a glitch, though. Poo can equip any piece of equipment that the other 3 characters can equip, but it’ll lower his offense or defense instead of raising it.

Felipe said on Dec. 15, 2012

Lucus is my favorite character from the series! Yay!

Apple Kid said on Dec. 15, 2012

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mother 3 made it to shores. After all, the new Fire Emblem game is coming out soon. Not to mention the port/sequel of Seaman coming to the 3DS as well. But I am not getting to hopeful though, Nintendo has already made a firm position on that.Moving on I agree the reproduction cart’s label looking like a Power Ranger. Other posts were cool and kind of frightening.
P.S. I know about the already existing sequel of Seaman in Japan.

YAOMTC said on Dec. 15, 2012

Where do I find the torrent for the high quality Mother 3 music?

Diehardboundie124 said on Dec. 15, 2012

Read the Earthbound comic. Ewww….. XD

Pwesty said on Dec. 15, 2012

Just as a mention for the NP thing: In the middle they list their top 285 games, and Earthbound places 156. Not BAD by any standards, but having Chrono Trigger as 19 makes it a tad more… Bittersweet? But yes.

SushiGummy said on Dec. 16, 2012

It’s probably what Bubble Monkey would have wanted, anyway.

MikAve94 said on Dec. 16, 2012

I just found out when I put PK Mash on my iTunes, the artist said “Bill Eager”. I know him from songs on the Rock Candy albums like: ‘With Pollyanna’, ‘Travelers/Travellers Together’, and ‘Mother Three is Coming’. Is he also POKéMASH?

Apple Kid said on Dec. 16, 2012

@Pwesty I like Earthbound to a point where it is almost unhealthy, but even I have to admit Chrono Trigger has a slightly better battle system. But Earthbound wins story hands down. Too bad most games are only about competition now a days, which in terms of competition, Chronology Trigger has more to offer.

KDchompe said on Dec. 16, 2012

my take on the mr saturn only appearing and no official characters was that maybe they hadn’t decided yet but they want fans (like us) to know that there will be earthbound/mother. who knows they could be thinking of a non psi using character from the series? or maybe its just a playable mr saturn.

Captain Bozo said on Dec. 16, 2012

I really do hope that PokeMash isn’t trying to take credit for Bill Eager’s work.

PK Mash has been around for at least 3-4 years now.

Anonymous said on Dec. 17, 2012

@bozo I got the same impression, and although I did some digging and found that Mash Ketchum seems to be an old alias of beager’s that he used for mashup projects, it’s almost impossible to make the connection unless you already know exactly what you’re looking for.

It kind of rubs me the wrong way (and by all means, more could be done to properly source the material) but I don’t think there was any theft intended.

Sam said on Dec. 23, 2012

Surprisingly well done!

Bill Eager said on Dec. 25, 2012

Thanks for posting some PK MAAAAASH on here. Just a note to the commentors, POKéMASH is actually one of my projects, so nobody’s stealing from anybody here, at least no more than I stole from the artists I mashed up. Stay in school, kids!

Honda vnm said on Mar. 30, 2013



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